"Hardforks his own coin"

>"Hardforks his own coin"
Whats his problem? Is he going to hardfork every 6 months?

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Looks like he doesn't know how to stop using a fork

Are you serious?
Monero was forking every 6 months, but this time they also change algo to make bitmain asics useless.
Yes, they are going to keep on changing algo. And that's great.

>fork your mother if you want fork reeee

>doesnt know what hard fork means

Sergey needs to start dressing like this.

lol, idiot.. the hardfork is a change in algo to prevent ASICs taking over.


are u mad cause u bought an ASIC for cryptonight and it's gonna be useless by the time it arrives on ur doorstep

newfag gtfo

>is a literal commie
>against efficient mining tech because it lets people who are better at mining to get ahead
>supports Core's totalitarian control over and crippling of Bitcoin
>makes scam announcements, aka criminal fraud
Who cares what he thinks and what he does with his shitcoin?


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Cashies are the only bitmain puppets saying shit like this.

Fuck off Jihan. Your ASICs are chink backdoored pieces of shit

>Sergey needs to start dressing like this.

Yea, so does Vitalik. Maybe people would take ethereum more seriously then. Instead he wears meme shirts like a 12 year old girl.

I hate his fucking name but i enjoy his coin.

fluffeeeeeey ponneeeeeeeeeeey



looks like he just back from a hotdog and pizza party

>efficient mining tech

hardforks is the name of the cheese pizza joint he waddles out of every morning

How is it a viable option to change the algorithm every 6 months?

Why wouldn't it be viable? The only people it fucks with are people trying to use Cryptonight ASICs. Miners and pool operators barely have to do anything if I'm not mistaken.

>only true ancap coin
>calla dev a commie
The absolute state

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nice digits. the guy's still a fat fuck with a baseball bat magnet as a face though