What do we do about them?

What do we do about them?

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Ride under the whales belly

What's with the basketball hoop?



because that's the shittiest photoshop job ive ever seen


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test localized EMP weaponry

>people still think you can have the EMP without the nuke

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follow them lol. you cant do anything but make money with them. dont bet against the house.

you are foolish if you dogmatically pick sides with BCH vs BTC. be ready to jump.
Also, Bitmain pledged 50% of their hashrate to mining ELASTOS this year. seems worth looking into. follow these fuckers.

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does this really work?

lmao based nip

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Based Chinese government

More like based Japanese High-Iq guy. The only asian people I like are Japanese people. Always humble and respectful.

Dennis Rodman is Jihan Wu

they're truely on the cutting edge of spicy porn too. shame they'll shit in eachother's eyeballs but we can't see the 'ol goochy coochie

we build gpu rigs and dont buy their fake and gay shit.

>What do we do?


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Fuck your mother if you want fuck

>make money with them.
It's them making money on you, not you making money with them.


I would switch the algos or put Everything to pos, bitmain is a cancer


Pos leads to the same problem.
Zilliqa's solution against the centralization looks great.

flip btc and bch with ethereum.
or at least flip btc with bch, because of the segwit miner vulnerability.

Japanese are the most racist human beings in the entire world

not towards germanic people though?

They love europeans regardless, tough luck if you got a skine tone though I imagine