What's the best country to Veeky Forums?

>Low taxes
>Low cost of living
>High QOL
>Business Friendly
>Not a caribbean island or gulf state

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Monaco, possibly Luxembourg


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Are Chile's taxes really that low?

Pick 2 and only 2

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only way you could pull this off is having long term crypto gains in germany (untaxed) or netherlands (i guess they just take a flat % of capital gains) but with no employment

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Yay, opportunity to promote my country of Slovenia!

>Low taxes
Oh. Well, no.

>Low cost of living
Errr... uhmmm, n-no.

>High QOL
No, not really.

>Business Friendly

>Not a caribbean island or gulf state

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Portugal has no crypto taxes

I'll second Portugal

new hampshire

Explain yourself, I have Chilean familybut never been there as I live in Europe.

not going back to africa.

t. born in SA to rhodesian parents


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I agree SLOVENIA is becoming fucking legendary. Free university too right?

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Glorious Estonia, my dude

srs taxfoundation.org/estonia-has-most-competitive-tax-system-oecd/

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Yeah. You can leech it as a foreigner too by "proving" to them that you are "financially disadvantaged". All it takes is a letter where you say so. Only problem is the language.

if not Slovenia then Portugal deserves a mention.

50% cost of living of France - drugs decriminalized - low taxes

Poor man's Spain

Also e-residency

which is basically a poor man's Italy

ID on the brapper?

Siberian Russia cuz why not? You buy in low where like $10k yearly is comfy, not high unlike SF or NYC where you might burn though $10k in weeks.

Fuck off. Unlike Spain Portugal isn't overrun with Muslims and Pajeets.

Italy is to Greece as btc is to bch


>flat 10% taxes for both crypto and corporate/individual taxes
>probably lowest cost of living in europe because everyone's poor lmao
>low QOL but you win some you lose some
>is business friendly as long as you're not running a large chain, in which case you'll probably get mafia'd
>Not a caribbean island or gulf state

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33% tax on crypto LOL

Also as a bonus - Estonia will be richer than most Western European countries in like 20 years given the human capital that the country has

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which is basically a poor man's France

You mean like Fins have more purchasing power than Norwegians?


which is basically a poor man's Switzerland

no muslims though

>no muslims

is this bait?

Ik weet niet in welk Belgiƫ jij woont, maat

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>1st in Education, Finland is #2
>2nd safest in the world, behind Tokyo
>most livable city 2016, Melbourne is up in line
>average 136 iq population
>0 niggers, immigration department only favours white/east asians
>clean as fuck, streets are literally spotless
heres the best part
>0% capital gains taxes for citizens, 10% for foreigners
req/coss/xlm all have headquarters there, and several other companies i forgot

chu waiting for biz?

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so you're saying it's shitcoin central?

Unironically, Egypt.

If you live in a place like Hurghada outside of all the politics and shit you can live as a king with $800-$1200 a month.

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Estonia since we don't let niggers and muslims in. Our leftist government is screwing over people atm, so high chance that the right will get control again. Also low taxes and hot women I guess. Like you can go out and you'll see like a really hot/beautiful woman within 30 mins at most.

Only problem is the Russians(10% of them are ok) and the weather(can be fixed with vacations)

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There are loads of countries like that. Cyprus, Malaysia and Belize for example.

>immigration department only favours white/east asians

Yeah that's why it's filled with Pajeets lol

Stop getting your worldview from fucking Veeky Forums

low cost of living and high QOL please

There's a really high cost of living there right?

Other than that, Sounds perfect. What are the chances they take someone with South African/American dual citizen and an American/German dual citizen? I heard they prioritize Americans and Europeans, but idk


You've never visited Spain or Italy if you actually think Italy is superior in any way.

North Italy is pretty nice user

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Northern Spain is superior.

This. Atlantic Spain is the most patrician choice. Atlantic Spain is real Spain, the rest is just conquered territory.

Monaco is like 1m USD for residency permit + 5 k USD / month for a small studio flat. Luxemburg is a shithole and tax heaven for big corps only. Better Malta or Cyprus.


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The country you are looking for is Hong Kong friend

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just dont go to lisbon or porto its already overpopulated invest in other cities

Caribbean island

Other cities look like ghost towns desu and I went in summer

anonfiles.cc/file/a60a7b5baf95055f2eb392dc4835a3aa Sauce

They also speak English. I'm going to move there as soon as possible, sick of this country and my family.

uhhh but what happens when china reasserts control

also have you seen how people live there?
like fucking sardines


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Estonia is the country everyone loves to talk up as a model based on stats they read online, but few people make the trip and realise it's mostly a cold little place where the only point of interest for a foreigner is watching businessmen and women get up at 5am to go to the gym before work.

This should ring familiar to anyone in their thirties or above. Sweden used to be heralded as the pinnacle of civilization in the late 90s and early 00s. Look where it is now.

>6 hours of sunlight a day
>great QOL

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If you are considering Eastern Europe
Avoid balkan states like plague
Also Romania is still a shithole, taxes wise its fucking horrible too
Dont know much about Ukraine but I would assume bigger Moldova( which is european Africa)
anything else might be ok

Portugal. Seriously.

yhe Portugalo FTW

Brazil. Quite unsafe and violent land, but very easy to avoid taxes.

works for me, I prefer living where it's quiet and open and driving to cities for social fun

Last I heard she is vegan so it would probably be quite a sweet smell.

I would love to move there, they have some very nice cheap property but its too fucking close to russia and I dont want to get Ukrain'd on.

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probably 0, she lives in a student hostel

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I hope you're not being serious. Having visited multiple times it's really not as great as you make it out. Stinky pajeets everywhere, obnoxious tourists, extremely high cost of living, they maintain the right to drug test you and if found to have consumed anything (even if outside the country) you will face prison, 2 year prison term for being gay/lesbian and fines for chewing gum. Not to mention it's really not spotless, sure in the tourist areas but if you go to somewhere like Katong you'll quickly find streets with plenty rotting food, cockroaches and rats. It's not as bad as places like Hanoi but it's still worse than you would see in EU/US cities.

You forgot
>Literally the most expensive city in the world