What do I say next? Plz provide redpill information and not stupid neet shit

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We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people.

Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.

We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done.

Every four years, we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power, and we are grateful to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their gracious aid throughout this transition. They have been magnificent.

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.

For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.

Washington flourished – but the people did not share in its wealth.

Politicians prospered – but the jobs left, and the factories closed.

The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.

Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs; and while they celebrated in our nation’s Capital, there was lit

Like your face then. Lol j/k I mean some guys are into that. I think you look fine.

lmfao. no.

Dig further into her fashion tastes, likes and designs.

ask her things like,
"So what got you started into fashion?"
"What fashion designers do you like?"
"Have you sold any of your creations?"

things like that,
basically show her you're interested in her likes and hobbies. then branch off into other subjects as they present themselves.

for example,
You Ask, "What got you into Fashion?" she answers "I went to Fashion week a long time ago" you go, "Oh, that's dope! So have you been to fashion week outside of the country?"

she says yes or no then you ask her "What spots would you like to visit"

things like that user,
You got this!
Don't fuck it up

"Show me on snapchat its your_snap_name"
She snaps you the thing she working on
dont look at it for 4 minutes
You snapchat handsome face saying "wow yeah you were right after all it is pretty bad"
She snapback something
read and snap back one more face
ignore for whole day
Similar time the next day snap again(around same time you initially chatted on tinder this will reinforce habit forming and she will subconsciously slip into a similar mindset she had when you first connected - permissible, playful and available etc.)


Soudns good thanks

Do not do this

Show her you're interested in her hobbies are you fucking serious? Jesus christ you guys are hopeless virgins.

She looks like a 56%-er.

Normie tier shit. She wants to be abused, used, treated like a whore for a day then a Queen for ten seconds.

How about
"let's see what you got"

ask her why she’s been eating wasps

You're welcome user,
Just don't say anything too brazen or "bro-ish" and fuck it up.

Show her you're attracted to her and that you find interest in her personality and qualities (again, her hobbies an such) and you're golden.

My advice comes from personal experience,
so if you have other advice, give it, but please stfu trying to act as if your advice is the golden ratio to pussy getting.

for gods sake, OP, don't do this


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Send her a dick pic, then type”my stupid friend sent that, sorry ;)”

>Veeky Forums

The jury is weighing in my friend. Your perspective on women is tainted by idealism and your pussy grabbing methods are soyboy-tier.


My advice is to try and get her to agree to a date and keep text conversation to a minimum


HERE IS WHAT YOU SAY (exactly like this):

Whats ur #

Yeah great idea Romeo, with any luck you can fuck her without ever having to talk to her or make eye contact. Jesus cunting Christ.



WHAT THE fuckkkkkkkkkkk is wrong with you fucking idiots

Never seen more betamax replies. Kys op.

My advice comes from personal experience, please stfu trying to act as if your advice is the golden ratio to pussy getting.

well OP can do what he pleases,
I'm not going to sit here and argue with user's who more than likely get absolutely no pussy what so ever.

so if you all feel I'm wrong, then that's just your opinion.

I like to bake messages at least 15 mins.

No need to go a full 24 hrs though.
After he snaps her again he just needs to get to logistics. I'm doing x at x:xx, do you wanna join?

Most tinder dates I just tell them to come to my apartment though.

Kek, someone meme this reply against a virgin soyboy face pic.

This, a lengthy convo is just increasing your likelihood of a non-response. Building rapport is useless without sense-based anchoring (kino, smell, etc)

I'm sure you're no virgin but I am intuiting that the girls you enjoy sexual encounters with are societal fringe 4-6's who are able to be fucked by less than stellar 'game'.

i would joke about being a bum or something desu senpai don't worry about it just say anything

probably best advice here so far

ITT op cant talk to an ugly fucking roastie. Grow up faggots.

Forever a virgin with that bullshit

Homie u kno what's good
OP do this

tell her that you as a newly made cryptomillionaire need a personal tailor to make you some suits and you'll come over in 4 hours.

This girl actually looks like she's dating material. I dont want to fuck her on the first date. Is something wrong with me?

>dating material


obvious red flags here:
>stupid slut pose
>1000 cock stare
>way too visible ear ring
>way too much makeup probably hiding bad skin

fuck you're good, more tips please

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That's right user. Normies fuck on first dates. You're not normie, is you? You wants to smell her hair, yes precious? And rub your ballsack on her neck, yes yes. And make her sit on your face while you suck that sweet nectar from her pussy. You wants to introduce her to your momma, yes user? And walk places holding her hand, and change your phone wallpaper to a closeup of her butthole.

I would pay to see a tv show where Veeky Forumstards have to approach and hit on a girl. Car crash compulsive viewing.

Yeah don’t get attached she’s spinning a lot of plates and by plates I mean boys

By spinning, do you mean sucking the dick of, until they jizz in her eyes and ears and make her a deaf/blind semen slut?

Unironically want that. But I know deep down insid eof me that all women are whore and that all she deserves is my dick inside of her throat as I blow a load and she gulps it down.



Your ability to identify long term commitment viability is poor. I believe you are connecting your bias towards a particular aesthetic to what it SEEMINGLY superficially conveys to a projection of your own personality. Essentially creating a deluded idea of what type of girl this is.

In this circumstance, her fashion, expression and conventional level of attractiveness (6ish) all seem to point towards a reasonably intelligent, attractive but attainable girl. She seems to reject society, but in a way that doesn't undermine her respectability - she's just "unconventional".


This is savage, but what does it even mean? Does it mean shes a pump and dump shitcoin whore? Or a gem in teh rough like Nebulas?

Look I dated a girl from tinder, we fucked within 1 hour of meeting each other. Lasted like 3 months and she was already onto the next guy after we split

I was responding to you here

Utilizing a more objective approach and with care not to capitulate to our innate biases and heuristics, we can more accurately determine her viability for long term commitment.

First of all, she is on tinder. This is not a deal breaker in any sense, but it does show that she is less inclined to be a black sheep after all. Her attempts to convey any kind of social deviance is largely superficial.

Examine her facial expression. Remember, she chose this picture for a reason - it communicates what she thinks is attractive about herself. The picture is clearly a mirror image of what I've more or less described above and in my previous post - but it includes a overarching prominent element that connects all of these different ideas together: Sexual availability/sexual fitness

Her primary motivator for all of these attempts to cultivate a persona is to essentially attract a man to - this is basic of course (could be argued this is the rationale behind everyone's actions)

BUT, the sexuality behind this individual is quite overt. Ultimately, this suggests a level of sexual availability, desire to be valued sexually etc. is one that seems to usurp any valuation beyond a non-superficial metric.

In conclusion, she's a pump and dump shitcoin.

also why the fuck do you use an ID? This isnt fucking reddit do you see any upvote button? yeah thought so, now go the fuck back

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Before you split. Sorry user.


sauce on milkies?

your wrong 98% of the time if she is in early 20's or 20's for that matter

Fourteen years.

Her age and your prison time for doing what we are all thinking of doing to her.


believe me, I wish i knew.

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somebody, please!!!!

She thought I was immature and had a negative disposition towards me for weeks until she stonewalled me into breaking up with her, probably because she wanted to be a victim if you want to be specific about it

Sure thing, fag. Only Reddit watches Rick and Morty, and all Veeky Forums fags are 1337 h@xx0rz. Clown.

the girl on the right looks irreversibly ruined, confidence shattered forever, she will never be able to amount to anything close to that in her life

There's no way she's 14, aside from the body and the face...

Her lips look live they've been done.
Her nasolabial folds have developed substantially. Either she smiles 24/7 or she is not 14.

Don't worry anons, you're safe.

ask.. no tell her you are going to put it in her butt if she is a bitch about it drop her you can do better

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Say "labial folds" one more time user, I'm nearly there-

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labial folds.

Learn the term you cuck. Stops smiling at everyone you see and you'll thank me 20 years later when you're wrinkle free and still smashing college sloots.

>You snapchat handsome face

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Okay I went the SC way + more aggressive tone after listening to the majority of you.

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bruh. I hope you're rocking 10/10 facial aesthetics. You made fun of her clothes once, no need to do it in every sentence you make.

Did she snap you?

Most of the posts in this thread will get you somewhere, but not the correct place. Do not talk to her for a long time over messages, more responses does not mean more attraction. Most guys make this mistake, do not be too available either just ask her if she wants to meet you out for a date and exchange contact information. I think you have already established rapport enough for her to give you a chance, but the only way to know is if you actually end up on a date.

You absolute fucking retard, the problem with taking cherrypicked advice is it ends up looking like this. Don't insult her, playfully tease her FFS

>Well, clothes are overrated, anyway ;)

Oh my god she’s going to just delete you. Is this what you consider negging? because it was it was downright mean

ooo it may have been a little too harsh and forward but will see how that plays out soon.

> outsources a conversation with a girl to an anime message board

you are going to stay a virgin forever


you sound like a dick, re-read your messages next time


I like it, it's aggresive, mean and made me laugh.

that's not Veeky Forums, brainlet

Kek. Every fucking time.

lol nice guy

DEAD. Not even a good neg faggot. Unless you have Chad looks, opportunity lost.

What does neg even mean?

a playful tease of sort where you playfully insult the girl to instill this sense of brief low confidence in her so that she instatly chases her selfworth through you and paying you more attention

Christ... You worded it so terribly. For future reference - when you're hitting on girls on tinder type the way you would talk - like a fucking human

Then make her eat all the eggs.

God damn, beta cunts like you will never make it.

That's NEET tier fucker, the goal is too meet up then you ask that kinda thing.

Everyone here is an insecure soyboy, any advice you get here will ultimately be either some pathetic excuse of what a "chad" is in the eyes of baseless losers who can only fuck tinder whores, or soyboy white knight garbage about giving her your eggs. Just do whatever the fuck you want user, and learn from your own experiences. And never, ever take even a word of advice from a Swedish basket weaving forum.

Wait op is trying to fuck a tinder whore, forget everything I said go with the chad approach.

Congrats niggers. /biz is now what /b became years ago.

She's not even that good looking and you can tell she's passed herself around over the years. Now she's looking for decent guy to settle for since it's obvious her looks are going and she cant pull the hot big dicked studs anymore.

Idk I wouldnt bother with her but if you must user do not approach with that sad sappy beta chump shit you see most suggesting