I want to buy mining rig , will gpu prices decrease or should i buy now ?

I want to buy mining rig , will gpu prices decrease or should i buy now ?

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do neither. unless ur getting electricity for free and hardware for free, don't bother.

Yes if you go buy them for a 1.5-2 year ROI and its fine by you

I have very cheap electricity but looking for time to buy

just bought 100k special editions. will be back in 2020 when i break even

Why not get into skywire?

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First find free electricity, then go to mycryptobuddy and find the best cost to return ratio, if you have free electricity then avelon 741 is my recomdation, 2 will mine the same a s9 but cost half, granted free electricity,

if I were you I would wait for next gen nvidia cards and then pick those up or buy cheap used pascal series

Just buy coins and hodl and you will have more coins in the end.


Free electricity options
eBay hydro genarator
Solar panels
Steal it

this would be correct assuming you have starting capatal exponentially approaching infinity. if, given a finite starting capital 'x', you would need to predict future altcoin prices and difficulty and electricity rates and then calculate the expected production of the rig over its lifespan of profitability, coins generated = 'y'. Then calculate how many coins you would obtain with 'x' bankroll today if you bought them instead. 'z'. if y>z then mine, if z>y then buy and hold. of course you can't predict future prices and mining difficulty with reasonable accuracy but you can do your own model and decide.

Wait for this panic to lower the rigs, they are already being sold. Ive been mining through several ice ages, where profitability aproaches 0 after electrical costs, but it allways bounces back to making $100/day with 2 cheap rigs.
I was making close to $500 in november with 4rigs and 3s9s. Buying high and selling low applies perfectly to gpu market, people only hop in when they hear their neighbour is making $50/day with 6 shitty 470s. (people were paying $400 for 480's lmao)

buy gcn1 cards and mine shitcoins early

where do you get these cards? Are they consumer grade?

nvm, just noticed the r9 fits your description and is absolute shite for mining (300w lmao)

i use pitcairn and tahiti. 100W average

Guys, plz I am desperate need of an answer here.

Are LS3+'s worth buying? I don't want to buy/build a rig yet but I am looking to get a Scrypt mining ASIC. Is there a reason that I never see too many posts about mining w an LS3+?

pls gib advice

Personaly, I will wait new gpu and buy used 1070ti / 1080ti.
It will be way better as prices will fall back and mining power will not be that far. (Like two time less, but for way less than two time the cost)
But I dont care if crypto completely crashes, I fold at home too.

ROI is more than likely going to be 6-8 months.
2018 is going to be a good year.

what the fuck is an LS3 lmao, besides a v8 engine
You have the S and L antminers

Trips of truth?
I hope so.

You buy
You risk large amount of money
Under speculation the market is gonna keep rising
If you are screwed, you are out a large investment and time setting up your autism machine

Instead... research
Read about a solid coin or group of coins
Invest ... even half of what you would spend on graphics cards
Leave it in, for 1-2 years. 90% it goes up from where you bought
You win.....

Miners buying equipment now are retarded. you are not an early adopter, Too much risk to start up now.

I have the same rig. What kind of stats you get? I mine Ella 192.4 Mh/s, 880W from the wall.