$15000 purse. WTF

$15000 purse. WTF

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how would you kno, faggot?

$15000 EOY confirmed

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Do you think the braps seep through the skirt, or do they have to slowly sink between her legs and then spread out below the hem?


is it a Birkin Bag?

Came to post this
I had a friend of a friend in highschool whose grandma was in the Hong Kong yakuza her Instagram (she was 13) was nothing but Hermès bags and YSL shoes in every color.

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>sorry sweetie

>some leather and metal slapped together

normies are fucking retarded
genocide when?

TFW being a social outcast and not recognizing any of those "popular" brands, everything looks like typical $10 clothes to me.

Lol she probably made that much in 2 months of escorting.

Wow you are really a special snowflake :)

normie women are the worst

Who is this hoe?

I read up on why they’re expensive, I think it’s decades worth of marketing (only celebrities use them) forced scarcity, and hype. Reminder that normies bought bitcoin at $19,000

No shit, she probably does the best GFE of all time though

fuck crypto we should be making and selling this shit

“Everything is as excellent as it is rare.” I mean there’s a reason certain businesses make craploads of money, but for every Hermès there are $2,000 Michael Kors bags and $20 Target bags.

thank you friend, updoot for you

Should I see an escort?

If you have the money then it's great

You're going to have a shitty lousy time.

Upvoted ^^

Who is this pajeet princess

i was going to say that at least bitcoin has the pretense of being an investement, but it sounds fucking stupid.

or does the heat rise, moving through her dress, engulfing her entire body in the powerful scent