Trump bans PETRO

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How fucking based can one be?

petro is going to dump hard



((Trump)) submitting to his Zionist masters. Reminder that Jews have been actively trying to take down Venezuela for years due to their support of Palestine.

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crypto is being censor'ed

stop with the jew memes, they control shit. look at their shit country m8

Yeah, it's the jews fault you're a retarded communist

Good. still /ourfuckingguy/

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where can i buy Petro? want to bet $100 on this shit

It is now impossible for you to buy or sell this currency in the USA

>implying I'm US cuck

I honestly thought Trump was completely unaware of Bitcoin and shitcoins.

He probably just thought he was banning "Pedro" like he had always been planning to do.

Trump knows an "Oil backed Crypto boom" can happen if the price of oil sky rockets, like it has wanted to since 2017. We cant have Venezuela fucking around with alot of money, black market money. Also FULL transaction records of the coin due to it being "Administrated" by their central Govt.

Does this signal a long position in the future oil markets???

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This isn't good. It's never good to ban free trade, you guys are getting jewed.
>Ban one crypto you know people won't complain about because commies
>Use said ban as a precedent to ban whichever crypto you please
This is bad. Don't endorse this.

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This coin will be highly manipulated, and possibly advanced enough to shill malware.. People will lose money, and hacked at the same time, the American people will choose piece of mind over their own rights.


I heard people of Venezuela need to turn in US dollars in their possession for cryptocurrency.

Do you think those dollars that then go into the hands of officialdom will then flood into the United States?

Will that lead to hyper inflation?

This is literally nothing.

It's already illegal for americans to buy vz products including their crypto as we have placed sanctions on that country. obama did it!

This EO is just re-stating that for the crypto because people are fucking dense and think the ban doesn't apply to 'internet things'.

They know if oil spikes venis will get rich

Not happening since the US has become an energy exporter under Trump. OPEC and Venezuela are BTFO for good.

I registered . Hate

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Say bye bye to privacy coins lol Trump is going to fuck it all up

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Kike, you'll get the rope soon, don't you worry.

got news ffor yah, iraq just started giving us 60% of the largest oil dispensary in the world.. we are lieing about oil output, we are saving our oil while russia shits the bed... putin is too smart for us... the military has become more advanced than the united states and is already issuing "energy weapons" to egragated soldiers and is extending its reach across continents while hacking crypto as a form of market making..

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Go Russia

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It's ERC20 from memory, so IDEX I guess. But do it and you're a fucking traitor. Rope soon.

How is it "hacked" retard? It's just a token. The issue is literally supporting a communist dictator (and there's 0 chance you'd be able to redeem them for oil). Not leet russian haxors in pwning your MacBook Air.

This is big and the more resrtrcitons Trump puts on countries like Venezeula and China will only isolate him

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you cant "redeem" shit just because you can trade it wtf are you saying get your fucking facts straight before you act like you know "retard"

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this is amazing

NASDAQ takes a whopper today

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thank you BASED trump for censoring this crypto

Fuck TRUMP and .gov..........this Petro ban is enough for you to get out of this country

Maduro is a kike you moron.

money man maduro

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this and if you don't realize this you're just a big ol' dummy

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>Trump bans a cryptocurrency
>this is good for us

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Every single US president is a puppet

Becuase of the US dollar is manipulated. Blockchain is the answer for now. Embrace the Petro and bring down the elite

sanctions on vz don't work that way. US citizens are only banned from dealing with certain government officials or refinancing venezuelan government debt. There's no embargo on venezuela.

you are truly retarder

Sorry guys pull out. Nem

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whats so good about petro then?

first crypto made by a nation-state. its backed by a commodity, and Trump just banned it which means its probably gonna moon because chinks and russia gonna buy that shit up for discounted oil to fuck over burgerland

Fincen is here

Yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yesYes yes yes yes yes yes thank you . 1st person to fully agree with me 100%

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Every word you type is on point . Why can't others see the magnitude of this coin

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>"Consulta Estatus de Solicitud"
i am not a native speaker, but it should say "consulta de estado de solicitud".

what happens when oil prices crash again?

It's pretty much telling me to wait. What exchanges are going to take it ? This will be huge

He'll save you from Petro but not Bitconnect. Cool.

since its supposed to be backed by a barrel of oil, it might just be boring boomer-tier gains if arbitrage keeps its price in line with global oil prices. but its crypto so market is completely irrational and it might trade at ridiculous premiums because $reasons

i understood it was backed by the bolivar price in oil not the dollar

Sorry I forgot Americans dont depend on oil. It's the Japanese with their stupid Hummers and big v8 trucks going to work all stressed out and pissed why life sucks. Trump is a colossal idiot if he thinks the world needs more Chevy and Ford with a Harley bike in the back. Both junk

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Yeah, I am planning on buying at least 10 Petros

Nice ! Any exchanges in particular? I'm sure all US based