People need something exciting before they go into a crypto currency. For bitcoin it was drugs and money laundering...

People need something exciting before they go into a crypto currency. For bitcoin it was drugs and money laundering. For eth it was icos and games.and for tnb it's fame,stars and shine on social media. This project is big. Forget about icx and copies of eth and bitcoin. and dental health are yet too boring to attract normies. Buy tnb .

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I am almost shilled. What reason do i have to believe this will run up to or past its previous ATH?

It will take time but all you need to know is that you need something that can excite the normies . Looking at charts is not so productive. I hope lots of big stars and shitty ones will sell their time to normies who consume it irl and social media. Why blockchain ? Well it's a trading platform and stars need an international system. Forget about Fiat.

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Yes, it is obvious that TNB has big potential for mass adoption and will end up somewhere in the top 20.

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Just buy a little bit . Once you are in you will have the survival reflex to learn more. Dyor is the best advice I can give you. I will not shill this project because I'm not even super happy about the management. I'm waiting for more developments before going all in with everything I have.

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Because it will be international and it's a trading platform.

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Will TNB allow me to spend an hour with Sasha Grey? Bought it two months ago and it wasn't doing much. It's a cool concept of using the token to pay for people's time. It would be better if they designed it around 100 computer programmers and you pay more TNB for the better programmer and less TNB for one that doesn't know as much. That's what I got out of it. It's a popular one in Japan and S. Korea.