Tfw still up on initial investment

>tfw still up on initial investment

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>not playing with house money
You already lost, you just don't know it yet.

we got a loser over here boys

>threw $1k into this last week
>up to $2.8k already
>withdrew initial
>house money

Holy checked

Have you seen the new colorized halocaust photos? Doesn't look nearly as bad as the black n white ones.

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Kek I started with like 1k a couple months ago and as soon as i hit 3k I took out 1k and then went all the way up to 56k without touching it. Currently at 10k comfy

Also it seems he has the JUST hair

>pink triangle

You really think you're winning, don't you?

Wait for the tether crash.

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I did this same thing. Started with 1k, made it to 50k, withdrew 10k, sitting comfortable at 34k right now. I fucking love NEO and Elastos.

And you could have more than twice what you have now if you had sold anywhere near the top. Meanwhile my investments are all secure.

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>over $80k portfolio even after the crashening ($200k ATH)
>initial investment $500
There are no forces in the universe strong enough to JUST me. Checkmate god.

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holocaust is a meme, people of different ethnicity died there due to diseases and exhaustion.
But the kike decided that evli white nationalists were burning them alive (impossible amount of bodies/minute) and hurr durr now the entire world treat us better because we will play the victim card

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Poor lieutenant, probably lost all his LINKS through a phishing scam, that's why he's crying

Thanks for the input, now do us a favor and go drink bleach. This is Veeky Forums not "let's argue why daddy Hitler was so great desu"

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But i wouldn't be on biz it it weren't for hitler. God I wish he had won..

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I'm already white as fuck, no need to drink it.
You should tho

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lol are you me? this is my story as well but witohut elastos

tfw withdrew 200k during 2017 and still have 50k riding in crypto

all off a 5k investment in 2013

Just want to be able to watch retards post about crypto instead of their Mary-Sue fan fictions of why they're better than other people despite being useless NEETs.

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>no coiner

every fucking time
unironically kill yourself you ape

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>lost 120k

tfw invested 100k in bitconect

>richer than you
>earned more net worth than you
>better educated than you
>has actually read Marcus Aurelius

How about you just have my order ready when I pull around to the window, kthnx

sure you are/do/have boyo
and sorry, I'm too busy on my retirement at 25, I guess some of your fellow wagecucks will have to serve your greasy fries

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>retired at 25
That's the first time I've heard someone call NEETbux "retirement". Does your mom make you pay her a rent or just do errands around the house?

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yeah, but compared to my initial investment I have nothing to complain about

haha, it must be something unimaginable to be financially independent at 25 for you, without parents/government handouts, I even felt a bit bad for you.
I don't have a private jet or an island but unlike cucks like you, I'll never have to work again in my life (nor my grandkids, unless they fuck up) because I had enough brain to see crypto's potential early on.
Have fun, mr sheklestein expects you to be early tomorrow.

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Great LARP, I bet in your imagination you're an Aryan too. Maybe Hitler-sempai would have noticed you... if only he'd won!

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it's funny because I would probably have passes as a textbook nazi back then, tall, blond hair, blue eyes etc, but you don't have to believe me, your disbelief that someone could retire at 25 made me feel bad enough for you

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Oh I believe someone could, just not you.

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You could withdraw like 30k, put into "traditional" investments, either to use it on crypto again(in case prices drop) or spend it on shit.

You're welcome.

because I'm not a sjw cuckboi like yourself? It must hurt, I know. Sorry man, didn't mean to break your view of the world like that. It's not even about money, I don't really care about that, you started bragging about being rich lol, go and try to buy freedom for yourself, oh, you're actually not rich enouh to do that? Sad!
I'm out, call suicide prevention if you feel like doing something stupid!

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No, I mostly don't think you have a dime because you can't spell or string a sentence together. I hope little fantasies like this one make the sting of your bleeding portfolio easier to tolerate.

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I like your attitude. Makes me feel better about dropping 50-60% from ATH.

nice pepe :3

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