The US senate is super bullish on crypto

The US senate is super bullish on crypto.


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I'm ready

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>334 pages

>Just released

These guys read as fast as the fbi read all 28k of Hillarys emails.

Thanks OP.
Load some BTC

Only chapter 9 is about crypto, its about 25 pages or so. Second link I posted is the report.

Oh wait it is the congress this time.
Both houses are now full bull on the crypto markets.

>But muh crash

This actually sucks, I was gonna spend 3k in crypto next week.

>inb4 the US saves crypto a second time

what about "muh blue wave" in the midterms bros

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holy fuck they endorsed LINK

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I'm happy to see the guys that write this stuff aren't brainlets like our elected figureheads.

where does it say that

>Smart Contracts
We're all gonna make it

ctrl+f smart contracts
"Smartcontracts on top of ethereum" sounds like chainlink to me

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how deluded are you stinky pieces of shit? fucking etheremon is a smart contract. get a grip i can tell you aren't just memeing.

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smart contracts aren't going to become mainstream without an oracle network. chainlink is the most developed/promising oracle network poised to take smart contracts mainstream.

Holy shit. There is a spotlight section on Chainlink.

From skimming this is actually really great news. They mention the downsides of fiat even. If you arent all in on this and holding for next 5+ years youre a fucking moron.

All in on which projects though?

>an oracle network

chainlink is confirmed useless

how so?

>oracle network
brb buying ark


The only things that are useful

(BTC) Currency, (ETH)Crowd-funding/currency, (EOS) web 3.0 platform/instant/free, (XMR) anonymity

That has nothing to do with ARK, ARK is a dead shitcoin

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nice just bought 100k

The entire congress was loading the fuck up on link, hence this volume increase

What's funny is this isn't getting any circulation. So many bears stuck in their postions.

You know if this was negative this bread would have 250 replies by now.

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>blue wave

bullish for cuckolding and libtard coins. all in XLM!

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Buy dem LINKs, friends. You're a damn fool if you can't read between the lines.

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bs, take a look at the oracles out there. much better options

So insiders knew about this and already priced in, explaining this pump close to 9k. Get ready to get dumped on.

>saves crypto

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Short term doesnt matter, but just do your own research on what coins and tokens will be viable in 5 years.

America saving the world again

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Phew. Old good news being shilled as new news means a PhD is underway. I was worried I missed the dip! far I only invested in LINK and RLC

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>The entire congress was loading the fuck up on link, hence this volume increase
fucking hell, my sides. I just imagined some boomers on their fucking laptops with their assistants or tech support: "fucking help me load up on this linkchain thing before we pass this report through congress"
No wonder Sergey has had to hold out on the marketing for so long

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Mark "20 Trillion Market Cap" Warner says otherwise. Once again, the Dems are saving America.

Blue Wave and Green Blockfolio!

They support smartcontract's functionality, not Link directly, still bullish af

Nothing does what chainlink does precisely, also Perianne Boring was on the SXSW panel with Sergey.

Anyone that doesn't see the potential in LINK is a fucking moron and deserves to miss out.

NSA + nick szabo + Hal + (2 others) created bitcoin. CIA did not get the invite. Donald Trump will begin legislation for Bitcoin backed banks. That is, your 1 US dollar will be redeemable for (xx) sats. This will happen because the petrodollar will collapse after a video is dropped showing the world who was really behind the Twin Towers collapsing in order to save the world economy from imploding. (Jews+CIA+Clinton+Bush+Saudi's to name a few will be exposed).

did cliff high told you that why you two shared a crackpipe?

see user, that's the reason you burgers are not allowed in most ico's
because your even too dumb to comprehend what your representatives say
when warner talked about 20trio marketcap, he meant the businessimplications and marketshare, i.e. ibm, microsoft etc.
but you brainlets honestly think he said your shitcoinpokemontoken will somehow get a 20 trio market cap

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when will it happen?

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lmao user

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