How much poorer have you become after discovering this board?

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you bought link didn't you?

Bought 0 LINK



unironically biz used to be best source of info before november normie invasion

-5,100 USD

Never fall for the Cindicator meme guys

I came here from reddit in September. It was shitty then but I've stayed for the memes and shitposting.

+20k although I was up 50k or so in January but can't complain too much

150k richer


was +700k kill me honestly

>unironically biz used to be best source of info before november normie invasion

There is literally always this one guy saying things were better back in the day, every fucking time. Do you post on every single fucking board to relative topics saying this?

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Veeky Forums was never good

i remember someone said DogETH was free money and overnight I made 7500€ from 1000€
but since normies invavded the crypto market its shit

but even though i went from total of 13.000€ invested to currently 28.500€ (was 62.000€ in december and hopefully soon will reach new ath)

Cindikator the Rapinator Dicktator

Not really

but he's right. up until octoberish you could just follow the biz hivemind and guaranteed profit. after that pajeets fucked up everything and now that they've cleared out all that's left are the retards

started in nov. with $3k, went to ath of $10k

learned a lot about myself to be honest. I did not expect to be this greedy, and I actually had a lot of 'revenge' thoughts in my head; something like 'well I should already earn this at my job, so this is nothing'. Or 'well I have a study debt of a shitty study I will never use, so I am still not making a profit right now if I pay that off', etc.
I've now committed myself to cash out 30% with a 100% gain.

it can be psychologically helpful to cash out your initial investment so you wont make a loss. you can only win