Are you a REAL man?

Do you got your shit together? A job, a retirement saving and a house? Or are you an immature man child?

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ive been raising my wife's son for the past few months. things seem to be alright

manchild for sure

Implying that those things make you a man. Goodluck with deconditioning yourself after your mid-life crisis (won't happen).

>Or are you an immature man child?

Yes. This. Now what?

someone buy that lady new blinds for her door

If you have your shit together you don't have to settle for a single mother.

What is the best way to punish single moms without just ignoring her?
>eg. She can’t leave or divorce you but you can make her life miserable in subtle ways

lol retirement savings. enjoy your debt bucks turning to dust in ur 401k

>plan date
>message her 10 minutes before date you'll be "a bit late"
>never show
do this 12 times with different profiles

i buy 100k twice a day, my shit is together whats your number

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If her father even stuck around, and thats a big if he really fucked up if his daughter had a child with a nigger

>28yo touchless virgin (never even seen a tit that wasn‘t on a screen)
>only worked minimum wage for total of 4 months since I graduated highschool
>never went to college
>live with parents (didn‘t move out and dont plan to)
>all NEETbux and everything I saved up is in crypto

What kind of gf could I possibly get?

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sadly i have enough money not to work and enough assets (cars, boats, houses) that it is a frustrating mess to manage it all. why would i want to include a braindead single mother in this world? i'm a man, not a charity.

+16316818060 DONT CALL ME

her son is obviously black and the father is gone

With a mullato kid too. Fuq dat

A rubber one.

I already own 2 onaholes

None you faggot.

Geez... What have you done with all your free time over the years?

That's a girl. You can fuck her too.


Why are woman so materialistic tho?

posting memes on Veeky Forums, playing videogames and jerking off to Japanese Adult Video



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>Is that your child?
>Oh he/she doesn't look like you
>Never respond to her messages again

you would fuck her daughter?


> there
learn to spell first, thot!

No woman, materialistic or not, would want to date or be with a jobless neet that lives with mommy and daddy and is 28. Women want someone to potentially reproduce with. They don't want to comeover and hang out with you and your parents m80

Someone post that image of comfy NEETS playing vidya while roasties and jews complain

my parents are cool tho


>He has an Onaharem


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