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Buy the dip, sell high and /sip/

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kosher Tax

Based, inb4 coffeefags and pill junkies shit up the thread

that and Moda ...gotta stop drinking this shiz

who the fuck drinks this garbage?
like the wastewater from a chemical plant

Why don't you guys sip eachother's load?
A thread died for this, sage.

The coffeecucks have arrived it seems

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Lol fucking children. Only little kids drink that cancer. It's literally poison for your body. Literal poison

Based sipboys

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You're literal poison to this board, coffeecuck

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Explain this meme

/sip and classical music/

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wow 2 for 4$, 2 cans of pure poison for 4$, tell me this isn't a complete rip-off.

Someone on Veeky Forums started shilling Monster over a year ago but it turned out it was actually a good pre-workout drink, then people started ironically shilling it and the rest is history

Me right now....

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>shitty brown liquor

Lol cuck

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Thanks frend

>t. Salty no/sip/per

it's cancer in a can. i'd say kys OP but you're doing it already. enjoy :^)

SIPcoin when???

>Another sip another trade

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Insipid idea.


No caffeine and sugar necessary, water is my drink. You should try it, your body will thank you.
Still saging.

>being a watercuck
>thinking sage works on Veeky Forums
>announcing a sage
You're fucked now, kiddo

no water and kava kava sip?

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good goy, destroy your body.

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>/pol/ doesn't know the pleasures of a good /sip/
No wonder they're always cranky

666 isn't the devil's number, retard

Who /sip/ here?

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it gives me comfort to know my trading competitors are this plebian

Kys faggot

>overpaying for brand products
>buying energy drinks


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>all these salty no/sip/pers

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i'm curious what this gay 'sip boys' meme is. (interestingly sounds like soy boys)

you mean to tell me the kikes got you retards to turn their brand into a meme and give them free advertising?

absolutely fantastic good goyim tier

Nice try Monster Marketing Department.

That first /sip/ of dismay

ITT: newfag /r/the_donald refugees who think /sip/ is a new meme

idk i cant think of many other memes that involve a perishable drink or food product.

it's good marketing, i doubt it was organic.


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the sad thing is the kikes probably took the marketing idea from some retard Veeky Forums poster and he didn't even get a kickback. so think about him everytime you post this shit.

based, checking in

Sipping this drink right now, like a real sipboy, nigga. Who here WHITE power can?

This is all I be sipping while daytrading and buying lambos.

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kosher Tax

Thank you for your Kosher post

>and he didn't even get a kickback
Was he supposed to?
Fuck yeah. We run Veeky Forums now
I hope we all are senpai

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boo fucking hoo you little faggot

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all the "sipgayboys" i see outside of the basement are fat pleb whiggers
really makes you think

>not being sponsored by your favorite energy drink company
get rekt pussies. keep paying for your poison while I /sip for free/

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>t. manlet coffeefag

at least become the fan of a sportsteam or something instead of a can of chemical waste
that would at least indicate a rest of testo

>buy 2000 dollar piano
>set down drink without a coaster

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Should i buy benzos from deepweb? i have bad anxiety

>being older than 13
>still drinking M O N S T E R
goddamn you're a fucking loser

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are you trying to sleep? or abuse these drugs to get high?

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they stopped making the old purple monster.... they stopped making the toyoa supra

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These Monster shill threads are beyond cringe. Fucking hell

I can sleep pretty well. It's the every day grind and responsibilities that are getting unbearable. I stay inside the house most days. Not trying to abuse them. I don't want to become a junkie.

You have to go back...

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this is not /sips/

buy adderall instead. benzos are not productive in any way. also if you're still on your parent's health insurance, it's cheaper to get a script

I'm not american. I live in the scandinavia. So no adderall. What if amphetamines increase my anxiety? should i just order speed? I'm pretty fucking autistic in social situations, so i thought that benzos would help with that.

black coffee and diet coke master race

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Pick 1

Adderall might increase your anxiety / neurotic behaviour, that is a risk. However, if you learn to control it, it is extremely powerful. If you're not leaving the house, benzos will only exacerbate that. To be entirely honest however, if you want to actually learn how to get over social anxiety, the best drug is MDA / MDMA. It's not something you can take more than once or twice a year, but if you put yourself in a welcoming environment like a music festival, it can help free you from the mental prison you're building for yourself.

>adding ice to your big boy drinks thus necessitating the need for a coaster because condensation

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I thought I was on Veeky Forums
get your own memes

soyboy confirmed

>Implying I don't drink water as well

C4 ultimate + creatine.

Yeah, I've thought about trying mdma. I've read alot of research about it being helpful with mental issues and shit. There's no adderall in my country. Only concentra and some others, you can get it only if you have add/adhd and the diagnosis costs like 2000€. I don't know man, maybe i try amphetamines and mdma before benzos, thanks for your replies.

ITT fat fucks.

fucking get on Veeky Forums you fucking bums. If any of you make it your health is gonna be compromised. Won’t even be able to enjoy your gains.

>inb4 sugar free zero calori durrrrpity.

Drink fucking water. The chemicals they put in this shit is rotting your gut.

/sip/s started on Veeky Forums you fucking faggot kys.

>drinking your son

>ruby hill rail yard on skies
>repping a utah resort that isn't brighton
>yerba mate sponsorship

hit a tree at vail, cockfag

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