Where my XTCC crew at? 150k here, excited to see what the future holds. I dumped my XLM bags for this and it feels good

Where my XTCC crew at? 150k here, excited to see what the future holds. I dumped my XLM bags for this and it feels good.

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Willy here

Thanks for buying my bags, losers.

Willy over and out

34k poorfag reporting in. consolidated my shitcoin portfolio for this project.

Feels good 15k poorfag here ptobably add some more this week.

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fuck i love xtc, so why not have some xtc coins?

29k here
Its so so heavy...

Arnt wet getting a fork soon?

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Lmao no worries

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White paper 25% complete - another two months before fork, this will be $0.50 when it hits kucoin just in time for the next bull run

Fuck XLM and that sjw noise

Thanks senpai
Is there an ETA on the kuckoin listing?

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Also what's wrong with xlm?
I haven't been following the latest.

i got tricked by that fuckin whale..

there's some hate for xlm because theyre giving away a SHITTON of XLM to poor ass Africans.

Is there a known % of supply?

Also why the fuck are Niggers getting coins? Wtf for?

Westerners boost price, SJW coiners give coin to Africans, africans consider it free money and sell for flip flops, price dives. No thanks.

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8M here. No intentions of selling or taking profit untill atleast 2 mainstream exchanges. Word is they applied to kucoin, to be listed on cmc. Their whitepaper is out soon. No reason this cant kill Pivx, XVG and all the privacy shitcoins. Monero will most likely always be Monero in the same way btc will always be btc. but for actual users they want the best currency, they aren't bothered about brand names and loyalty to old coins.

were you the one who harpooned willy's sell walls?

Excellent! How much did 8m cost you? I got 150k for around $3000, steep but it was better than seeing my XLM fall apart

So we all agree Willy was a dev of the project running some minty marketing correct?

80k here. Thanks for keeping us updated.

scam for sure

Fuck off paid shills

Useless utter shit coin


14k xtcc marine here :D

Lets go, comrades!
Looking forward for cmc und kucoin listing

Not paid in the slightest - they always say this about early adopters

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93k here, only bought because my mom goes to a tai chi class.

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Do not put a cent into this coin. It was all bullshit. Willy the Whale was a gigantic LARPing faggot who is actually a dev for this shit and should be thrown out of a helicopter for conning people into his jew scam shit coin.

Sage'd also you fucking XTCC faggots

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>whitepaper releasing "soon"
>can't talk to devs
>literally monero but on the stellar network
>"applied" for cmc
>"applied" for cuckcoin
>anyone who bought during willy the whale's escapades lost 90% of their money

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and their dev Nigel on their site is a stock image if you google image search it

Anyone who bought XTCC got scammed.

It takes 30 minutes to create an ICO on Stellar.

This goy just did this and has convinced you all to buy his bags that he created out of thin air.

>there is a reason no one is talking about this and why its unverified on the DEX


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>round two of nintendo coin

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Don't fall for these paid shills please.

what were we paid in, xtcc? lel

Checked, the only way these retarded shills are going to get paid is if anyone actually buys their stupid shitcoin so they can sell it without destroying their pathetic buy order and tanking the price 1000%

This was the saddest PnD I think I've ever seen on biz. He didn't even get a dump off. Just got btfo (banned the fuck out)
Embarrassing and pathetic.

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>this FUD again

read a fucking marketing book and maybe check XLM's ROI in relation to its satoshi value over the past months. stay. fucking. poor.

I was here since the first day it traded young one. If you think the whale wars guy was a big player you are deluded. Ucash got pumped to a 2B marketcap higher than OMG in 24 hours. Someone managed to buy up all 30k usd worth of sell orders and people are impressed. You have seen nothing! Also the real whales are too smart to go posting about all the details of it on forums.

As more and more whales find out about this expect there to be much more manipulation and volume. The end result however is more money and awareness go into the project, attracting more money and awareness

Is it dead?


no, 3 weeks old

dubs trips, nice

ARY 2.0

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Dude. All the team photos are anonymous atm.

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why did you buy? gamble?

Imbeciles calling every post a shill are angry and deluded - I’m as legit as they come

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Willy The Whale Here.

You nay sayers have no fucking clue.

Not one person on here knows me in person, & it will remain that way.
There is not one single paid shill on this entire board.

It's quite entertaining.

Will be posting a new 'Whale Wars' thread maybe later or tomorrow.

Haven't been bought out yet neither.

Had to actually buy back some coinage for 20% more then what this other whale snuck on me.

Can't set up sell walls like I used too, getting a little too risky.

CMC listing is also right around the corner.

Will keep you guys posted, really busy lately.

Willy The Whale over & out.

literally flat everywhere, absolutely disgusting


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They just tweeted about their white paper - cmc and kucoin soon :)

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kys faggot

Find the wallet, find the truth!


Please tell us more based user

Phew lad this orderbook though

what is going on? the dump?

zoinks desu
entering spooked territory but also very tempted to buy more

Willy is eating up all of the buy walls…watch and be patient.

Willy made a new thread 20 mins ago.

>1 whale keeps paying ppl to post this shit evreywhere
>keeps buying orders to make it look like a high volume coin
>literally came out of the blue and keeps trying to act legitimate and say they are partnered with Stellar, they're not
>enjoy getting dumped on faggots by a scammer, they do this weekly

>have to larp this FUD still

you idiots are sad. How's your 34k you fkin loser