What is wrong with America?

What is wrong with America?

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Iq is racist

Am I missing something? I don't see the issue here.

>first day of statistics 101
>studies don’t prove anything
You have to show how big a sample size it was and how it was done

Fuck off shill

>won't someone think of the children
A boy shouldn't be working anyways per law these dumb fucks always try to make an emotional appeal that's why they'll never succeed in their plans.

nogs slowing the general population down anyways,


That statement is equivalent to this one:
>If you take a black man and a white man with 'the same background' then in 100% of the cases the white man earns more than the black man
I highly doubt this statement

Maybe he should get a job?

You're a low iq individual. Who is Thomas Sowell? He already BTFO anything you have to say so I'm assuming you have done 0 research and probably think the civil war was fought to "free slaves" LMFAO

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Kys nigger


>same background
How many black kids grow up in a white community with two white parents?

you'd be surprised.

"Everybody Is A Genius. But If You Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb A Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing That It Is Stupid"
-Albert fucking Einstein, the most genious man in the universe, alright

Standardised tests are institutionalised racism, as is the fact that jobs that require brain cells pay better

Niggers are dumb they need to be spoonfeed with everything. No racist just observation.

Definitely a lot more than the other way round

What is not wrong with America is a better question, because there's a lot wrong with it.

Poor black people, no matter how much they try, theyll never be more successful then their white counterpart in the US. Its stacked against them. They should just give up since its so unfair towards them.

Because affirmative action doesn't raise people's IQs.

Colleges give black people 400 points on their SAT scores so they can get into good schools and secure good jobs. But they still pass on their dogshit genes to their kids. Black Americans also have a average IQ of 85, which means black kids regress to a lower mean than white kids.

This is just more evidence for the genetic hypothesis for the racial achievement gap. Of course, liberals will spin the data as if it somehow supports their argument.

Niggers always talk about statistics but when you bring up that according to them, they are way more violent than other races, they go bananas.

Oh boy - seeing as White society is so inherently racist maybe we should bring back segregation/apartheid and let blacks run their own separate societies? Without Whites holding them back they'd found hundreds of Wakandas here and throughout the solar system.

What study? You didn't link it, reported and saged. I will mask my IP until this baseless shitpost that is clogging this board is removed.

>try to use statistics to claim you're not doing as well as whitey because you ain't getting no fair shake in life and need mo money for dem programs
>people show statistics of low IQ, high crime rate as reasoning for failure to do well for the average nigger
>statistics be rayciss n sheeeit nigga muh oppression


This is from an article in the nyt today.