Really gets my noggin joggin

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XRP is the winner in this space sorry ETH and BTC cucks you are going to be begging for some XRP this next time year

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gud agrfument ghgfhj

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Imagine how big link will be

/biz is full of autists who don't read whitepapers or understand tech - just follow flashy ICOs. The real OG's, the smart ones, cashed out and not many of them are still around.

Ripple's XRP has been around forever as a top coin, and will remain that way.

They know this, and it enrages them daily - knowing they will ultimately miss the biggest train of their lifetime cause of their 'fundamentals'.

Natural selection at it's finest.

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XRP is Dash tier shitcoin. It's not gonna go anywhere

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People who say this never explain their reasoning.

As someone invested in XRP, I'd love to hear any actual criticisms people have. So far the only legit one people have brought up is that Ripple owns most of the XRP in existence.

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Wow, it MIGHT (won't) go 10x, such gains, so lambos

The token isn't even necessary.

Anything else?

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Thanks for proving my point.

The other main criticism is that Ripple is centralized, which means it's very easy to have great throughput volume and velocity.


It's not centralized, it's just not mined. That's a commonly parroted myth. And you're right, they could just use xCurrent instead of xRapid (XRP) and reduce costs by 30%, but any smart businessman would want to reduce cost by 60%, no?

Ripple is a central company building software that uses a decentralized digital asset, XRP

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Its literally centralized and the only people buying and selling are speculators. No wonder this board is poor.

Centralized and not fixed supply.

Great for crypto! but a joke of an investment.

omg stop advertising cRipple you guys are worse then bitconnect or what was that scam already...its overpriced about 100 times, half of its features not working, etc...

Meanwhile it's 6 cents and no one buys it.

Do you have any 6 cent XRP to sell? Ill buy them all

I post about XRP here for 3 reasons:
>To see if anyone can dissuade me from investing in it, in case I'm wrong and it is a bad investment as most of Veeky Forums seems to believe
So far that hasn't happened.
>To get my fellow NEET brothers to learn about a good investment, so they can make a killing
>To laugh at idiots

Quite obviously it's not when you look at the team who made it, and the board of directors.

>half of its features not working
Can you elaborate?


>*Tilts head back*

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just wait for Money Gram and Western Union to finish xRapid and the price will be back to 2$

Because of those companies XRP will go mainstream

I'm hoping it will stay low for as long as possible. I want to accumulate as much as possible at this low price.

>half of its features not working
can you tell us witch features are those?
you might mean interledger and codius, both are moon missions waiting to happen this year, its not priced in

>you guys are worse then bitconnect or what was that scam already
do you dont know what bitconnect is? stay dumb

the entire crypto market is speculation and ripple is already being used by payment providers so i dont see your point

anyone how any idea when MG and WE could finish testing xRapid?

So because you overdosed on /pol you refuse to buy a promising project that could help make you wealthy.

Please continue to be an emotional investor with terrible logic.

The longer they take, the better.

What about the fact that the foundation holds over 80% of the total supply?

and that the CEO became the richest person in the world when ripple went to $3?

Hell if ripple goes to $10, every board member will be in the top 25 richest persons of the world.

Why would they use XRP instead of using their own token tethered to the USD or some other currency?

>What about the fact that the foundation holds over 80% of the total supply?
Lies. Ripple holds 62%

>and that the CEO became the richest person in the world when ripple went to $3?
He can't sell. He's like a custodian of XRP.

>Hell if ripple goes to $10, every board member will be in the top 25 richest persons of the world.
The end-game is for XRP to go to $1000 with a $50 Trillion market cap. Ripple will be the new head central bank of the Western world. They will keep 50 Billion XRP in reserve and use it to selectively intervene in the financial markets for the next 100 years or more. The CEO, board members and other top holders will be like lifetime central bank governors instead of the political appointees we have today.

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The foundation holds almost the entire supply, the coin being expensive is a detriment to its use case, hence if it's ever adopted (it likely never will on a big scale) it will be heavily manipulated so the price stays low. There are already much better blockchains being developped or released, and the exchange of tokenized assets on much better blockchains will kill XRP.
Just like DASH, it's an old generation coin that has seen it's last big pump. Will ot x10? Probably not unless we get another retarded bubble going, but if it happens every shitcoin will do just as well if not better.

You mean the escrow?

It's actually 55%, regardless they are releasing one billion a month. The point of this is to regulate the supply so that the value doesn't fluctuate rapidly. In 55 months (less than 6 years) it will all be out anyway. Since they anticipate the price to go up and up, each billion out there will make them richer than the last. 5 years is not a long time for someone thinking ahead. If Ripple succeeds they will be the richest men in the world. They don't need to dump their entire supply, and further it would hurt their reputation to do so.

They might try to, but Ripple is years ahead. XRP is here already. "Small" banks like RBC, CIBC, and BMO (some of the major banks here in Canada) would rather use Ripple than make their own, because like I said it's here now. Why would they spend time and money in R&D making their own token if they can just use XRP with a cost reduction of 60% right away? Anyway if the biggest banks do make their own token, I could buy that as well and have a stake in both, so whoever wins I win. I don't see it happening though, because it will be hard to compete with XRP.

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