What are some good side-hustles to earn some extra income?

What are some good side-hustles to earn some extra income?

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sucking cock

This. If you can learn to blow two dicks at the same time you WILL make it by 2020.

See if it's worth getting a sports refereeing license. In football (soccer for you cucks), I get a fair chunk for 90 minutes of work.

have there ever been any attempts on your life?

Sell drugs.

sell your pubic hairs

Plumbing. Seriously anons. Most males are beta fags now that have to call someone to be cucked into paying a high percentage for a broken rubber washer they can't/don't know how to replace.

Run a free gloryhole on Craigslist and use the hidden cam footage to blackmail married or well off people that use it.

Sell tools and other shit taken from work sites. Just go in with high-vis and a hard hat, most people won't ask what you're doing either. Take a box or a black garbage bag and fill it.

Don't you have to deal with other people's fecal matter sometimes? I couldn't do that for any amount


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White trash

Seen it work though, might depend on what country you live in. Also, don't sell the tools right away due to obvious reasons.

Trespassing on a construction site is a fucking felony. Not worth it.

time to pull out the kneepads

>create bunch of virtual tokens
>sell them to idiots via the internet

Cool thing is you don't even have to code, you can just copy open source code for it!!! Cheers.

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Again, depends on where you live

or you could go at night

Dumpster diving on corporate campuses for electronics

Why dont we on biz create a token and shill it to normies?
we could pump it steadily for a few weeks to make it seem there is a hge market

Nigger tier desperation

Well first we need a name, supply, 'purpose' and logo.

Then we need a marketplace.

How about 'bizco'. Sounds like cisco enough to ring familiar. Supply should be 1B. The goal is to provide connectivity and network services (or w/e cisco's mission statement is) using state-of-the-art blockchain and hash technology.

Just a proposal this will need consensus ruling.

This is basically the idea behind chainlink

it's all been done before. turtle, chancoin, bazinga. all failures even with mass amounts of shilling. the market isn't as retarded as it once was.

Order pressed Zanax bars off a dark market in bulk (boat of 1000 for .50 cents a piece max, and you can buy smaller amounts). Flip them IRL for 3 dollars a piece in bulk or up to 10 each for small orders. Schedule 3-4 drug so you aren't running the same risks as selling heroin/cocaine or even marijuana in many places.

Good One, has to be a large site though. Otherwise you can just hit them at night in many cases.

Going into Home Depot dressed well or as a construction worker and pushing a cart of high end tools/vacuums out works as well.

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>Dude steal shit lmao
My sides, does it really work?

Sell your/other people stuff on eBay. Video games, old phones, clothes, electronics, etc.
i.e Buy iphone for $500, get bored of it, sell for $35 buy next game for $50, rinse and repeat.

meant to say buy iphone for $500 sell for $350 buy next for $600.

no honor among thieves

>buy iphone for $500 sell for $350
I see, you are a true Veeky Forumsinessman.