Which country is the proudest of its prostitutes?

Which country is the proudest of its prostitutes?

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Switzerland. Drive thru fucks

Amsterdam probably, they have a nice red light district with open windows and women seductively beckoning you inside

We are definitely not proud of our prostitutes.

Try Thailand or something.

Russia. After all, Putin did say Russia has the best prostitutes.

The Ukraine easily.

You want betelnut?

I don't think there's any country whatsoever that takes pride in their prostitutes.

probably germany
FKK adverts everywhere

So do u guys make fun of the neckbeards who go in?

Sex work is legal here, believe it or not.

You should be proud of your mother.

We mostly make fun of people who live in Amsterdam altogether

It's mostly just greasy middle-aged men, mediterraneans, or other filth who go in.
A neckbeard wouldn't even dare.

I don't make fun of them, I just think it's fucking disgusting.


Zou ik ook zeggen als ik een achterlijke provinciaal was

this ^

10/10 would work the farm and have a picnic with

You sound proud of yours

India doesn't legally allow prostitutes, and it's not much of a thing there either.

Thailand, Indonesia, Netherlands (amsterdam) are probably the biggest prostitute places.

And of course, America (because let's face it every roastie is basically a prostitute)


legal for whores illegal for johns, truKEKED

Have fun being too high and mighty to get your dick sucked faggot. I can smell your menthol vape, redpill handbook, nazi flag and dirty fedora from here

The prostitutes aren't Dutch, idiot.

Pizda moca peste tot


Yep. Burgers ban the worlds oldest profession - every roastie there is a money grubbing whore.