We are now in the "Return to Normal" phase. Lock your short positions in at 9000 and get ready for the plunge!

We are now in the "Return to Normal" phase. Lock your short positions in at 9000 and get ready for the plunge!

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nigga you gay

>implying we will touch 9k

Return to normal was in december 17k fucking retard. We now are in capitulation.

Shut up brainlet

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This is a suckers rally

these stages don't exist
makes sense that you Veeky Forumstards keep posting this fucking chart though
reality stunted literal autists who freak out with inability to navigate the world if a pre-defined and rigid predictable structure isn't set out in front of you with no room for the unknown
you're all literally autistic. anyone who believes that this chart predicts ANYTHING literally shows signs of both autism and idiocy (sub-70 IQ)

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Literally this.

>buy low
>sell high

Woooow why didn't I think of that.

Don't doubt the irrational exuberance of the plebs. We will hit 9000 before plunging.

LOL! Pleb thinks he knows what real capitulation looks like.

Yet, if you compare to Bitcoin's previous bubbles they look just like this. Your inability to recognize patterns is why you will always be poor.

we new paradigm now

There's no reason to argue with you. You are literally wrong if you believe that there are fixed patterns of human economic behaviour that can be learned from and adapted to without changing the phenomena themselves.

Every single time somebody sees this graph and accordingly "learns" from it, the graph itself becomes outdated in its magnitudes and must be updated to compensate. It is literally useless, and you only think otherwise because your literal autism forced pattern recognition upon you because if you see phenomena without pattern you literally cannot stop yourself from screeching.

Furthermore, there's no such thing as a "return to the mean". There exists no economically significant mean of "real value" which can be extrapolated to find where a "bubble" asset will eventually lie in value. This has no basis in anything remotely worldly; it is literal pseudo-economics for people who are too autistic to understand the nature of uncertainty, too stupid to understand its complexity, or simply too lazy to bother doing any actual study of the subject that they wish to appear knowledgeable about.

"return to normal"
almost everything still down 70-80%, muh normal


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I think you mean we're now in the "Return to Mean" phase.

That happened back in january when we went back above 16k

You sucked down way too many blue pills, faggot. No one uses this shit. That's the on metric of adoption you need to focus on. Major online merchants have actually stopped accepting Bitcoin. All the plebs "investing" have never even tried to use it. Without real usage this crap is the very definition of a ponzi, and is completely worthless.

>incredibly nervous nocoiner keeps shouting "crypto is useless!" for the millionth time since 2013

When people post this fucking chart (Which seems to change where we are every time as well) do people mean btc or crypto as a whole?

More like Fear.
Capitulation will be near 6k$.
Despair 3-4k$.
Return to the mean 5k$.

A drop from 19k to 9k is 53%. Learn to math tardo. We're about to plunge.

Try again little boy.

No, we haven't even hit capitulation. Once we hit the despair phase we will be under 1000 again.

Zoom out on the chart doofus.

I'm not a nocoiner. Just because it's worthless crap doesn't mean I won't trade this poison and take your money. This crap was useless in 2013 and it's still useless in 2018.

Both. Alts are all priced in BTC, so they move together for the most part.

$4800 will probably hit the mean trend line, unless we move into a real bear phase. Despair will go back under $1000.

No, it's a bubble within a bubble within a bubble within a bubble. The first double top was at 20k, the next one was at 12k, the coming one will be at 9k and we'll go down to 5k. Then one more at 6k and down to 2-3k.

>being such a faggot that you call someone "little boy"
OP is a huge douchebag, I dont care either way, but I hope BTC goes to 20k so you cry yourself to sleep every night and stay poor

i have this feeling to and im hoping i'm(we)are correct. I sold at the bottom and am my asshole has never been more clenched

Yup, my TA indicates me we are going up to the 9k 9k1 range after a small short term correction (we're likely going back to 8k1 right now) and then a deep plunged towards the 5k8 region where we'll make a nice bounce and return to the mean.
Anyone here with the same analysis?


Those look like pretty good estimated ranges. I'm targeting the capitulation low under $1k though.

We rally to 9k then the real capitulation begins.

>"There's no reason to argue with you"
>literally makes three posts to argue

you sure youre not the autist?

a rise to merely 9k isn't returning to normal

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Return to normal was from 6k to 12k dumbasses

>n-no g-g-goys w-we a-are going t-to $0
>trust me "plebs" heh I smart. Me predict stuff. Me hate the poopy BTC guys
>me post the meme chart and shit my pants. big stinky mess for mommy
You are literally the dumbest most disgusting subhuman filth piece of shit on planet earth. I hope you and your whole family dies off from AIDS and cancer. If I could I would mirder you and piss on your grave you stupid fucking cunt. Take this meme chart and shove it up your ass because it's getting old.

>implying anyone will even sell their bitcoin for under 1000$
>implying you know how markets work
>implying you arn't this stupid.

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>down 70% from ATH
>return to normal


your grand supercicle memewaves are wrong, we're still in an extended wave 3. Zoom out you retard cuck

> implying bitcoin would reach 9k... LOL whole crypto is still overpriced by maybe 95 %.

And yet, you're still an absolute faggot with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

fucking brainlet with your meme graph

Look at all the blue pill plebs that think we're at the bottom. They could very well push it over 9k before we plunge back under 1k.

After we touch 9k we are plunging back down. If you don't like it, KYS.

>LOL! Pleb thinks he knows what real capitulation looks like.

Fuck this meme needs to die already.

Capitulation doesn't mean 100% of ALL traders & holders exit the market simultaneously you fucktard. The normies are out. Most newfags are out. The oldfags that mistimed the top and got pissy are out.

You see the lack of Pajeet spam vs a few weeks back? They got rekt. The lack of constant TA & Bitmexican threads? Rekt. Plebbitors? Fucking REKT.

Only people left are autistic long term holders like me that DGAF if it goes to 0 (and I'm happily buying), a handful of successful traders - and the whales/banks quietly accumulating.

So yeah, this is obviously capitulation dumbass.

>muh normal

The word is "Mean", not "Normal". And yeah, the 300 day MA is not far off.

Cool story. So why, if I go look at job ads is there a metric SHIT TON of jobs for "Blockchain Developers", paying about 200k? By major companies? Yep, sell me your bags and GTFO.


>I dont care either way

Fuck, I actually hope it drops further - I'd love more time to buy in. But the fucking delusional nocoiners piss me off - how they can predict something failing consistently for 10 years and STILL be smug assholes is beyond me. Reminds me of old Boomers who STILL get pissy that nobody uses cheques or fax machines & think the Internet is a fad.

>returning to normal

Holy fuck the word is MEAN not NORMAL? Are you such uneducated fucktards you don't understand that? I think OP is a faggot, but you're just a total waste of oxygen.

We're in the superstealth phase.


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im in every biz thread, ever....

BTC will probably endlessly bounce between 7-9k for some weeks so none of your doomsday or moon scenarios will come true, faggots. accept the sideways actions and be frustrated by the continuous market manipulation which, in the end, you can't win against. more open shorts = pump, more open longs = dumps

most normies will keep losing money on this until they are completely frustrated and crypto slowly goes into a deep slumber until the first coins really have use cases and industrial adoption.


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You are entirely full of shit. Capitulation is when the vast majority loses hope and gives up. We are no there yet. The newfags are still going around asking when to get back in. Capitulation will not occur while that is being asked. Cryptocurrency is still an everyday headline in mainstream media. Capitulation will not occur until the pleb masses are so convinced that crypto is dead that they sell out and stop listening. When the readership drops on crypto news, then the media stops reporting it. Only then is the capitulation complete.

Blockchain != cryptocurrency, you fucking pajeet. These companies are implementing shit tier centralized blockchains so they can sound smart to their fucktard bosses. This has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

You've been reading too much blue pill bullshit. Bitcoin came out in 2009 and you still can't use this crap. Not only that, but it's now nearly unusable due to the full block bullshit. Major businesses are actually dropping support for crypto. Exchanges are still getting hacked. Everyone is obsessed with short term gain and doesn't give a fuck about the tech. This pile of shit is no where near being successful yet. With no real world usage it is identical to a ponzi.

We're going back down hard. You want your opportunity to buy crypto cheap? You'll get it. Next bull run is in 2-3 years.

Markets are infinitely profitable and can only go up long term. Duh!

>zoom out
the bulls kept saying that in late January at 12k
now the bears are saying that at 7-8k
Corrections like to retrace to the 4th wave of one lesser degree, but if you sold at the top of the 4th wave (3k) you'd have cucked yourself out of massive gains, much like selling now instead of riding the wave up and then shorting at the top.
I don't get why I even reply to people basing their trades solely based off the meme chart; the more people that short the bottom and long the top, the more money I get.

I guess you didn't see the bull trap on the chart.

me too nigga

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>these stages don't exist
as they literally exist...

Maybe look at it as a guide. Psychology is psychology. It works but nothing is written in stone and you would understand that if you wern't an autist yourself. Do you shout and scream about everything you don't understand irl?

and yet, here you are, having done nothing between then and now except observe

The state of nocoiner argument.

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We went back in time boys

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>Next bull run is 2-3 years
>half of the cryptos on the market have mainnets this year
>governments finally looking to regulate, craft legislation for crypto

user, I-

What's wrong, fucking idiot?

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finally someone who gets it. It's a fractal crash.

This is the 1W chart, just saying.

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First sellof.

could you fit a toothpick up there with a tub of Vaseline (Woods, 2018)

whats is logarithmic scale

This is a sucker’s rally

That means it isn’t a suckers rally and we’re about to start a new moon cycle without the panic sellers who sold and shorted the bottom

90% of this thread is denial. Get ready to grab your ankles.

It amazes me how I’ve never seen anyone point out that we’re in wave 2.
Just look at the chart, it clearly shows wave 1 and 2.

This is actually a good thing. It shows that the vast majority are absolute illiterates who make long term prediction arguments based on 4h linear charts. Again, only reinforces the theory that we’re in the very beggining stages of a massive wave 3 up leg as seen on the weekly chart. Also, the log charts continue intact on exponential growth.

the bubble chart is useful as a measure of how human psychology functions. however, if tomorrow the US govt announces they will be testing bitcoin as means of exchange, i guarantee you we will hit 20k again in a day. the bubble chart is useful if conditions are the same as other bubbles. a lot of people like to compare this year to 2014. if you actually look at the charts, they are similar but we have been hitting the "same points" faster, i.e the crashes and bull traps. this is due to exponential growth of technology. so i think its entirely possible we hit lower than 6k again, but i would bet the bull market after would come much sooner than a few years.