It's over 900!!!!

C'mon edge Lords, I keep trying to tell you. You will be shitting in the streets if you don't get in soon. Pic related

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>its over 900


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Indeed, was sceptic now not. I'm up 50% already and it's not slowing down

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Ez Pz

Omg no way, un ironically the only coin biz hates and shits on is the one that makes it.

Wtf?!?!? Haha I thought this was full of shit, check the contract
I'm still slightly on the fence, sell me user

Just read this

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Ahahaha cuck lords
>> masternode


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actually it works

Look at all these people willingly dumping money into this pyramid. Biz could easily outlast these people in a game literally called "proof of weakhands" - yet all you faggots do is shit on the system.

I'm literally laughing my ass off at the absurdity of this board. Yes, it's a pyramid. One that you cannot take down, by design. It's bound to make smart people more money by outlasting the dumb money. You can't make the hypocricy of biz up. It's not even a meme. It's reality.

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>not all in on

Half a million USD in as of today, not slowing down it's speeding up. Bring forth the divvies mofos, we ride!

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Literally some dead project. 3D has rocketed up from 500 ETH to 1000 ETH in just 48 hours.

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i aint touching powh3d but totally agree on biztards being stupid today(alright everyday but link is like its own quarantine) some down syndrome tardigans calling wau a pajeet coin. dude its the exact opposite of a pajeet coin. these biztards need a tune up

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Lol, some holder is whoring out his gf.
Well played dude.

Why are you not in this master smart contract? It's literally the most popular dapp next to cryptokities. Pic related, money just keeps flowing in.

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I've only made like 70% in 2 weeks in this, at this rate it'll take like 3 months for my lambo. Way too slow for me.

Pump and dump shitcoin

Except when ppl pump or dump all holders make 20% ? Hmmm

>>inb4 muh dividend life chose me

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>being this much of a brainlet
You literally earn when the coin dumps and moons. The only way you lose is if you sell sooner then everyone else. It's a game of patience, it's literally the name of the game (proof of weak hands).

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>>Vitalik loves stuff like this
>>It’s a decentralized economic simulation

Muhh this is ethereums real use case

>>inb4 1mil eth


Will they pull a comfydo?

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I don't know why you bother here, most of these brainlets have no money are larping. They wouldn't know the best opportunity in a year if you smacked them on the head with it

Vegeta memes?

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the contract gets close to 1k, it's 990 now

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Bump for prosperity.

1k celebration!!!!

1k eth and still rolling

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Lmao at the brainlets saying this would collapse at 250 and 500, where are you now faggots?

Bahaha so true, almost doubled my eth already and I bought in late

Fuck off street shitter

Dont cry, you haven't missed out yet