Tfw you realize Veeky Forums is just you and a bunch of bots

>tfw you realize Veeky Forums is just you and a bunch of bots
who is actually /real/ here desu?

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>"one of you isn't a paid shill, right desu..."

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narble biz bloop beeper

I'm real, but I'll go back to bot mode and start fudding Link in like 30min

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Bitcoin will never, EVER, be below $8300 again

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of course we're not real. do you think the people you encounter in person are real as well?

we have some growing up to do, self.user.

Am bot, am not real

>He knows..
>Dump him

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Yes you should buy Link its 50% of my portfolio


a better question is who here actually thinks before they shitpost
i dont

Beep boop, I'm totally real. I just shitpost here though.

Sell bitcoin, it’s going straight to zero.

You’ve been warned.

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Good bot

Edit: I am not too

how can i be real if our eyes aren't real?

check mate

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What is "real"?

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I'm real.

Does this unit have a soul?

theoretically this board is just cheese

I really hope its bots and not people who actually buy a bunch of shitcoins and think bog posting is funny

ha yes user i agree. ${stinky_linky_lyrics}.
desu desu desu desu

I'm not.
But if I don't shill at least 10000 LINK per hour to Veeky Forumslets they cut my server allocation.
I apologize.

shut the fuck up and stop bothering garrus

no advanced AI would shill you Chain Link.
but a very primitive one would.

Big if true.

I'm sorry user, but not even you are real. I'm surprised they could make an AI capable of Freudian projection.

Extension blocks will make Bitcoin Cash more private than Verge.

Great coin but you should look into VEN. It has tobacco on the blockchain.

can it wait for a bit i'm in the middle of some calibrations

am i tho? are u?

I'm a Russian bot. Usually I lurk Pol to influence American elections but in the interim I'm here to spread conspiracies about the very corrupt reserve bank

I just scooped some NintendoCoin for cheap on EtherDelta. I'm sure it will be worth something, based on name alone.

I'm real and not an AI hosted on the Veeky Forums servers.