Whats the price of XRP can be after Western Union and Money Gram will finish pilot Xrapid and start to use it.

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The price will be 0.00001 chainlink

1 cent maybe? who knows, but it certainly is heavily overpriced at the moment


Definitely over $3 again

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I'd pump her if you understand what I am saying.

I am looking on how much daily those companies are transfering and thats the minimum they need to buy to use XRapid.

Anyone have any idea on when they could finish the pilot?

You don't have to invest. Just sit on the sidelines and watch as XRP skyrockets.

Stop the false information please!

Ripple is centralized, and the foundation can print more ripple if they want.

The CEO became the world richest person when ripple hit $3

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3 times wrong therefore I will give you 1XRP.

watch this, second 40, ripple cant print more xrp

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Havent u bought some xrp last year ? Poor homo

Lol Ripple :) the jews that exploited the "blockchain" hype and sold useless asset for billions to normies and retards with money. The only crypto not backed by absolutely anything and sold for 100% profit of a private company. The marketing shill "crypto for banks" is tempting, I will give you that. But ok, even of any bank decide to pay Ripple, a private company to use their "technology" (lol) and let them be in control of their financials (lol) they may not be using xRapid. And if they do (LOL) they will not be entering the public market to buy XRP for their transactions (duh) but rather use the 60bln xrp held by Ripple labs on a private ledgers. Enjoy your useless jewcoin.

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U dont understand the whole picture. Please look outside of the basement.
Im not here to explain. U stupid boi.
>useless coin

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(((they))) created bitcoin and ripple, they are using ripple to the help normies transition to cashless society and trackable digital currency ( $ -> BTC using cheap cryptocurrency like XRP (thats how normies will invest their $ into crypto)

Its always with Ripplers - "you are wrong but Im not going to tell you why because I dont have an argument"

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im willing to tell you, AMA

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They're pretty quick to respond to any criticism. I mean really fucking quick, 3 in a row, back to back

This is the most poorly worded question I've read on Veeky Forums. Jesus.

you are welcome to criticize or ask anything as long as you dont intend to spread misinformation or plain fud
and most of
is both

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