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repeat after me:
non burgers: will you join the presale tomorrow? these coins are 60 bucks a piece and there's only a few mil in existence.

Combine that with the fact that trump banned it, you can see this thing will fucking 100x in days in my opinion.

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>supporting a communist regime so you can get measly gainz
kill yourself parasite

are you stupid? venezuela sucks, their gov doesn't handle anything right and I'm saying that while writting from Venezuela. Light cut off, water cut off, no food in supermarket, $5 salary.

the fuck

more like
>investing in the first sovereign digital currency distributed by a government
its like you hate innovation AND gains

Innovation coming from a country that have electricity problems everyday, cut off light randomly for hours. Are you serious? They doesn't even know what Bitcoin is at all. It's depressing.

>giving venezuelans your passport

>literally giving money to a dictator

Kill yourself OP

yes, i'm all in - .vz failed at everything to do with finance, but this venture will make them and us rich

people are literally eating cats in the streets you fucking dolt

Their currency has no value anymore, this why they're making a new one using blockchain. yeah they can't pay bills, but the way petro is being minted as a token is actually very ingenious. I read their whitepaper, the way it is tied to their dollar is like a smarter tether. and it will literally revitalize the purchasing power of the bolivar.

don't you can't just give the commies money are you crazy????

Exit scam when?

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>while writting from Venezuela

Your late OP

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How do you even buy this shit btw?
Do you need to KYC? Cuz fuck that if so.

Also gl getting dumped on by Diosdado Cabello aka the Venezuelan Bogdanoff

It's exclusive currency backed by the world's largest oil reavers. Russia and China are first in line and you still have doubts about this ? Petro coin is made in Russian . Look him up

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> giving money to a genocide corrupt communist totalitarian regime.
> get rich

This shit is a far worst scam than Espers or Confido (at least they will not use the money to kill innocents).
Not touching that scamcoin with a ten foot pole

Thats because Venezuela is a Russian and Chinese puppet state dumbshit.
Makes you think about why Trump banned it

inb4 this obvious scam becomes so successful that it saves the venezuelan economy and countries all over the world start creating their own cryptos to save themselves from dealing with a service based economy

this is actually what will happen. Leafcoin will follow this, trust me.

The coin that saved Venezuela


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>ou can see this thing will fucking 100x in days in my opinion.
its a stable coin, why should it increase in price for even 5%?

t. read the whitepaper

Burger here, already registered to buy, already used a phony Venezuelan name and ID to register, buying anyway, eat shit trump

Do i really need to give them my fucking passport if i want to buy? That's the only thing that throws me off

>corrupt communist totalitarian regime
Cool guy Maduro actually has his own cryptocurrency

Your non-totalitarian regime bans you from buying things and steals your gains my fucking sides so much freedom

Communist country being saved by greedy capitalists
Oh the irony

Who cares? I think I hear reddit calling you, faggot.

Trump or capitalism can't win against blockchain. I said it before Latina America has the worlds best natural resources. Best life (Adriana Lima) and lowest crime rate (Bolivia ) buy as much Petro and hodl. WORLD LARGEST OIL RESERVES HAHAHA DUBAI PRINCE WHO ? venezuela also has the best weather .....not oven like UAe

Sucks but yes I'm still waiting for pending verification. I'm super anxious to be part of taking down capitalism......sorry but this only hurts those at the top. Everyone or the majority of people are poor we need this to wake up DEEP STATE AND realize they need to speed up quantum computing to destroy blockchain

>erc20 token
>60 per piece (of shit)
ty just bought 100k

On bittrex lol

I think they ask for passport so they know you'll be able to travel to Venezuela once it becomes a crypto hyper-utopia where you get paid to do everything up to walking on a sidewalk. the world we're building towards is amazing.

>Best life (Adriana Lima) and lowest crime rate (Bolivia)

In alettersent to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday, Nelson said he was "concerned by recent reports" that Venezuela, as well as Russia, are planning to use cryptocurrencies to get past economic sanctions.

Focusing on Venezuela's president, in particular, he noted that Nicolás Maduro "is responsible for persistent human rights violations, political repression and the jailing of opponents, undermining democratic institutions, corruption, and widespread economic deprivation."

Is he Jewish ?

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>that nose
Yes he is a kike

>muh natural resources
nigga our army is big enough to stomp your venezuelan face and steal your resources. However US doesn't bother with it because we already have Ecuador and Perú for that.

How I feel

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First country adopting crypto... This is huge. Who'll be the next?

Not gonna give Pablojeets my KYC but gonna get it on IDEX

Fucking lol at burgers who can't praise freedom and hate on muh tyrannical government enough telling people what to do with their money because their government told them it's bad though

Neck yourselves immediately, or failing to find a rope with enough tensile strength, choke on a dozen cheeseburgers you landwhales

If you manage to hold 51% of all the Petro Coins you become by law the ruler of Venezuela. That might make it a good buy if you plan on staging a land invasion of any South American countries (i.e. Brazil).

I'm putting it on my "maybe" list for that reason alone (because fuck Brazil).

>First country adopting crypto...
Hey, that's cool. Let's read more abo...
whats the fucking point?

Totally agree on military might but this all Russia and China. US sanctions will not work from know on blockchain is in control (us the people using a democratic voting system GitHub ) deep state is over and timing is just right. Inequality in the US is at it's worst. Look at major metro areas all full of tents and trash. Sorry but all the glamour means nothing when your borther or sister sleeps in the street

The US will be the first country to ban all crypto, mark my words. They are already realizing the threat.

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I've already been there so they already have my passport anyway.
Should I all in?

Veeky Forums would support the destruction of planet earth if it would them good gains

> US bans you to buy to provide support to Communist Genocided regimes dude! LOL meh freedom.

jajajaj try again with your stupid logic, Fidel.

Only government backed crypto that I am buying is for you to have free helicopters rides.

I'm here to make money and bang bitches

And I'm all out of bitches

In fact I never had any. And I'm pretty broke too

Pls gib monies

Swerving sanctions is the point
Yall are gonna buy worthless tokens and get dumped on in exchange for cryptocurrency with actual value like Bitcoin

Nice ! Keep em coming

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And your plan to make money is buy the mother of all pajeetcoins?

Buy Petro and then buy anything you want . Made in Venezuela won't disappoint .

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hey mate's i got a lot of venezuelan id's for sale if you wanna buy some petro

This thread's starting to stink.
We really need flags

He predicted Petro coin years ago. Legend lives

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No one knows where to buy some so yeah I agree

I've been been there last year (Caracas)
the good
>delicious food
>welcoming locals
>good looking and cheap prostitutes
the bad
>some police/communists look at you with
threatening eyes for being "estadodense"
>several poor people asking for money
>hot weather
>shots at night

Won't disgree but I see south America like north. You can't have it all BUT OVERALL THE COUNTRIes in South America are far better to live in. If crime is an issue go to Uruguay .......cops dont carry guns ? You can't compare over quality of life is far better, north has the money central has CUBA. AND south Is the one continent that has it all. Charles Darwin galapagis.

>Delicious food
Can be found anywhere, specially anywhere with more access to food products than Venezuela, which is anywhere.

No coiner, but I'm going to buy this and laugh

Using Petro to live a life without racism ......people all hate each other in North and central because differences.....blacks are 0 in Mexico.........blacks in the north going through black lives shooting up schools...... venezuela or South America is the place to Petro and live a better life.


You're all empowering bad actors to some sort of a degree by getting into crypto... especially Bitcoin or legit privacy tokens like Monero.

Plus, North Korea and Iran already engage in cryptojacking and are probably mining off some of your equipment as we speak. You already empower shitty totalitarian regimes, directly or indirectly, along with black market shit like human trafficking.

Please stop this bullshit of "OMG WHY WOULD I FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THIS SHITTY, OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT" that I'm reading all over this thread and stop lying to yourselves.

Yeah, it's unbelievable I can live like a king in those countries with my actual salary ($63k per year).

Well' I've heard Perú has one of the most exotic and delicious food in America, but haven't been there yet.
Maybe this year I'll go there.

Can Trump and the feds find out if I bought Petro? What are the consequences of buying Petro?


All the good Venezuelan food is super rare to find now because noone can afford to serve it or just cant find the ingredients

Well my argument isn't about morals, but rather about it being a shit investment

Cuerda de mamaguevos imbeciles. Get ready to lose all your money kek.

Mal parido anda con tu gobierno Yankee. El petro y la revolución bolivariana vive !

>crack down on crypto
>jail miners
>jail business owners
>still can't touch their funds
>hmmm what do we do
>let's try letting them out of jail, starting a "crypto" that we fully control, and trying to get people to use that

Anyone that knows south american food knows very well you can't beat them . From Argentinian to Brazilian life .........and the women ?

Maybe but so much money is coming in from China and Russia.

Any dumbass that invests in this deserves to lose their money.


maybe, but I don't give a shit to lose $3k just to see if it's worth it.

$3k ? When you invest in Petro you invest in a government whose only objective is to circumvent NATO sanctions. Because Venezuela disagrees with US military they are now enemy of the state . The plan was to watch the country go to ruins and save them at their weakest point. Until Bitcoin arrived

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I'm a burger and in on the pre sale ain't no orange nigger telling me what i can do

I'm going to laugh my ass off watching a bunch of retards invest in a crypto literally started by people who previously banned crypto while still having the expectation that they're not being scammed.

Ty user and that's the way capitalism ends. When the majority speak for themselves not the other way around .

>can't own petrocoins for being a US citizen
Well, my dream is over.
Too bad I can't own petros without renouncing to my citizenship or being arrested.
Trump and the current goverment are pathetic.

You won't get caught, feel free to lose your money.

Land of the free my ass. It's getting bad how can people be ok with trump telling you what you can or cannot buy



Look what he's doing with Harley Davidson. How can you possibly expect Europe or Japan to agree those bikes are good or reliabke. Trump wants every Japanese to buy a Chevy Silverado without any tax on that ass. Really ? And if Japan disagrees then we sanction NEM coin or better yet Mijin.baka

How do i buy this fucking shit coin? there is so much money laundry behind it, it's sweet

I don't care about losing money by buying Petros, but it's not worth it if feds break into my home and arrest me for it.

>wants to invest in petro
>afraid of federal agents
You're not just retarded you're also a pussy.

You're not just retarded you're also a pussy.
being retarded and pussy is far better than being jailed.

Lol it's not 1984 yet but the earlier you get in the better chance you have of coin price going to $1000 . Russia and China have the chance they always waited for now that they have a way to circumvent sanctions. This won't stop with Venezuela

Binnance would be huge

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>can't even responsive mobile properly

this is as legit as tether, how can you believe it all pegged to actual oil? Do you will believe a maduro failed state with 500% inflation rate?

Is this US propaganda spiel supposed to dissuade me?

Spreading like wildfire. Venezuelan people are rejoicing.

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If you are not an US citizen, you a free to buy as many Petros as you want.
As for US citizens, you will be arrested if feds find out you bought/sold Petro.
I guess it's time to renounce to my citizenship and go live somewhere in Argentina or Chile.

Providing updates to those who don't have a clue how great south america is as a continent

Explain how the men in Black can arrest and prosecute for buying monero Coín (petro)

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>can't own petrocoins for being a US citizen

Yeah you can the new law states that you cant use them in a transaction, you can however hold them or invest in a company that holds them.

Which will be basically any Chinese owned business since China has a stake in Venezuela improving just ever so slightly.

The interest will come from all nations. Anyone who thinks these stupid sanctions will scare them your totally wrong. Mexico is America's new enemy (build a wall ) ....slowly maga will be the only one screaming and shouting why other countries won't help him with sanctions ..........Venezuela is a harmless stupid media is about to make south America isis part 2........SA doesn't have radical extremeist the only problem is money and corruption because of the deep state. Thank you Satoshi