User what is your hidden gem coin?

user what is your hidden gem coin?

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if I say it people will make fun of me

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for these reasons:

Go ahead fren

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Say user

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Odn huh, it's ok friend

Unironically this

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thugcoin nigga

Why the fuck should I reveal that ADST is going to boom, especially now after Google banned all crypto ads ?

Bros... cmon.... also nice pics. Sauce ?

GVT and DGD are the only ones in an uptrend during this bear market desu

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taas is slowly going up again, they are paying good quarterly dividends. Also Astro which is similar, but newer.


I have two. First pick, NLC2 (No Limit Coin). Second pick, BlockCAT. Also CryptopiaFeeShares but I don't know that that one really counts.

Veeky Forums is somewhat aware of BlockCAT but I never see anyone talk about NLC2 here.

BBN. Beetoken bretty good too.

Not really a gem but I have £150 worth of Garlicoin

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I have 305$ in ADST and I'm happy I bought the current Dip. From here is moon. Join in guys.


XMR, literally no reason why it shouldn’t be top 5 other than certain shitcoins above it haven’t died yet.

I bought Fabric Token for the exact same reasons.
Might go yolo on this one as well desu, I love ultra low caps with working devs

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Tron. Please don't laugh at me.

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EZT. Find me a token with a better business to token market cap ratio

Masari (MSR)

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tnb nothing but upwards


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INS for an easy x10 when bull market returns

easiest 100x of my life


X100 EOY

phore . io


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Scam, created qiuickly to make it in time before the ico mania dies.
This shit doesn't need blockchain. There is simply no need for that shit. Screen cap my post, this shitcoin will be dead like 99.9% of all the icos that came out recently.
95% of the 99.9% will never make it past kucoin-tier exchange

I'm not going to mention it while I'm still accumulating

this looks good desu can u red pill me a little?

I'm done accumulating so... RLX.

70% down from ICO is your hidden gem? Yeah, you'll make it. lmao

Aeon. Monero devs (smooth, stoffu, moneromoo) + monero code rebase in 2 weeks. Great community. Still under the radar and price is 1% xmr.


They better moon soon

well it's not really hidden anymore since it's been shilled here lately but

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that'll be skycoin for me

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The ECA moon to ten cents is starting

I always keep an eye on it. you think it'll get some movement any time soon?

Fabric token and it's not even close
>Even if they max the ICO it's still super low cap
>Product launch in the week after the ICO
>Cryptopia rumours
>No burgers so an easy 3x flip once they get listed
I'm gonna hold this for no more than a month, 3x my money and move on. Just like I did with skycoin. Short term > all

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P.S. lol @ people still holding skycoin bags, thanks for the easy money, in a month you'll be holding the fabric you bought at 3x from me, too.

These guys will make it.

I think I'm in love with her.

Yup. TFD should be the only answer.

Mine's BAT and it's so fucking cheap right now that it's almost criminal.

If I had $1,000 to dump into BAT right now I'd be a millionaire by EOY 2019. Sad.

Theta token

Tfw that is me :(, but at least the CEO has a good announcement coming in a week or two.

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You think it’s gonna be worth $200 by the end of next year? That’s pushin it man...

I've got $25k riding on VTR. Sitting on 0.5% of the coin supply and waiting for 100x.

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they actually get shit done and have great partnerships

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>If I had $1,000 to dump into BAT right now I'd be a millionaire by EOY 2019. Sad.
LOL, the fact you actually believe that is sad

ARB - Tokens for pooling Eth for a DEX-based arb bot. Shit is going to be huge:

>CryptoNote mineable
>Private Smart Contracts

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Waiting on my kryll, but abt arcblock is my gem until then

Yeah I'm clearly exaggerating but it's definitely underpriced right now. Who knows what it will be worth, but the project hasn't even started yet and its potential is enormous

look into adshares as well im invested in both



>Named after the homeless.

Yeah, nah. Ethereum already has zk-snarks, so you can ALREADY have private smart contracts. Meaning this shit is worthless.

Did u not pay attention to the last month?? Here let me help you: go 50/50 TFD and BBN.

No thanks needed.

That doesn't mean Dero can't rise. Privacy is the default for Dero smart contracts.

Sociall (SCL)
Facebook will buy it. 3 million market cap.
Thank me later.

POWH, only thing green in this fucking mess.

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this. and its not even hidden. plz don't tell me you are losing money right now.

best thing ever

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Accelerator (ACC)

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This is the only attractive woman in this thread.

I know a linkie when I see one

It gets shilled here sometimes on biz, but usually gets completely ignored. I've made +120% today in satoshi value. I premined a lot of it too. I'll let you know what it is when it's reached it's peak price in a few weeks and I dump my massive mined bags.

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Mine is CRED, TRX, and TAU.


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I would have unprotected sex with this woman every fucking day

this thread sucks

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i second this.
you're going to make it


something that doesn't need a blockchain at all.

and the idea is to buy time with celebrities and shit

GL with that


Shh don't tell anyone while I'm accumulating below ICO.


You fucking idiot. Me too though

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Neblio blows TAU out of the water its like Titanic vs a paper mache

KNC they just released their exchange and it is still so cheap

Just so we're clear you're comparing your coin to the titanic in a positive way?

I’m not discussing this further. We can talk about this once your planned product is built according to specs and roadmap. Until then we are comparing the titanic to a paper mache. When your product is running I’ll be happy to support until then we’ve seen enough promises from the blockchain space. Hoping for the best for lamden

Agree, I want to get more Enjin soon. They have a really nice wallet too.

He still doesn't get it.


Anyone that doesn't answer XLM in this thread is already fucked

hasn't been made yet

EQC come July. Probs hit bottom just now. Setting my buy orders as soon as someone takes this stupid PFR off my hands and walking away from my computer for 4 months.