Stellar vs. REQ

Which will win? Which one should I buy?

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ripple is 90b supply wit 80% being held by founders with a retarded market cap

req should be your choice

I got bogdanoff'd when i sold 70% of my xlm for req. I believe both will succeed but i think req will make me more money
>10k req
>4k xlm
>100k fun
Yes, I'm a meme addict

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Hold both because they do different things entirely.

XLM is a DEX.
REQ is a payments platform.

Both of these are necessary for widespread crypto adoption.

lol did you even read the title?

Anyway, REQ. Way smaller market cap.

Request is deflationary. (burning)

Stellar is inflationary. (1% inflation)

Request has over 40+ teams developing Dapps on top of their platform. (this + the core team will make req one of the biggest teams in crypto) just look at eth foundation for comparison.

Stellar just has the core team.

Also Request and Stellar are aiming at different markets.

XLM is not even a meme. It's just trash.

Honestly I should just dump it for more req

how is xlm trash

in a few years people will be looking for the next req.

You already have the answer in your picture. Didn't you see the plebbit post that was deleted? One of the head developers spilled the next partnership, it's going to be remember. .05 by summer. .01 by September 28 2018. This shit is going straight into the ground and the amount of shitposting in this fucking forum proves this shit is pay shilled. Market goes up, REQ goes down. Market goes down, REQ goes down. I can't believe you people would actually buy this coin.

XLM has a working product and a competent team. REQ, less so. Last time I looked at the github it was clunky angular code and hardly any finished solidity code.

But it doesn't matter, either will go up/down with the market


(You) have been warned.


This copy paste on every request post.

How much they´re paying you pajeet?

XLM has a rocket logo so it looks cooler when it moons. Needless to say, I invested a second mortgage into it.

This copypasta is false.

Not Fudding XLM, just pointing out some comparisons beetween the 2.

Also request has a working product that will come to mainnet by the end of the month.

Can´t speak for the code, but i´ve read that is bad only in Veeky Forums.

And from the teams that are working whit request code, developing their Dapps they are happy whit it.

Also QSP said request had good coders when they did their audit.

Not FUDing REQ either. But until they have a mainnet out I'll say XLM is more solid. Things might change when REQ actually comes out.

I don't trust those guys. Sure, their idea is good, but their token is pointless like many other tokens in the market. It's a borderline scammy way of fundraising

I agree that u dont need a 30 million ico and a token to audit contracts.

But the team is solid.

>they´re paying you pajeet?
you pajeeted yourself

XLM is a Gibs-me-dat coin.

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Req is trash.
Bought 30k though. You never now, this market is a meme.

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Lets just say I have greater than 15 acres of property and a lover of absurd memes. The meme is true, REQ is trash. I sincerely hope it's wrong for your sake, but it isn't.

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he's right you know, .05 ETH by summer and .01 BTC by september 28. we're in for a hell of a pump. don't get left behind!

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By that logic crypto is going to die. This shit isn't living to Crypto's prime.

.05 USD by summer and .01 USD by september 28 2018.