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What price did you sell at?

went 50x short on 8400, not even worried


And you shouldn't be. This is the last bounce up before we continue the journey to $6k.

you will rip once it goes to 3k

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did you close your position lol

BTC will never go below 8k ever again.

Why would he?

Made a decent % on a weeks trading between shorts and longs, then 3 consecutive bad trades wiped out (one got liqed 5 minutes after placing and bitmex refused my market sell when it started lol) all my gains and slightly ate from my initial.
Decided to pull out and buy myself something nice instead. Still slightly below initial on my holdings and i don't think they'll be green before may. Never gonna go back to Bitmex either way, or at least not until they fix their "convenient" order errors during pumps and dumps.

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how many times have we seen these Bitcoin will never go below x again posts the past few months? The only thing is the numbers keep getting lower and lower. BTC hasn't left the months long bear channel and is likely going to hit the 6000 support again, if not fall further.


it wont be fixed retard
its a feature not a bug

bitmex is a bucketshop
so many redflags people ignore because muh 100x leverage bro

idiots dont even know how to trade and start entering 100x positions and crying when they get btfo

Anyone who uses 100x is a complete tool and a dumb gambler. And 50x isn't far away, 25x is foolish but not always as bad. Why anyone would even risk that shit is beyond me.
Guessing the only "good" about 100x is right during a hard pump/dump but then orders won't go through anyway.
Personally i feel like i'm pushing my luck at 10x

lol'd irl at the wojak

>t. American, shortly after sharting in the mart.

(get it? cuz he pooed in his shorts)

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buy earlier and set limit sells before it jumps. If you know where the price is going before it moves and you wont be locked out of everyone fomo market buying. don't use stops either because they will lag, just put actual orders in the book

Personally, I set a limit buy order at 7400

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What's the matter user, shit yourself again?

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Stockfag here.
Do you cryptoplebs even have options?