How much money can I make with a 10$ investment?

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Infinite money

>10 USD is an investment for this poor nigger

Yeah man invest in a fucking soda and chips you'll see mad gainz breh

Theoretically you could 100x leverage on binance and then go from there

You could find a pair of used kneepads from your fellow Veeky Forumsbros that had their fill.

Suck some cocks, get at least $1000 then we can talk

I made 2 dollars , I wanna be able to make 20$ a day. teach me

Do what you just did but 10 times

Teach yourself you lazy fuck

I am afraid you are right :(

If I wasn't lazy I would be wagecuck and I would have more to invest

all you need is 5 times 10x to make 1 million usd
could it be any easier than this in life?

Kys brainlet I’ll ship you the rope

Send me the money and I will buy it myself bro

Considering I turned 150 into 9k AFTER December, I’d say the sky is the limit

how the fuck ?

you can't leverage on binance

Scalping and a 140 iq

I never used leverage and traded only on binance

when you 2x, you get 10$

Also never held anything but BTC overnight. Only spent between 5 seconds and 10 mins in a single alt at any one time. Trade on tight boll bands on the one min chart with mcad crossover occurring and get the fuck out with profit after the break up. If it looks like it’s breaking down gtfo.

Almost forgot to say you have to 100% all in every trade until you have about 3k

desu I dont wanna become rich overnight and shit like that, I ain't delusional. I am just asking if I can grind my wave up with 10 $ to be able to make 20$ a day

I just told you how to do that. Focus on sats not usd and cash out some gains when btc is above 10k

yeap. 100% in every trade not in usd but the coin I use to trade. got it

You buy btc and use that to trade in and out of alts. I wish you luck and I think you’ll need it

Sucked some cocks and now I have $1000. Now what?

well If I am not lucky its ok. We talking about 10usd

Suck more cocks at 100x leverage

In one year? 438.67 USD is possible. Probably more like 15.21 USD is more likely


The absolute state of Veeky Forums
you are not going to make anything with that kind of money
You are either a Pajeet or a child.