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If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second (global scale)
- Inflation distributed weekly to those who own XLM (lumenaut.net/)

Recent News:

- Roadmap (stellar.org/blog/2018-Stellar-Roadmap/)
- Jed McCaleb Stellar Interview: blockzero.show/c4e67558
- FairX Beta delayed April/May: twitter.com/fairxio/status/963549338004684800
- Lightning Live by 01 DEC - stellar.org/blog/lightning-on-stellar-roadmap/#overview

Upcoming Events:

- IBM Blockchian VP AMA on r/Stellar; 20 March
- Brazil IMTC Meeting w/ Lisa Nestor; 21 March
- IBM Think Blockchain; 22 March

Recent Partnership:

- Keybase.io
- Blockdaemon.com (Blockdaemon claims Stellar will be *THE* Ethereum of 2018; Blockdaemon backed by Comcast)
- Korean Anchor deal sealed; announcement soon

Big Things to Watch For:

- Jed claims "interesting" announcement soon; likely IBM's plans with central banks + tokenization of central bank fiat
- Official IBM news on their Hyper/Stellar Ledger plans
- Stripe BTC replacement announcement circa April
- FairX Beta - April/May
- Lightyear.io major announcement late March/April

On FairX:

- FairX is NOT an exchange (i.e., like GDAX), SDEX is Stellar's exchange
- Instead, FairX is likely a bridging mechanism + fiat anchor; a component of SDEX, designed to enable fiat -> crypto and crypto

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>Still not bought in, nigger?

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I heard they are giving away all their XLM to black people in africa or something? Anyone want to explain wtf is up with that?

The SDF (a charity) holds 80% of the Stellar supply and intends to distribute most of it by giving it away to third world countries
It's up to you if you think that's a good thing.

Im literally all in Stellar :o thought I was retarded. I like the project, its unique and should see some light this year. Bought at 0.8 :S 0.5, 0.34 and 0.24. So far losing too much but that would happen with every other crypto so hopes not lost yet.

I think they want to give around $10 in XLM to just about everyone possible. In particular less developed countries. The thinking is mass adoption.

I've just fomo'd back in after selling the fucking very bottom, so it will dump overnight to new low.

Sorry guys

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XLMs are redistributed by 1% inflation to holders, social events and developer reward program. They do some charity too, thats only good cuz governments and such will not enforce any kind of bs on it.

epic fud XDDDDDD

It’s just stupid FUD spread by /pol/tarda. Stellar has great partnerships in Africa and this will increase adoption. Stellar aims to overtake the market for remittances. Giving away some free stellar is an investment if you think of the long term and millions of people who will adopt the currency as a result

just how "all in" are you user?

5400$. Its all I have (had :/) for some maybe laughable but for me its a lot.

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First time crypto investor btw. Other coins seems to be all the same just different name. This one I find unique.

you will be ok user, hold on tight. i got a lot more than you riding it hard

>given away
>buying it

Pick one.

well its not that unique desu its pretty much a better version of ripple. still good choice, I hold 350k

i'll buy when it hits 1 cent from all the niggers flooding the market

>Giving away some free stellar

how about more than double the current circulating supply?

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600 euros here, also all in on XLM. Nothing to be ashamed of.

well done

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>implying them releasing the supply will make the demand drop instantly and thus the price will depreciate instantly

they haven't even released the methods to which they will do mass adoption. How can you idiots be so sure they're giving it all to niggers in Africa, and literally let them market sell it.

Do you know how many niggers have to ALREADY have an account with an exchange that takes this into account? Do you think 1 billion niggers are going to join Binance before this theorized 'airdrop' just so they can sell their XLM on the market?

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>All the XLM FUD is boring, tasteless /pol/ trash
time to buy in.

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Can someone post the holy pepe vs wojak meme? The one comparing XLM vs Bitcoin. You know the one

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XLM will m00n!

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha it's hilarious that you manage to find your way to every xlm thread and say the same shit over and over
I know you won't learn but I'll try anyway. buy low sell high
Fucking larp's

They take coins outta your wallet and airdrop them to niggers. No thanks.

lol you know the more you say it, the more it actually sounds stupid and doesn't seem to be practical.

also see this you shitty 1 poster

Ok /pol/tard

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>the year is 2020
>everyone who bought Stellar years ago is rich as fuck
>Stellar airdropped massive quantities of Lumens to Africans
>Africans are too low IQ and violent to adopt the technology
>Every last airdropped Lumen gets burned by African warlords who view the technology as black magic
>The value of a single stellar goes parabolic as the supply is burned down to the ground by based African warlords
>still got all the publicity/mass adoption from the airdrop in the first place with none of the downsides

Watch it happen.

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You will be very wealthy when Stellar peaks at $10. Wew

all of Veeky Forums is pol, if you dont like it, you have to go fucking back, nigger.

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Can you airdrop some coins to me and my friends so we can finally walk to youuu-rooppe and finance second hand BMWs?

T. Blackest nigga in Africa, sheeeit.

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I want this shit to circulate

it was FUD because 1 guy posted about it and because Stellar doesn't update their website, it still looked like they were giving away Lumens for free sign ups. However, they changed their stance after being in the top 10 since December. see for update >implying you niggers would even be smart enough to make design a service on Stellar in order to get lumens

sorry, no more free handouts, time for you niggers to kill each other

40 billion user, it is spelled out clearly on the stellar website... for the unbanked. another 40 billion to be given away on top of that for services, etc. that's 80 billion more to be released, or is it 90... can't remember if the current total # of coins is 10 or 20 bil in circulation. any way you slice that pie, it is massive inflation. these assholes are selling heavy fucking bags. fucking dicks

its not going to happen because its simply not realistic; niggers cant even comprehend crypto; SDF is just bugman soy posting

u are trying to make it sound so bad and make Stellar look like a bad investment, when in reality, your assumption is flawed in the first place.

How can they release billions and give it to them if there is no possible method to do this? Literally everyone spams it on the internet, but how can you actually set up an application, service, website, store, etc to get this 'release 40 billion' a reality without understanding it won't work?

You are talking about a behemoth of a project. Probably a project on a massive scale that is intended for mass-adoption. Who would have thought?

Keep connecting random bullshit, no one cares about your FUD or uneducated guess at what is going on.

If anyone wants to know the truth, go to stellar.org or see for 'giveaways'

Damn EOS surpassed XLM, also ADA shot up.

Stellar cawk wake up.

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meh both of those coins wont be top 50 in 6 months

Stellar drops like a fucking rock every.god.damn.time theres a dip or a crash. Youll see similar coins to stellar like ripple take hits better than this bitch (and I hate fucking ripple) but I couldnt ignore it I saw it drop from 65 cents to 48 and sold. Now its like 24 cents. This coin is way too hyped and it FUCKING NEVER RISES.

>way too hyped
stellar the only coin that doesnt have some nonwhite on twitter shilling fake shit that will never happen

its the only coin that has huge amount of 3rd party development building apps that connect into it, and that has real big partners like IBM.

It will be the first network to get state bank currency on it as well

it is also taking ethereum's ICO shine, as ETH slowly dies because the only thing it was good for was scam coin ICOs

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it's not unique at all, just a slightly less kosher ripple

this guy knows

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I bought this Nigger coin at .68

Not even kidding.

HODL for a long time i guess.

it won't be that long :)

/pol/ FUD = strong bull signal.