Hi guys

Hi guys,

I'm actually shaking, i don't want to talk to anyone around me. I don't really know how to explain this.. but today is the worst day i had since years. I started to trade cryptocurrencies 4 months ago, during the rise of the bitcoin. Seeing that it was easy to make profit, i bought like 600$ of BTC every weeks, thinking it would be easy to make money. I bought for like 7000$, all i had in my account (I was saying that " Don't invest more that you can afford to lose " was shit. And yeah, i shouldn't have..). And you know what happened at the end of January.. my wallet was melting days after days.

When the price started to go down some days ago, someone talked to me about Bitmex, saying that i could make profit even if the BTC price was falling. So i signed up and i started to trade, using leverage.

The first day was pretty, so i became confident. And after that.. I was losing money everyday, stressing, couldn't do any other things that staying in front of my computer, staring on "charts". And this morning.. a suddenly pump coming out from nowhere just got me. I got liquidated, and i lost everything i have.

I know this is my fault, and that i deserve what happen. People make mistakes and i made one here. I shouldn't have played with leverage, i'm too emotive, and this way of trading just killed me.

I'm conscious that there is absolutely no probability for you guys to give me something, and i would be the first to say that i don't deserve this. But i let my BTC wallet, just in case :


I just want to get my money back, and to get out of here...

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get fucked margin shorting greedy cunt


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>a suddenly pump coming out from nowhere just got me
That's how it always gets you. Hope you learned your lesson begging pajeet faggot. No more potty training lessons for you.

begging. enjoy your ban

another bites the dust


no bitcoin to give but this is a valuable lesson. It sounds weird but dont take it for granted.


You'll find no loving here better put the noose around your neck you subhuman waste of oxygen.

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Plz sir

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>Hi guys, i'm actually shaking here

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Fuck off Bitmexican faggot. If you fucks put the same effort into just trading the actual coins, and just dca in a bear market you'd be ok - even if you fucked up, just wait for the next bull. And the market would benefit, there'd be less available supply for the whales to eat. Bu no, you just have to fucking use margin and short constantly. You're the fucking cancer that's killing cryptos. You deserve to be poor, buying worthless contracts instead of the main game.

some people deserve to be poor

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Feeling sorry for OP with all these posts. Dont stress money isnt everything

Time to hang out with Sayori!

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square up. Thot

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>I started to trade cryptocurrencies 4 months ago

>decemberfag getting JUST'd

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On a more serious note, we all make mistakes, OP. Luckily there's an easy way to fix this situation. With this, you won't ever have to worry about losing your Bitcoin ever again.

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i did the same bro, had lost pretty much everything
its just fucking money, youll make much more than that

Load 1 btc in his bitmex account and make him lose it

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>I used my entire stack on high leverage and was liquidated
>pls donate to me

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This. We are now one more broke BitMexican closer to this market recovering.

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Post a screen shot of your liquidation / account history and I'll see what i can do. This will be hilarious. I want proof first, user.

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kek that galia tatoo just reminded me I have 200 bancors somewhere.