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Popular brokers for stock trading:
>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

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AMRS predictions for this week?

how long can 2700 hold?

Same as today. Lots of volatility, shorties looking for entry, big block buys on dips. Optimistically it'll close the week at ~$7

I want to get off Mr Bones Wild Ride.

ok back to options talk.

there are regular options you can buy - calls and puts - contracts you can create.

you can sell these contracts you created on the market..

you can buy and trade already existing contracts..

right so far?

its after hours broski, you're on your own

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took what I could get, appreciate it folks,
even though im getting lost in the 11th hour, I got good info diving right in

I don't know about how they go about making the contracts, some securities don't even have options.

dont forget to join us for the nikkei ass raping in about 3hrs haha

>Nikkei 21,100

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If we're already talking options can someone give me a brainlet-friendly rundown what the VIX actually is and what it tracks?
Is it just an abstract option layering construct that eliminates all the influences except the vega?

If what happened in America is any indication, those nips are going to crash faster than a zero at pearl harbor.

im going to save you and whoever else might try to type out a thorough explanation of options in 2000 char limit posts a good amount of time.



watch those, they are really simple and well explained, if a bit long. you watch those and youll atleast have a slight understanding of they trade, and how they increase and lose value


>AVGR EPS: -$10.40
>held 2 shares

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how can i short japan?

they already did in futures 20,900
but now quickly rebounding, still the yen is gonna get too strong because of these PUSSY carry traders
Fucking PUSSYS

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Holy shit and I thought Oracle was bad!


God dam it, why didn't I buy OLED

Is this apple thing actually a thing?

That's an EPS beat on their part btw.

>3x leveraged short etf
fuck yeah user, this is exactly what i was looking for, thank you

I don't know, never thought to try.

Nadex options

unless im totally off base, i think when you sell to open you are called the options writer. i thought thats how they were created

OLED took a massive dump this month

yes, but I mean..
there is a difference between me going on RH and creating/buying an option with my choice of strike date and price target..

and buying an already existing contract on the market?

Yeah I get that, but like I don't know how they go about creating the strike prices and dates. If you look at spy, they have strikes every 50 cents like twice a week. While some stocks only do monthly strikes with like $2.50 between strikes.

I don't think there's a difference at all.

one of these days im going to take out a small amount, like a grand or so, and see how fast i can lose it trading binary options. youve definitely piqued my curiosity about it, and the percentage based commissions would be even more advantageous if i was using small positions


It's about 50% of it's OG value.

Waiting until it gets to 80 to buy it.

Don't blame me for your losses man haha.

It depends how you play em. They have 5min options which can make money quick, but its some shit to deal with haha. I'd recommend experience in FX first.

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so if you have a stock and thought of a strike date and price target.. you would go ont he market and buy an already existing one..
or when you 'create it' with your parameters, does it search already existing contracts and buy that one for you

tldr; you'll lose that 1K

What are the latest thoughts on KTOS?

kek nah i wasnt blaming ya m8. i aint gonna sue you, no worries. and id be happy to lose some money if i can learn something from it

A good day for the fund

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What is GE's net liquidation value per share?
Asking for a friend.

I'm teaching you for free broski. Save your cash. What you should do is open a demo account with nadex. They give you a 25K to practice on the live markets man, do demo first.

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I don't know how your broker works, but I just open up the option chain, and then pick a date and it lists all the calls and puts for several different prices. Then just put in an order, and it either fills or it doesn't.

Checked for aesthetic

Things going into the fund Thursday:
Brk.B puts
Bgfv calls
Sunrun calls
Coke calls

I'm trying to guide the hedge fund to more long term meta-memes. What other maymays seem pervasive in /smg/?

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probably nothing. if youre worried about getting fucking anything out of them when they go belly up, you shouldve been holding their bonds. shareholders get paid last.

>paper trading
no shit, huh? i thought last time i checked that they didnt have it. i must just be retarded. im definitely going to be doing this on days where i dont have any cash to make trades with.
i appreciate the advice

t. derivatives trader

Strike width and range are determined by the exchange. They can allow for contracts to be created using whatever strikes they want, based on liquidity, market cap, volatility, etc. Its generally based on some general measure of 'size'. You can create exotics with specific strikes and dates outside these parameters, but unless you need to it's a waste of fucking time

When you buy, your order will get placed and added to the 'depth' of the market. For example, there might be 10 people wanting to buy a March 120 call at $6.10, but only 2 people wanting to buy a March 120 call at $6.15. When someone decides they want to sell this March 120 call, they will sell to the highest bidder ($6.15). The same goes for selling.

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The sell off should be over Thursday, I'm going to long SPY probably Wednesday power hour.

Definitely retarded haha. Nah man, its good to practice on that shit man. Cuz here is what will happen:

>Binary options are awesome
>I'm gonna do the 5min contracts
>Oh shit, i lost my 1K. I'm gonna put in 5k and do it for real
>Oh shit, i lost my 5K.

Would you rather lose that money in a fake money account or real money? Demo nadex broski, you'll have fun.

MArket Neutral positions on the nikkei at open

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On what platform?


>shorting Brk
>longing big 5 sporting goods

This is the sage wisdom I come to this board for.

>tfw no prehensile tail
Why even bother?

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You have to be bold as an investor m8

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What's expiry date will you use?




read up nerds

4/20 no scope


kek. no i definitely would rather paper trade. i was just unaware. do you know if i can get a demo account without giving them all of my info? or should i just bite the bullet

no info needed man. Not until you start doing payment shit. Just a screenname

Okay i thought so, but i wanted to check

fuck buffett honestly. his strategy is a snorefest and most people dont have the timeframe or funds to deal with the drawdowns that you would run into if you were just buying and holding. especially not if we actually go into bear market territory

>tfw you can only afford to buy above 280

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Dividend growth is best growth

>Okay i thought so, but i wanted to check
kek. you ARE a very effective nadex shill. and i dont mean that in a negative way. cheers. will post back in a couple days to post my paper losses, and then you can call me a faggot like i will probably deserve

>KTOS is up
Are memestocks inherently countercyclical?

youre not wrong. but it doesnt really help as much if youre starting from the absolute bottom like most of us Veeky Forums peasants. buffetts strat would fail terribly for most people here who only have a couple k or less

>market neutral
what does this mean please

I make no promises, but I can tell you that I made a good stack of cash from nadex eventually. It's better to use demo because it exactly replicates the real market. Once you start making money on demo, switch right over to paid and turn it to real money. Its casino shit, but you can get better odds than the casino. Take some money, make some money, and roll out with some drinks and shit.

Like neutral. To the market. Yknow? Same price as the market, almost like you bought the market. Not too hard to understand i don't think.

Im thinking about buying puts on South africa. call me a /pol tard but I think the handwriting is on the wall for another Zimbabwe

ticker is EZA

I got a broker in the Maldives that will get you puts on south africa, just let me know.


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What is everyones sentiment on tommorrows market? I held sqqq overnight for potential selloff in the morning. It did a good hedge against some longs today.

I always keep a few dollars on a zar short incase it goes full bolivar
but dont put too much because they are taking great effort in strengthening the zar

>Take some money, make some money, and roll out with some drinks and shit
and if i can get it to work, then i will definitely owe you some drinks
this is absolutely what is going to happen. just because /pol/ is the only one who cares about the boers (they arent, i love boers and rhodies) doesnt mean that south africa isnt absolutely going to crash and burn. dont forget to short the fucking rand too

could go up or down

Buy straddles if you're so sure of that.

What a lovely post number. Fuckin checked.

Anyway why do you like Boers so much?

Dub trips confirm. Everybody owes me drinks haha

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are we /drinking/ today?

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Finally someone drinkin with me. I started for powerhour. I'm already blown waitin on the nikkei now.

well, I guess now I have to...

>but dont put too much because they are taking great effort in strengthening the zar
hahahah thats a good one. how are they going to do that? by destroying all of their industry and driving out all agricultural producers? the ANC is about as corrupt as it gets, and zuma is on his own level of insanity. they will make sure that THEY get paid before they do fucking anything to help their country.

i hate to say it, as i have friends over there, but SA is absolutely FUCKED

lets just hope it doesnt go left

i have sympathy for them because they are in almost the same situation as americans would be if we didnt wipe out all of the indians. and like i said, i know folks over there. the boer are getting more or less slaughtered wholesale. they certainly do not deserve it. as to anyone who would say, "why dont they leave?" well, theyve been there for many generations. and like it or lump it, they built the fucking place. the only people that WERE in SA when the boers came, were the khoisan, who are a very much peaceful tribe. the bantu and zulu came in after the boer had built it up, then got used as a puppet army for a commie proxy war, and have done nothing but ruin their beloved nation since coming into power.

boer are good, hardworking, if stubborn people. they dont deserve to be eradicated, and i know goddamned well that not a single first world nation will accept them as immigrants. the whole situation is FUCKED and i simply feel deeply about helping people who are legitimately facing a genocide

I used to be a major league drunk but trading stocks makes me glad that I don't really drink anymore. I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to do incredibly ballsy (and retarded) shit and I'd probably lose a lot of money.

Thats why i drink when it closes haha. Real shit.

Cheers broski

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good for you user
I used to be a major league pothead and quitting was the best decision I've ever mad

This is a good idea

i went the other way to be honest. used to drink like a fish, and now i dont at all. but i smoke like a chimney. the piff doesnt inebriate me nearly as much as the drinks do, so i see it as a lesser of two evils

Went from -230 to +40 on my first options trades on RH what a ride.
Still holding though.

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actually I have a better Idea, Ill save my liver and go with triple xanax bar

it is important to be relaxed while trading

Relaxed, sure, but with your wits about you.

You must be young, all you dam pill poppin whippersnappers. In my day, we just did normal drugs

stay the fuck away from that shit user. i dont mean to sound like a fucking mother, but that shit is straight up the fucking devil. ive lost a lot of friends to that shit. they are all either dead, having seizures, or in fucking jail.

What about the one homie who died from a seizure in jail right?

isnt that what reds used to be though? barbs right?

I've been on a low dose of Xanax (from a doctor) for years. Like most things, it depends on the user and the amount.

im 25 Im just prescribed everything
I usually just drink gin but Im out and I dont feel like going to rite aid

heard it, seen it... makes no difference

That sounds extremely safe. Did i tell you about my broker in the Malidves?

Doin it once or twice and shit is alright, but that shits all dangerous. May as well do heroin, its cheaper for a stronger buzz. Xanax is pussy shit, if you wanna go down that route of life.

Oh you're the gin man. Cool broski, i remember you man. haha