Is it possible to bait a whale into buying into a shitcoin?

My parents have an outrageous amount of money and being the useless parasite NEET that I am I sometimes fuck around with their money. I was wondering if it is possible to increase the volume of a shitcoin and bait a whale into buying into it, and then dumping it and leave them holding my bags. Has any of you sadists ever tried this? Any tips? Will a more experienced whale just end up wrecking me?

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you will get rekt.

You are a retard

bitch, you do not fuck with whales. whales fuck with you.

You should just learn how to whale and be one yourself for fun

Please pump xtcc

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Xtcc ground 0

RIP lol

Aw he bought into Willy’s larp. How cute.

So you guys are telling me that you guys willingly let yourselves be tortured by sadists who use their money to basically just fuck with all of you.

Do all the whales just trade together or are they independent?

no dumbass we closely follow whales' moves until we become whales ourselves. We cant beat them so dont even try

Funny you should mention this. About to dump my 100k

if we moved together we could, we would become bigger than them

lol, fucking with whales? are you being serious?
apologise now or the Bogs will be in contact with you shortly

i will apologize on his behalf, please let him off this time, he's young, he doesn't know, please forgive

>Wanna play a game?

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Prisoner's Dilemma. I would fuck you so hard your boypussy would queef in despair every time you heard my name for years afterward. And you'd do the same to me, sweet cheeks.

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>OP Buys
>Continue the dump

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wheres willy

together. Google "official crypto whale foundation"