Will this piece of shit ever go above 600 again or should I just dump it now?

Will this piece of shit ever go above 600 again or should I just dump it now?

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Dump it, wait until it bottoms, and if it still looks potentially optimistic then *maybe* consider buying back in. Or don't.

ETH will only recover when LINK's main net comes out and it becomes clear that ETH can finally be used for things other than ICO scams.

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EOS is accumulating nearly 10,000 ETH per day. what do you think they're going to do with their competitor's coins?

Good question, bump

bump, I'm hodling this piece of shit also :(

I'm a big ETH hater. I don't expect it to dump unless the whole market as a whole goes down. So pay attention to the 8.9k-9.1k zone and if shorts start overloading there consider dumping at least a bit.

I bought 2k EOS on this dip.

I remember when ETH came it out it said it could do everything that bitcoin does faster and easier plus so much more.

What the fuck does EOS promise? Doing everything and more for both ETH and EOS.

It's a no brainer, plus they can dump on ETH and have projects already starting/moving on it

For the record, ETH holdings of major ICOs. Doubts? Ask @nic__carter.

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you were told it was overpriced.

eth is not used as a currency, eth is simply gas for dApps and a way to buy ico tokens. ETH IS NOT A CURRENCY IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO ACT LIKE A CURRENCY

fucking hell people....do some research.

I dumped it over the past couple days. I'm now officially a no-coiner. Made a little over $10k USD since mid-December. No regrets.

have fun getting all that dumped on you, eth fags :^)

this is also probably the reason it will survive. banks are catching up and offering cheap and instant transactions now, services that normies actually want to use. no normie wants to use a system with irreversible transactions, they want to be able to reverse transactions because they are stupid and make mistakes or fall victim to fraud.

IMO currency coins will slowly degrade to zero as all their use cases get pushed out of the market, expect for privacy coins if they can survive regulation. all the corecucks better hope BTC can hang onto the store of value meme, because if people actually treated it like a currency it'd only be worth a few dollars.

one day you'll look back and will tell what an idiot you was. Listening to a fucking board of degenerates that told you that eth is worthless. You had one chance to get on the ground level of the next internet, and you went for fucking EOS instead. The fucking cowboy that will blow all your money on hookers and aids

>because if people actually treated it like a currency it'd only be worth a few dollars.

Eth HODL here.

Will I ever see it rise to 1400 again, Veeky Forums

If the market gains value again it will flow into ETH restoring it to past values or higher. People will create the same shit they did last time, icos will take ETH as payment etc.

Christ, I hope so.

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the funny part is that image proves ETH is one of the only cryptos that actually does something besides be a speculative asset.

all those ICO companies coded smart contracts on the ETH platform and are using those smart contracts in their business models. even EOS, the "eth killer" is using the ETH platform to launch their network.

can you name another crypto that actually does something besides get traded for shits and giggles? no, it's all vaporware piggybacking off the ethereum platform or flat out copying it - or it's a currency that's slowly being phased out with competing products and failing to be an actual currency.

just wait until Q2-Q3, the Jan-March dip is a real thing. I've been hit by it every year since 2013, but I was a retard and panic sold the first couple of years. accumulate while you can. probably 2-3k by EOY at least.

Expect a dip to $300 soon. It'll be at least 3k by eoy

what does ETH do exactly?

all those reasons is why it keeps getting hacked and people keep losing money through broken smart contracts.

btc has the ability to do everything eth can.

>inb4 corecuck
i trade primarily in techstocks and have no horse in the crypto race. that being said you are either purposely pulling the wool over peoples eyes or you simply don't know what you're talking about.

>what does ETH do exactly?
It's a blockchain computer. anyone can write a computer program and run it just like anyone can write a smart contract. but with the EVM, it's executed on a decentralized secure blockchain just like the secure trustless digital ledger you are familiar with on bitcoin.
>all those reasons is why it keeps getting hacked and people keep losing money through broken smart contracts.
the ethereum blockchain itself was never hacked, but people have created lots of exploitable smart contracts. and as I mentioned above, anyone can make a smart contract, so it's going to take a while before the development community can mature and code good ones consistently. also the ETH foundation doesn't fork to fix broken contracts anymore. they learned from their mistake with the first fork.
>btc has the ability to do everything eth can.
it cannot. the EVM is a turning complete computer, bitcoin simple sends tokens from one address to another. for example one of the best dapp ideas I've seen is tracking county land registries on the blockchain, something that's already a public database but blockchain tech could streamline in a thousand ways. bitcoin just sends coins. ETH does everything bitcoin does, but more.

and to give you an idea how a land registry would work, it would be similar to the crypto kitties tokens. they are ERC 721 tokens which means they're all unique with their own properties and attributes.

the county could issue a unique token for each plot of land and fill in all the property details just like the crypto kitty genes/traits. even mortgages, liens, or tax assessment information which is also public record. then as property is bought and sold, a transaction is performed to change ownership or update details like a new assessment value or mineral rights, the sky is the limit.

Accidentally catapult ADA. Screen cap this