Big Pump In 2 hours

Mr Green here with another announcement, get ready for a pump in 2 hours, similar to last time. Start settings those longs and shorts soon afterwards. Target is $8500. Do with that information what you will.

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Not too much of a pump then

pump? sell. copy that

whoa, nice one.

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At the very least, it's a conservative estimate. Not as much volume going into it as last time.

Have a good day.

It's already at 8400$ Mr.Green, pump to 8500$?

Thanks user, we'll see

>1% call
whoa thanks

What is the long term goal? Bull or bear?

How about you dump and instead?

$8500 very least, could hit up to $8650 but you don't want to set them too high.
Bull trap into bear.
I'm planning on it.

How sure are you that it is gonna work? I honestly plan to leverage hard

you guys are dumb af if you long now

Not sure if I shouldn't simply try it, I don't give a shit anymore

>if you tell me you can predict the future i will believe you
are you kids as stupid as you seem?

>$8500 very least, could hit up to $8650 but you don't want to set them too high.

mr.Green. Do you expect sub 8k again? if so, in days or weeks?

honestly, I just have a small amount in crypto anyway, so not too much to lose. Market is boring af and is gonna stay like this for a while. He was right on the very minute yesterday, so fuck it

Yes, I can't speculate on the time frame though so that's a very vague statement.

Thanks, you said 2 hours time, so 19:45? or 20:00?

I pulled out 90% of my money. it is indeed boring and manipulated as fuck. BTC pump and dump 24/7. retard whales and manipulators are actually responsible for the state of this market as it is. I seriously hope it all crashes and burns another 95% so those assholes lose all their millions. I would only pity those small fish investors.

What are you using to predict this move?

Probably the $37m in BTC that was pulled out a whales good storage recently. Saw that in another thread. Probably the same thing is happening across top coins.

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rather means a probable dump

"Mr. Green" predicted a pump yesterday. If I was going to short and I was Mr. Green I would tell people another pump was coming. They raise the price themselves (notice how small the pump is) and then I dump.

Yeah, i was also irritated by the small volume and mini pump, thats why I still didn't fomo in. Maybe a mistake, but I don't like all this.

what kinda pump is 100$?

As there are early adopters in this shitty market that could accumulate af with very little money, it is never gonna be a healthy environment for anything. Those NEETs who came to a lot of money now play cat and mouse with those who came in since 2017. It's hexed

A real dump is coming. These levels we see are artificial. Kraken let's your margins stay open for 28 days. I am sure I'll make money when the supports are removed and so my short bags are not that heavy.

wow you were right

BASED user

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6/10 credibility check'd TY for the chip on that short.

Checked & thanks, Mr Green

No problem friends.

I can send toss out an ETH address if you want to send me a little thanks and I might be inclined to give out some hints more regularly but I regardless I will still be back because I love you guys.

flush yourself down the toilet you fucking heeb


T minus 1m to get absolutely ass-Bogged by a giant green dildo all the way to 10k. Mark my words


>>he bogged, sideways till he sleeps

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>Load the Korea fud

>Now the G20 FUD

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lol he's not MR GREEN
He has no humor

MR GREEN was cheeky and posted a lot of apus

You guys got bamboozled

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Try to find the screenshots
Anybody have them that wants to post them??
And you will see that MR.GREEN types different and posted a bunch of Apus and wojaks being a cheeky bastard he is

Not so lucky the second time eh

He's not That's why lol

And this guy said to short after the pump
MR.GREEN never said the words "short" or "dump" when he called the pump

OP is just a greedy larping faggot