Is there anything better in this world that wine and prostitutes?

Is there anything better in this world that wine and prostitutes?

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yes, there is. enjoy dying a lonely old man unless you snap out of this shitty life you're in.

his name?

If you get sex constantly, it gets old fast.

Only a desperate man sees sex as the main goal of life.

This. I get the same orgasm jerking it to home vids of sluts I've fucked

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Prostitution is literally paying for rape.

Enjoy your life of raping women (who probably even feel disgust and repugnance for having sex with you and wouldn't touch you if it wasn't for the money)

gains. gains are the best thing in life

Most women in prostitution didn't have a choice. They are in that business because they are poor, homeless, don't have education, family members pimped them, etc

Totally unethical

I bet mcdonalds wouldnt even serve me if it wasnt for the money

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t. roastie

Bitch in opening post is posing over a pizza box - the absolute state of roasties.

the love of your friends and family

yes whiskey and prostitutes
turns me on even more desu

>women in prostitution didn't have a choice
lel no, unless they were literally captured and put into slavery (which is already illegal) they chose to do it for easy money. There's plenty of women with the dignity to not whore themselves out to every man regardless of his looks or standing for 20 buckaroos.

Having your face turned into a BRAP dispenser

>implying that's a trap

>prostitution is literally paying for rape
can't argue with stupid

You do know that whores have agency. Any non-streetwalker probably feels above other women and her Johns because she is getting paid to fuck.

If negotiated consent is rape then women asking for anything from a man is theft

>Prostitution is literally paying for rape.

How exactly do you even arrive at that conclusion that brainlet? Rape is non-consensual. Prostitution is consensual and the woman is exploiting her sexual power over men to gain extra resources.

>buying stuff is literally paying to steal
>paying for services is literally paying for a slave

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>Any non-streetwalker probably feels above other women and her Johns because she is getting paid to fuck.

They do. MY sister was a madame for a LONG time. They had a TON of housewives (loser husbands making too little, they never knew how the bills got paid), students, and just plain kinky bitches who loved cash. And most of them eventually serviced a rich man that decided to marry them (kek) and they'd be set up for life on top of all the money they'd made.

I worked corrections. Most whores are whores because they feel above honest work, or are to greedy for honest work.

The whole abuse argument is crap. Most abuse victims chose to not be whores.

Seeing an escort is kind of pathetic. I'd have seen one a long time ago, but it seems too low to me.

Picking up girls, impregnating them and looking at another guy taking care of it.


jesus christ..looks exactly like my ex-gf down to the trashy trampstamp on the back of her neck

Kill yourself, the sluts, and the orphans should be raised by the state.

>Most women in prostitution didn't have a choice
it's not like in the old day, escort and high level protitues are perfect business women who know what they are doing. They make 20k per month on average sometime more. They are not 'poor girl'

sex is good but real affection and connection with other girl is 10x better

>women have agency

Lol good one

Correct on both points

That is what the game is. Women are passive aggressive creatures that pretend to be incapable. In the modern world this leads to learned helpless as they vote themselves money with social programs so they are not held accountable for their actions.

If welfare and spousal support disappears women would unfuck themselves rather quickly.