I read an old biz thread and people were much nicer back then

There was an old biz post from a couple years ago abiout ETH. People were more helpfill and less mean. You could actually get good advice on cryptos. Wtf happened to this place.

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bear attacked us now we are fighting for suvival

I sold a bunch at $50 so don't want anyone to have it easy since I missed out on so much profit

Money made us corrupted.

Fuck them and fuck you

Because most people didn't have millions of dollars on the line.

The good people made it and left this hellhole

Normie invasion. You’ve heard it a thousand times. The talent left because there was good content became hard to find among a sea of shit.
Most people don’t now, either.

invest in dogecoin and wait for the ethereum bridge then transfer to that

people are being greedy that's why they won't help

Greed kills the human

This. Plus the market is now over saturated with pieces of shits. Pajeeting is up 1000%. Once in a while you get kind anons slip some info but you have to decipher /biz to find it. XRB being the last shill that worked.

They did have millions on the line back then they just didnt know it. Now people are investing their lunch money or larping.

>Wtf happened to this place.

greed and a influx of rapefugees

Thats not why. This place was a cesspool during the bull run of 2017.

unlike other boards biz accumulates shit because the people that make it have no reason to stay. There's no incentive to post on /biz when you've already escaped wage slavery

helping other people will increase the chance of someone helping you

Crypto went up in value, this board became flooded with newfags from other boards and other sites and went to shit.

So where did all the old people go?

>There's no incentive to post on /biz when you've already escaped wage slavery
That's wrong user, once you escape wage slavery you have so much time on your hands, you buy a house, you buy a car, you upgrade your battle station and what's left? Cause in my case I never had friends to start with and I'm sure as fuck not going to make any now.

So you sit on Veeky Forums shit posting for giggles and playing games in a vain attempt to give your life a sense of achievement, because it doesn't matter that you made it, it doesn't matter that if you play your cards right you'll never have to work again, because you have no one to tell about it, no one to make proud, no one to say "wow user that's so cool", just a bunch of anonymous people who won't believe you until you post pictures of bank accounts and exchange accounts.

At least when you work you get a sense of achievement.

Private discord servers mainly.

I'm here, invest in doge

No offense but you are probably the type of shit i mentioned if you made it and cant figure out how to enjoy your life

Thailand or Puerto Rico fucking pros.

I've tried giving to this place, I swear I have. When it gets no replies, not even to argue but I see brapposting keeps getting bumped I get discouraged and go do other shit because it's not worth it. There are a lot of resources out there, it's better than it's ever been if you aren't lazy.

> buying depreciating assets
> caring about what other people think
> claiming that slaving yourself away gives a sense of achievement
nice LARP, you never saw any money

>who won't believe you until you post pictures of bank accounts and exchange accounts.
Here is a collage.

Telll me how I enjoy my life? I own a 4 bedroom house and my car is a 2017 model brought for 56k.

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>nice LARP
Yeah ok guy.

So what are the unironic moon missions now. If any?

Yeah. I guess from my point of view is the Veeky Forums community in general has gone down. I think it’s because all of the new users try to span multiple boards (especially b and pol).

Then you get these shitposting retards that act like every board is a b or pol board.

Start by sending me 1 btc please, I will give detailed instructions.

>nigger spotted

we got flooded with normies and faggots from other boards like /pol/ /b/ and /r9k/ and the market got flooded with shitcoins and greed

>does anybody else remember a time before /pol/ /r9k/ /soc/ /mlp/ or /lgbt/ even existed?

That isn’t a Cadillac

I didn't say I didn't believe you. I said you're probably a shit human if you can't figure out how to enjoy life when you have financial freedom

start by trying things eventually you will find something that you enjoy doing. music, surfing, skiing, wood working, brewing, studying, travelling there is an endless amount of things that can give you meaning if you think a day job would give you meaning get a day job

you're a coward

Look at my hand.

It's a v8 calais. I'm Australian.

So someone want to give me advice on how to be happy? Because I still just want to blow my brains out on the wall.

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How much money did you put in and when did you start?

They probably went back to bitcointalk, which is where I assume they came from in the first place

This is not a happy go lucky time, op. The markets are at war.

/pol/ overflow. Billions of dollars going into trolling, Nazism, extremism to brainwash gullible morons, Kremlin style. Veeky Forums, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook all became flooded with this shit. Veeky Forums got shittier just by proximity.

Find meaning. Material wealth will not fill your life.

Get outside, get off computer, exercise, and eat right. It is cliche, but it works and is basic human necessity. Then start trying to form real relationships with people. These things are essential for happiness.

You need goals probably. I have 1/10th the cash you have, a 4 bedroom home, a vacation condo, 1 used toyota, and life is alright. I run a business full time, am a year into learning a 2nd language, and have spent two 1 month vacations in the country for extra language practice. Im hoping my crypto + business gets me to your cash level so I can get a third home in the country I vacation at and move there.

Is bitcointalk any good? Looking for an alternative to biz. Tried reddit and it's shit

Ive looked at it before and seemed like most posters were shills who could barely speak english. But i could be wrong.

even /pol/ doesn't like /pol/. they don't want to be there, besides the few fringe weirdos that typically get ignored by everyone. this is what you retards don't understand, it's completely reactionary and it only goes away when the other side decides to chill out. your hatred for /pol/ only makes it grow stronger.

Mean times create mean people

Bitcointalk was great in 2011, okay in 2012, 2013/2014 the normies/pajeets came into crypto and that was kind of the end. Some people went to reddit, some to biz. Any public discussion area for crypto only degraded from there.

buy a motorbike and be a little reckless it's impossible to be nihilistic when you can feel your own mortality

All the old people are in telegram ICO groups

2015, I started with 40k and got approved for a 40k car loan which I also put in six months later. I quit my job a year later, I still have 100k in various shitcoins.

Easier said than done.

When I see happy people with goals It makes me want to just give everything to them and die but I'm too much of a coward to kill myself.

I feel like my parents failed miserably, people with mental illnesses shouldn't be allowed to have children because it just leads to mistakes like me.

Bitcointalk is a weird forum. 75% of the replies in a thread all repeat the same thing. It's like it's full of bots or something, bots with broken English.

you still have a few round here. most of us dispersed to DWeb boards but even those have been slowly fading the past year

I'm happy for your gainz user but also hate shit heads like you that have made it and are not enjoying that financial freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. I would kill for only 10% of your port and do great things with it. Start a podcast about what you have a passion for at least. Fuck man. You're larping right? You can't be that miserable.

boomers and reddit happened

I think a lot of newfags come in and they think "haha! This is Veeky Forums! where everyone calls eachother faggot and tries to trick eachother into buying shitty coins!"

What's the point of even being on biz if that's how it's gonna be

Hey user, it's me. I have goals. Shall I give you my ethereum address?

you wouldn't be rich without your eccentricity, all you have to do now is find something that you enjoy. Literally write a list of things to try and start doing them

take 5 grams of mushrooms and you'll see how easy it is to find meaning

So where did all the good people leave to

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I was depressed throughout most of teens and 20s. I wouldnt describe myself as happy but there are happy moments from time to time. I used vices as a crutch for a long time before kind of learning what direction I wanted to go in life but it was alot of trial and error as it still is. You had to have some long term goals in the back of your mind before/during wagecucking or while in school. If you're young

How did your parents fail you user? You a latchkey?

Don’t worry about finding your passion right now. Don’t worry about having meaning in your life at the moment outside of material things. Enjoy your success, travel, and think. Think on everything.

I invest in crypto because I want to be financially free. I want to travel and take a vacation which I haven’t done in years because I wagecuck all the time. But when I make it I intend to spend two years enjoying my life. Afterwards I’m going to go back to school and focus on prosthetic design, open my own company, and work towards advancing robotic prosthetics.

It’s fine to feel directionless but don’t dwell on it - nobody is coming to save you, you have to do this yourself.

Somewhere with less faggot spam, no one place in particular.

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Any chance you can telllhs a few of them?

Regardless where they went, I’m pretty sure we’ve missed the 100x gains in crypto.


You're in /pol/'s sphere of influence just by being on the internet alone. No joke.
Let alone when you start shilling on their board. Everywhere it's full of sub-70 IQ rural and suburban retards.

It got over run by reddit, facebook and tumblr tier idiots that destroyed any semblance of cohesion therefore you're being shilled to, not helped

They all left bro, biz was a very special place in early 2017 but r9k and pol ruined it. I remember feeling sad even though the gains were gold in December because I realized the golden days were over. Biz helped me through depression when I was stuck in a horrible rut warosu.org/biz/thread/S2724992 just read the posts and compare them to now it’s a different place. If you’re out there anons thank you very much I hope you all made it. You helped me through a hard time in my life and I will never forget that. Also pic related anyone starting with a moderate amount of capital 7-12 months ago made it.

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I swore to return with an update but never did feelsbadman. Regardless I hope you all make it wether you got into crypto a today or a year ago.

And like I said, no one place in particular. Some of us keep in touch and make fun of the caricature biz has become. If you're gonna stay here, just be careful and remember no one is your friend. Study what you can, learn what you can and learn to be confident in your own decisions. Always think for yourself even though it can feel easier to outsource to some random stranger promising you freedom from your shitty life.
Recognize when you are being manipulated emotionally. Think about how scammers would try and target the biz demographic (socially isolated, depressed, desperate, market-dumb, potentially with a lot of money) and learn to recognize what's going on so you can avoid it.
Good luck, user.

We're only about twice as faster than we were last summer: 4stats.io/

If the bear market continues I fully expect all the ledditors and normies to finally leave this place

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>buying a new car
it's like you want to lose money

crabs in a bucket after the crash

everyone is larp

Have you not been paying attention to this site at all the last 5 years? Veeky Forums has been flooded by edgy teen runoff that came here from /pol/ (and initially came here from reddit)

The whole "kys xd" culture is incredibly tryhard and signalling. Old Veeky Forums in general was much nicer and more pleasant.

nice larp you nigger loving faggot

>old /b/ was the entire website
another example of a newfag trying too hard to feign as if he's an oldfag

faggot you are the one that said "old Veeky Forums in general" so dont cry to me that you got called out on it brainlet
Veeky Forums was an offshoot of /pol/ and /g/ to begin with so you can enjoy that
>inb4 it was only /g/
You're just a sensitive faggot that needs sugar coated interactions, and that is very new, sorry queerboy

what do you expect from mouthbreathing virgins from pol? They are angry at society because they are absolute rejects. Sad group of man children

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you obviously came here after 2010

jokes on you queerboy I predate chanology
Cry more this place isnt and hasnt ever been reddit
the only niceties were interactions between trolls, yes there was humanity but you're the type of person that has so overwhelmed this place with the intention of turning it into reddit that most oldfags do nothing but troll and shill shitcoins for luls to you idiots
enjoy it ;^)

/pol/ is just one facet of the problem. Those virginal, insecure idiots are just particularly susceptible to the Kremlin extremism campaign. Same thing happened to Reddit right 2015/2016. Kremlin information war. No pushback until recently.

keep posting, you are only proving my point for me

been here since 2004

you guys are worse than "whites are getting genocided guys" posters
at least they have demographic projections and general statistics that lead them to that conclusion

you die hard democrats eating up literal propaganda from news media that has been caught out lying, manipulating facts and interviews and even faking interviews numerous times in the past are true brainlets
did you know that a week before they needed a silver bullet, mainstream media was reporting that obama was meeting with russian ambassadors as is custom - meeting representatives of different countries
then it was trumps turn
at first, the same treatment
"trump is meeting with ambassadors"
but then they figured that there are millions of idiots ready to eat up cold war 2 propaganda and thus a normal meeting with an ambassador became "trump is colluding with russia"

total joke

Yeah and I am moot
sure faggot

Dumb money jumped in and turned this place to shit.

Still proving my point, you are cancer

kek you've lost and you know it
enjoy the last word, roodypoo

i didn't lose because you acted exactly how i predicted you would act. Just pure cancer.

fostering anti semitism is a divide an conquer tactic

And you're quite obviously an asspained redditor, newfriend.

Who's fostering anti semitism? trump, the guy with a jewish son in law, jewish grandkids and is essentially a cryptozionist?

You keep proving my point, cancer.

The point that you're an easily asspained reddit newfaggot? I think that's been illustrated quite well now user. Ok, now you can enjoy the last word ;^)

No one could’ve predicted it could go bad. I wonder what Veeky Forums will be like in 2 years?

Have fun LARPing as an oldfag.

pol fosters antisemtism by encouraging young disenfranchised men someone to blame their problems on, same way young disenfranchised women blame men

who wins if there's a civil war in america?

I got someone from Ohio a free dominos pizza recently after the crash. All is not lost user.

its just the evolution of the chan

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Damn user. Bookmarked!
I'm in a similar situation where everything that costs a major amount of money to fix is breaking down around my house. I'm trying to be optimistic and hope the late bull run will help alieviate my 1st world problems

/pol/ is a corruption of what it was due to idiots that created bridges with reddit in the form of pure cancer such as "the redpill subreddit" and others

what made it such an attractive prospect to be dominated by white supremacists is the fact that it created a culture of reading source documentation, cross referencing articles to deduce motivations via inconsistencies and geopolitical context, and sharing patents, articles etc that people had found over the course of their lives / specialisations of work they were now in (having for the most part been posting since youth on /b/)

it all went downhill when some genius likened it all to "taking the redpill" and a meme was born that ended up sucking in masses of children and brainlets which were easily manipulated into lowest common denominator white supremacism in place of race realism and white nationalism

though there is the portion of donglegate, and I dont mean the trump related BS put out by media, but what opened the floodgates bringing in masses of lefties and feminists as is the case now with crypto

(women coming in to dominate a tech based culture created by men)


>faggot spam

>he actually believes the muh Russia narrative

The good people already retired and are enjoying a happy life, only losers still come here.