Don't tell me you are gonna miss the next 100x again Veeky Forums

Don't tell me you are gonna miss the next 100x again Veeky Forums

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I already bought 5000 but I dont undertand this coin. Can someone explain me it?

It’s built on the HPB framework. Check the Banyan Network subreddit and DYOR

I have 5000 as well what does it actually do? I know it's somtheing about data but don't really get what they're trying to accomplish

Lol bought 3580 for shits and giggles

it's a standard chink coin, good for pump and dumps and chinking people

Just another buzzword vaporware project that’s a few months too late and missed the excitement

>Bunion Network

You forgot to mention that it has one of the best teams in crypto

UnionPay is doing some shit with Big Data and Blockchain

That logo is comfy AF

thanks bro that's what I thought

buzzwords and hype are the hallmarks for truly profitable holds.... do not forget this

Yeah, Banyan is basically Union Pay's Big Data blockchain incubator. Union Pay Founder Kelvin Long is literally the co founder of Banyan.

Union Pay Smart Founder ***

Union Pay smart is the Big data section of Union Pay.

I'm ready

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Checked. I'm ready too. If OP is right I'll be a millionaire.

Shittiest logo i've ever seen, they don't deserve a cent from my pocket
>inb4 stay poor hurr durr

The best crypto team for their field hands down. This team is arguably the best in big data even before this project started.

Stating "in before stay poor" is not going to change the fact that you are going to stay poor.

so where can I buy this?

Are they paying you at least 1 whole DNV per week to shill this abomination of logo?

> Banyan Network is a data marketplace and cleansing tool
> Big data bought and sold on Banyan network
> AI reinforcement learning data to begin with
> Buy with BBN token
> Sellers receive BBN tokens
> Banyan is also a comprehensive data structuring suite
> Blockchain is good for big data because it can keep data sets constant and check against previous states

also nice computer generated avatar

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> Partnerships with Alibaba
> Partnerships with Top Telecom company
> Partnerships with UnionPay (biggest payment network in the world)
> Founder of UnionPay Smart is a member of the Banyan core team
> Buy right fucking now

No, but full disclosure I went all in at .048. The writing is on the wall with this one.

Stay poor.

the people shilling this shit are probably the same from INT,remember that shitcoin?
thats how they got u last time also,big words big partnerships with NDA so they cant disclose shit and later one you will find there's no partnerships whatsoever

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INT had a ridiculously inflated Marketcap to start with and entered at the worst time of the bear market. BBN is literally $8 million MC right now.

Please learn math.

t.paid shill


No. Tell me what is wrong about what I just said?

Absolutely not. The CEO is in the telegram everyday. I bought and sold Int once it hit 1$ and announced they care more about themselves and their work than the price. Yes good in two year but it's not quick gains

this planning on getting binance? bibox and kucoin volume is pure cancer. already have my stack, so some volume would be gucci

its not even on kucoin or huobi tho

he's the one paying you isn't it? David sir , i posted on biz pls give me the coin you promised

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NDA are in place with several exchanges. A few weeks ago they said they were working on it. After David Zhou got back from the blockchain conference in Korea, he confirmed he had met with several platforms there but could not say who.

shieeeeet do i all in on this poopsicle?? currently 1/3 of my cuckfolio

i've got 110k. am i going to make it?

Yes. DYOR.


ok thanks fren!!!

Too bad you fags dream collapses till plasma comes and does everything HPB in theory would do.

You are a fucking idiot if you think the Chinese Government would even consider plasma. Also, Banyan is agnostic and is not committed to any blockchain. It is currently an ERC20 toke just like OMG.


Where the fuck do I buy this coin?


Those eyebrows look like they got lost on his massive forehead and decided to split up to cover more ground.

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