Backed by YC

>backed by YC

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Wemember; .05 ZWD by summer. .01 ZWD by Septembner 28 2018.

You have been rarned.

Req atl though..

you have to be literally retarded to invest in this atm.
it needs atleast 2 other projects to run flawlessly to work lol (knc and link)

Doesn't need link at all. They can find another for fiat transactions, hope they do.

Yes because Kyber is the only DEX. And Link is the only oracle
Jesus Christ


Link is a possible FIAT solution, not the only 1. (Team still having regular meating whit ING bank, is a centralized FIAT solution but works.)

Kyber is just one of the DEXs they can choose from.

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Any day now

so whats the speculation on the partner?

Request Network may be behind coinbase commerce. Both backed by ycomb

No idea about anything else, heard one guy mention revolut.

>tfw bought in at 15c and held to $1.15 and back again
Not sure how to feel.

coinbase is seeming to make more sense. could they be the fiat gateway type deal (dont know how to type what i want to)

only 10 days to go for those magical "Partnerships" :))

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Like a young lady.
>Dinner, pump, dump.

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lol what are you trying to imply

"Under promise"

"Over deliver"

Words straight from the blog.

But for real, if there was a Coinbase partnership.. REQ network is the next LTC in terms of price

>mfw muh "paypal 2.0" is actually partnering with paypal

Because YC is absolutely infallible. Ignore 98% failure ratio of their investments.

Yes why would someone try to shill their own coin with rumours and false promises. Why....

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I'm trying to get someone to fucking answer me on this since I'm bullish on REQ but there is one piece of FUD that I feel is actually legitimate:

What is the actual benefit for someone to hold their own tokens, beyond assuming that the supply being reduced by burning will auto make people want to speculate?

Can you pay for your own transaction fees using your own REQ? That would mean if you buy now, and the price increases, you would save a shit ton.

If so, is there a source where they say this? The whitepaper just says how the tokens are utilized, but NOTHING about the benefit for holders.


but link already works flawlessly :)

How much will it dump when the partnership is BeeToken tier?

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Yeah and I waited 4 years for litecoin to do something, no regrets.
Patience is a virtue.

>backed by yc

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I believe it's because of the deflation instead of inflation model. Req token becomes a prepaid digital asset that increases in value due to token burn. Companies that process many transactions can buy in bulk to save money over a set period of time. For the average person holding req will be more like an investment without voting rights.