He isn't mining like a Chad making insane gains

>he isn't mining like a Chad making insane gains
>he still sucks the Jew cock and pays taxes

Top kek biz. Stay poor

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Unprofitable ya brainlet

>2x4 OSB racks
Nice fire hazard you pleb. WHEN, not if, your house burns down this will certainly void any insurance you currently have in place.
Congrats, I hope the fire takes you in your sleep.

Top kek too much of s fucking brainlet to realize the hot air is being diverted out the house with 2 fans on top. B-but its getting hot. Nice meme cuck

nice mining op, pretty sure you're doing better than most of BIZ right now.
But buying the mining equipment if you don't already have it is not worth it unless you have no electricity to pay or very little.

mining gains are taxable worse than trades, you idiot. you need to file a 1090.

What do you tell your parents when they ask why the electricity bill has gone up 5,000%?

kinda reminds me to a weed grow set up

This can't be real. Nobody is this dumb. This is the crypto equivalent of bring your BBQ grill into your garage to generate heat if you loose power in the winter.

I only run mine when I'm home because of this. A lot of those risers for gpus aren't meant to handle the full potential power draw from the card

>plywood racks
>plywood everywhere

Jesus. enjoy your firestorm retard.

> blowing the excess heat out the window rather than using it to cultivate a hydroponic garden
i post among plebs

Looks like a fire hazard to me m8
Also arent you the fag who was whining about his shit life here the other day? Didnt soind all that chaddy desu. But theres always time to turn it around OP

Confirmed fake.

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ayy mine on your cellphone laptop pc with 0 energy ( mine without keeping the power on) apex node 100% solar

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Who the fuck reports mining gains. You just sell them on local bitcoins and buy more cards on Craigslist/in store.

wow. jealous much?

Looks more like mdf boards and cheap pine. That mdf would need more heat than the rig could produce to combust.

does anyone else see a grill leaning over and crossing her legs in the thumnail?

Enjoy your ice-age no profits

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>he doesn't pay taxes on mining
>he doesn't realize if he just bought and held for a year he could pay long term cap gains tax
>instead he will be taxed at the ordinary income rate plus penalties plus possible jail time if he's caught
>he doesn't have a job on paper so he will almost certainly be caught

Good luck user!

OP these men are nihilists with low t. probably never used power tools etc. you should probably keep them off the wood but if you have fans blowing directly on them and an exhaust fan they will be fine..

>sucking Bitmain's cock

Nice rig op.

Let me guess you used to grow pot and now you are mining?

>But buying the mining equipment if you don't already have it is not worth it unless you have no electricity to pay or very little.

Straya - almost ALL houses have solar panels. I've bought more too for cheap, and batteries to discharge when the sun goes down. My house now basically pays for itself.

>some jewish website says it's unprofitable, must be true
go look at a profitability calculator.

I edit photos in gimp sometimes to lower resolution and set jpeg compression to 70.
Doesnt mean its fake dude.

Whats this are you mining under a swimming pool dude?

Are you mining in windows because you are using AMD cards?

you were saying user?