-PowH3D Beginner Thread-

-PowH3D Beginner Thread-

What is PowH3D?: PowH3D is a new decentralized financial platform which pays you dividends whenever someone buys or sells the token. This allows you to earn a passive income in cryptocurrency without the stress of the market condition. Even in a bear market, PowH3D token holders are earning money.

But that sounds like a ponzi scheme: Well, actually it's not because there are no fraudulent payouts. PowH3D is meant to run sustainably, and because there's no human interaction with the smart contract, there's absolutely no risk of ever losing funds, exit scam, etc. Even if the website goes down, the contract will continue to run to generate you dividends.

That sounds cool, but what if everyone starts selling once I join?: Actually, you would earn dividends on all of the people selling, so you would be making a nice profit. The system actually encourages people to exit and re-enter the contract, generating more revenue for all the people involved.

Is the contract safe? The contract survived two hackathons and has been audited and tested by several known community members. We invite you to try to hack us, please.

How much can I earn? In the last 48 hours, you could have earned around 4-5% in dividends and doubled your capital. There has been exponential growth recently as prominent Youtubers have just started shilling it. It is still in stealth mode and early to get in, however. Bitconnects market cap was $1 billion before they exit scammed, and currently the market cap of Pow3HD is $500,000. Meaning, if we can capture the market cap of bitconnect, you would be able to see returns of 2000x, within one or two years if all goes as planned.

So it's just a ponzi scheme? Nope, PowH3D is actually an infrastructure play. We are building several decentralized applications on top of PowH3D, including one that we really believe is going to revolutionize blockchain itself.

How do I join? You can visit www.powh.tk to sign up.

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>>just reeeeeeeeeee
The dividend life chose me

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It's exploding guys. Already 1000 eth from 200 eth when we started promoting on Veeky Forums. This will go to 10,000 eth within 2 weeks.

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I bet you used a link shortener to post your ref link. Fuck off with this ponzi shit.

the last PowH was a disaster
everyone lost their money, including the bozos that made it
anyone that falls for this shit again deserves to /bepoor/

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Can't believe you fucking idiots are trusting the PoWH team with your money again. Let me fucking remind you they already lost 2 THOUSAND ETHEREUM to shitty code, and their new code has similar vulnerabilities. Meanwhile ETHP is solid still, yet you retards rather stick with the team that lost money. The stupidity here is beyond me.

Its entertaining watching this but the 1 eth i lost in the last Powh is making me stay the fuck away

The code has survived two hackathons and has different devs. This one is legit.


Convince me it's not bitconnect 2.0
>muh hackathon
>muh audit

ah this is what that treyvon james cunt is shilling these days


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It's open sourced, nobody can steal funds. No payments are fraudulent, it works exactly as it is defined in the smart contract. It's like a calculator, a calculator cannot steal your money. It doesn't matter if you're a good person, bad person, gay, black, or jewish. A calculator will simply perform its function according to mathematical principles.

Treyvon and his dad, Craig Grant.

You guys are being taken for a ride by black crypto kangz.


While you're at it, there are other clones with even lower market cap and therefore way bigger gainz potential: Funcoin.trade

is their site down right now?

Okay. So how do you earn ETH if it's a zero sum game? How do I not get stuck bagholding when everyone decides to cash out

I just saw Craig Grant shilling this, I'm out. Peace suckers

Go to powh.me to get a 10% bonus on P3D

Are you holding since the first day?

Did you just get in 2 hours ago?

Use this handy worksheet to estimate your profit!

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The goal of this one is to unjust all the people who got fucked over in any dapp schemes.

It's quite noble actually.

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>no matter how it goes from now i'm 2x in green
who here /never selling/?

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