Willy The Whale Here.

Thread #9 (IX)

It seems the Whale I am currently fighting might be XVG Whale (twitter.com/XVGWhaleReal)

I'm still not sure though, I have a few buddies tracking footprints in order to authenticate this conclusion.

As I've been told by inside sources, there will be a great amount of turmoil that'll be built on purpose
in the following weeks that'll fuel an XTCC vs XVG War.

This War will stimulate an enormous amount of volume for XTCC & generate media coverage,
which will positively give it the boost that is currently needed to progress this coin forward to our $1 mark.

My goal as of now is to put around 500K-1M XLM into XTCC at it's current price, slowly.

Can't give anyone exact times anymore because of potential information leakage.

I will be back in about an hour to answer questions.

Stay strong & let's see some meme's (super entertaining, be sure to post your wallet ID for a tip)

I love all your crazy son of a bitches.

Willy The Whale, over & out.

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Willy may be mentally ill

Holy shit, wasn't expecting another whale wars thread, let alone one that's 5 mins old.
Said it once, I'll say it again: Willy is the GOAT. Gonna try to cook up a meme in a bit here.

Based Willy is back!! The entertainment value alone is worth the cost of admission into xtcc

reported, fuck off nigger scammer

taichimarine reporting in

The entertainment alone is enough to invest in xtcc. Its a fun bumpy ride.

You're a legend man

Glad we're pn the same page

Welcome back Willy. Guess I should buy more before you start again...

I can't believe how many people were talking shit last thread, this is one of the few fun things going on in crypto. It's legit despite the people screaming scam. You can't say I'm going buy 1 million at 7pm because people just buy 630 and load up. Keep it up OP, very entertaining!

Oh this again!

Man, my bags are heavy after last time - are you gonna buy up those walls or not? It seems to me with all that Stellar you could have begun that pump you talked about nearly a week ago by now...

kek, buy wall eaten through, the price fell all the way to .006

It's over. We all got scammed.

I don’t even care if XTCC is a fraud or not (I hope not though), this was worth it for the entertainment alone. Love you Willy.

so soothed by your presence willy. pls take this to the moon so we can all make it. let us know how we can help.


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Where's oxygen bro at? Pops must be gasping ATM

So this was Willy's "big surprise"..

I bought 12k XLM a few days ago, its now worth 6084 XLM as of this minute.

50% dip in 4 days or something LOL.


>0.005 XLM

He's buying it all out and setting it at .2 watch

oh shit you're right
>hurr durr willy is larping
We bull run soon

Remember this is a lesson in patience. Except for oxygen bro's dad, he literally can not afford to be patient kek

*be a patient, you mean :^)

Unironically looks like a cool hoodie/bomber

No, he said that'll come in thread 10.

This is for oxygen bro's dad, hope he makes it. If not then RIP


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lmao 10/10

If you have sold in the last 20 minutes.

Thank you, thank you so much.

What makes you say that? My money is absolutely worthless now LOL still holding tho

bro can you fill my order at .004? been following since thread 1!

He just grabbed some bags user

so when you expect XTCC to be 1$?

Its frustrating because I bought a lot at 0.0775 XLM 4 days ago, now people could buy the same amount for a fraction of the cost.

C'est la vie.

>I bought 12k APPLES
>now I have 6k APPLES
>50% LOLxDWTF 50% JUST

how autistic are you jesus christ.

fuck off Willy, no one gives a shit about your self-prophecy pump and dump you are trying to steal from losers who are bored because of a bear market

holy shit

You could always cost average and grab some more

Keep trying faggot, nobody cares

The fuuuuuuck, those sell orders got ate up real quick.

fuck the user that put an order at .0042069


>nobody cares

enjoy your bags loser, don't forget to tighten the noose one last time after Willy cucks u and dumps his bags on ur vaporware shitcoin

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420 69 nice

Lmao we'll see who's laughing soon when you begin to FOMO in later. CMC / Kucoin listing around the corner and whitepaper soon just in time for the next bullrun along with halvening and website/rebrand. Stay poor you fucking spastic.

The state of this thread


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Well done on the infinity order.

damn wtf is this order book lmao


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Knew XTCC was a good choice since day1


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>I'm pumping it to $1 and it's $0.0001 as of now.
>Pump will last for approximately 4 1/2 days according to my bot.

In this first thread OP is talking like he was omnipotent. Now he is suddenly just one player in a tug of war with one or more others. The only reason he'd keep this thread alive is he is playing a meta, whether that's against Veeky Forums or other whales. Play safe, anons.

This is fun.

Last one about Oxygen Bro


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My contribution to the war.


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i want to joint please send me some tip


>As I've been told by inside sources, there will be a great amount of turmoil that'll be built on purpose
>in the following weeks that'll fuel an XTCC vs XVG War.

Funny how 2 hrs ago the XTCC twitter referenced Verge...now you mention it...


>i want to joint please send me some tip

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faggot that's my meme. don't pay him Willy pay me.

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XTC -65.00%
1 minute later...
XTC -85.00%

They actually had a tweet with the same content 5 hours ago, but they seemingly deleted it and reported it 2 hours ago.

fuck ur .0069

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I want to buy but not at that price, 0.014 - get it back down to 0.008 and I would have a nibble...

Thank You Based Willy


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At least be memey.

its just nigger shit

>Donator's be sure to contact us so we can add you on our team list under 'Supporter'. - Tai Chi Team

Latest tweet grammar does not instill confidence..

I'm sure they'll correct it, just a simple mistake nothing more.

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My favourite whale I just bought some more. 34k total. Fuck it. Its play money. I already put all the money I invested in my bank account(yeap, took only 7 hours with kraken), so now is just gambling.

Make it rain Willy

>who needs mcafee when you got Willy the Whale?

Hello Willy, been since first thread
Chart is looking better, specially volume part
Would like to ask about your plans when it will hit other exchanges. When it will be on 3-5 exchanges, volume will be still main priority?

>dump it

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>Stay tuned for our dark paper you are going to be amazed
At first I was mad about being scammed out of €50 but this is pretty funny tbf

Willy The Whale Here.

Hold tight boys, this is going to be a rough shake.

We believing in you, Willy.

please tell when it's done

It is pretty much done. None of those sell walls are mine.

We are the fags
we are the faglords
we are the fags that make a better day
for all you faglords

I hope you guys are not falling for this scam. It takes 30 mins to make your ICO on Stellar.

>He made his own coin
>Shilled it himself
>Ever wonder why it is not verified on SDEX?
>Slightly pumped it himself
>Getting goys like you to buy his coins which he literally printed from thin area
Get out while you can.

Patience Grasshopper

If anyone honestly sells at this price they are emotionally unstable people & should not be trading.

This is the most obvious shake.

Willy over & out.

We are the fags
we are the faglords
we are the fags that make a better day
for all you faglords

thanks, accumulating

Is this a joke? Looks like the only demand is a few NEETs from biz saying "fuck it, I'll burn a couple hundred XLM on this scam"

Couple hundred xlm in exchange for 0 cost to print coins is a good deal

Couple hundred? I've spent close to 2 grand.

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1649 xlm here

8Mill checking in not selling untill XVG level gains

We are the fags
we are the faglords
we are the fags that make a better day
for all you faglords

>6k XTCC

Show wallet or you will have diarrhea for 8 years

>0.008 xtcc


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I need it to .0045 :)

it was at 0.1 range quite long and you want to get it 20x cheaper? good luck

>Whale Wars
Anything can happen here, enjoy the ride.

I've spent around $3k here on this.

I've just woke up from my sleep with worry.

We are the fags
we are the faglords
we are the fags that make a better day
for all you faglords

Anyone willing to help out and sell me 4k xtcc at .009 :( using the last 40 xlm I had after having to sell off to get back in.

Put in my sell order for XTCC gonna look at it in a year better not disappoint me willy

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