99% sure I'm getting into Princeton

I'm not smart, lots of luck. I'm just a middle class schmuck who weaseled my way in. is my life going to change? I don't have the brainpower to become an MD or PhD, am I really a shoo-in for banking even if I don't have great grades?

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You're probably a minority. My guess native american?

Pick an easy major, and spend your time networking & lifting. You will become Chad and get into IB/management consulting.

>wants to work for a jew

Ivy League schools have reputation to consider and they won't let anyone fail in their school. They will not fail you even you are literal brainlet

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Hi, why are you posting this again? There was a pretty lively discussion yesterday.

Yes like Brown university has the worst grad inflation of any school.

I heard people in ivy leagues are insufferable trust fund kids and rich chinks. Neither will like you when they see your frumpy normal people clothes and the fact you aren't going somewhere fancy on spring break. Prepare for isolation.

strong GPA is super helpful, but literally 25% of Brown kids go to US medical schools. that's ridiculously legit, so they still must do well on MCAT and all the other requirements

stop making this shit thread. nobody cares

nope. geography helped me a lot. and crappy high school, so I have #1 ranking even though I wouldn't be top 10% at a rich school full of grinds


sorry dumbfag brainlet is a brainlet. degrees don't mean shit once you're in the wagecuck world

yup, free private tutors basically 24/7 which would cost $50-100 an hour at a public U. minimal chance at grades lower than a B-. what's an easy yet still respectable concentration?

You wont have any problem getting a banking job.

even top bucket?


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>You're probably a minority

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>Vox Clamantis in Deserto

clams for dessert? Yuck

Hey OP!
I'm black too! I worked really hard to achieve my 3.0 GPA and 1040 SAT (pretty good, huh?). I got a Full Ride to 6 Ivy leagues.

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tech giant or startup? first year base o/u $120k?

You'll become gay and learn to hate Veeky Forums.

Princeton, not Yale

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>People think your college/GPA matters and not your first job.

22 years old, $160k income, $100k net worth, went to a piece of shit no name college in the midwest and graduated with a 3.0 here.


??? Native American would be the minority???

electrical engineering or CS?