Plasma is coming and if it takes off (1M tps) ,every other shitcoin claiming to do high throughput, like credits...

Plasma is coming and if it takes off (1M tps) ,every other shitcoin claiming to do high throughput, like credits , which is being shilled by that cocksucker suppoman will be wiped off the face of earth. Think about it , someone who acts based on what he says deserves to lose money

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Not HPB. China would never use a Thai product. That would be like the United States switching to the Peso.

That being said, OMG $1000 EOY.

Plasma will literately make all scaling solutions obsolete.

>a Thai product
the OMG network is not from anywhere or by anyone.

it's computational international waters.

this, except sharding which is years away (and may not even be necessary with how successful Plasma is).

Coupled with that fact, the Omise team made sure that it complies with almost all regulations in the world

>Plasma is coming
I'm too hype.

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When is plasma I have accumulated a nice fat stack

I own some OMG, but not nearly enough I think.
Can you guys help me figure out what I might sell off to obtain more OMG? Unfortunately I dont have more fiat I can comfortably put into the market atm.

My current holds are:


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sounds good but actually horrifying, I hope we don't stay in an elephant in the room type thing for years.



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thats actually a really good portfolio

Thanks man. You can see why I am having difficulty picking what, if anything, to liquidate to gain more OMG :P

When will Plasma be done?

Don't ignore me, you fuck.

Haha. Look, I like OMG a lot. But I have a hard time going ALL in on it. Its not that I don't think it'll be good or great. Its just that in the back of my mind, my brain is telling me not to put all my eggs in one basket. Even though you might be right and it may outperform everything else I've listed.


When is plasma going to be finished?

Also, any other bg milestones to look forward to?

Got 5k of these bad boys.
After staking im gonna quit my job and live like a king.

Why not?
Multinational conglomerate, banks, 15 financial instituriona, thai gov (possibly payroll) all confirmed already. Omise already processes billions yearly and they are bring that to the network also

Latest eta was final revision this year but you have the omg team, poon, vitalik, floersch all working together on it so it's going to be soon. Eoy is going to be a madhouse with staking fees

Your shilling me hard and I like it. Again, already being involved in OMG its easy to get excited about it. I just really dont want to sell everything I have to go all in on OMG so looking at my portfolio, if you had to sell just 1 stack, what would you sell off?

Everything except gvt unless you have a baby stack then everything. You want the easiest triple to quad digit token with passive income from staking on a very high volume network possibly pushing $100 a year per token in the next 9-24 months or do you wanna hope the others do well

I'm not rich, nor do I have a shitload of money in crypto as a whole so I may very well have a baby stack to you in GVT. Im holding about 45 GVT currently. My total portfolio value (When the market isnt taking a shit) is almost $9,000, $6500 currently.

AMB is an absolute pageet coin

>You want the easiest triple to quad digit token with passiv
$100/ token?? I think thats way too much . How did you calculate the number?

Thats like 600 omg user. Godspeed.

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HPB will do this not Plasma

Not off the rip just give it some time but I bet it won't take that long

>tfw only 100 omg
>tfw literally no more fiat left
I wish I could get more. ;_;





Hope to make it. Will 1000 be enough? i have other 25 other coins as well, trying to consolidate. Also PBC reported on OMG in August 2017 edition. Thats why I researched and bought.

>Plasma will literately make all scaling solutions obsolete.

Nah, dedicated side chaining using things like LOOM are also handy. But yeah, Plasma is HUGE.

You dumb faggot it didn't work in your last shit thread it won't work here either

You’re completely ignoring the purpose of the article, on purpose, to justify omg FUD. Once again, the banks appear to be utilizing blockchain to streamline letters of guarantee, which can be defined as :

A letter of guarantee is a type of contract issued by a bank on behalf of a customer who has entered a contract to purchase goods from a supplier and promises to meet any financial obligations to the supplier in the event of default. A letter of guarantee may also be issued by a bank on behalf of a call writer guaranteeing that the writer owns the underlying asset and that the bank will deliver the underlying securities should the call be exercised. Call writers will often use a letter of guarantee when the underlying asset of a call option is not held in their brokerage account.
>So to reiterate, theyre esstentially steamlining glorified purchase orders and contractual obligations and make zero references to payment processing. This is a utility use.

>Implying they won't use blockchain payment solutiomns with IBM now that they are a dedicated partner and have been since July 2017
>Thailand Banks never said a word about Omise even after omise met with them at the exact same time

Wew lad. How's those TenX 2.0 bags treating you?

This will be glorious battle of NEO/HPB vs OMG/Plasma. Cant wait, either one wins and loser goes to zero.

The main thing I am leaning towards selling is AMB, which may not even be the best thing to sell. Fuck, I cant decide.

I couldn't make it to 4000 user I've failed you

I have 2k OMG and 50k LINK making them approx. equal in dollar value. Lately (the last 2 months) I've been wanting to get one bitcoin since I think it's sound to have one of those and I'm already of a mind to let my LINK and OMG positions buy it at equal expense. What I wonder is, to wait or not to wait? I feel like BTC might very well out perform my two alt coins in the next two months while the alts will shine more mid summer.

What's your guesses on BTC vs serious alt-coins in the coming 4-5 months?

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Hey, that will be 100k some day, not bad at all.

I have 750 OMGs. Will I make it anons?

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That's not enough for a lambo tho.

how are people still not aware NEO is shit tech?

It is possible

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Do you think Mizuho banks cryptocurrency will use the OMG network?

You could get a used lmao Hurracan

is 850 OMG enough to make it?

hell no. They are developing in house blockchain solution. why would they choose some irrelevant fintech company with less than 2 billion in revenue? Here take all of our business for something we can build. LOL


I clicked this link and a cmd window opened up on my PC for a split second.

It isn't unlikely imo.

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Mizuho developers have public commits to OMG github

I saw that also. Gave me goosebumps.

>Mizuho bank
is developing J-coin. it still has to run on a back-end network that can handle a massive amount of transactions per second.

i'll up it to 1,000 then. just to be safe.

>middle class by end of 2018 guaranteed

>He thinks Mizuho bank, 10,000s employee company doesn't already have blockchain devs working on this behind the scenes
>He thinks OMG is some kind of miracle company because they listed vitalik as an advisor
>Hes going to get a rude awakening when banks swallow up all of the market in SEA and OMG is extinct by 2020

At least they can transfer their


Isn't a centralized private database like that very vulnerable to attack?

Your brain is right, don't let these faggots tell you otherwise. Never go all in on one single coin

There'll be peace when you are done.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ever heard of industrial espionage? They are using Mizuho developers to garner ideas for their own in house solution in the off chance OMG promotes anything of value.

You fool!

>he thinks a nation-state's centralized bank currency with a mobile app is at all comparable to the scope of OMG
fite me irl

h-how much is middleclass? I'm only 18 so even low six figures would be like making it for me.


Wooo, the reach for the piss poir FUD. You're retarded. Grip on my fuck stick.

I've been reading your posts. I would also lean toward going all in. But since you really don't want to put all the eggs in one basket, use 500 omg as a stack goal, Either buy all 500 right now (or when the omg ratio drops a bit), or get like 400-450 and accumilate over time.

oh yeah and what this user said. NOMGs BTFO
confirmed retard

carry on OmiseBro ^_^

>industrial espionage in crypto
you are the niglet arent you

>Omise is the equivalent of a mom and pop shop trying to compete against Amazon
>They claim to have developed a holy grail of solutions but really banks view their open github, scope anything of value they have, and compare it to their in house solutions
>OMG could have the best technology in the world but it will never be adopted

who are you quoting

Plasma is open source, retard. Omise is two years ahead.

Will this help ETH price?

>never be adopted
Omise will literally have the best technology in the crypto space in under a year and its fucking open source for anyone to use. Why would'nt they adopt it you fucking niglet

ETH is basically depending on OMG at this point, yes.

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You realize that we don't have a need for that many transactions a second, right?

It's like some autist building a car that can go 2000Mph.

Nobody cares because you can't use it for it's full potential and it is a cool proof of concept at best

SOmeone give me a quick rundown on plasma?

can process 1 million transactions per second. Will BTFO all previous payment companies and will have a smaller tax percentage rate per a transfer undercutting competition. Literally the future of monetary payments.

>it's too fast

This is new level of FUD.

OMG isn't a car that can go 2,000 mph. it's a spacestation that can safely transport a million people to a distant planet in seconds.

how though? and what is its relation to OMG/ETH?

>The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Tell me more about how the amount of TPS for Visa is an issue right now at 5% of what Plasma will be able to do.

There is literally zero need for 1 million transactions per second and it's such a retarded selling point that anyone saying it is clearly a shill.

this is like that alleged bill gates quote that boomers love to repeat about how "640k should be enough for everyone."
Huge brainlet move to think that improving technology won't enable tons of new use cases.

quit samefagging. VISA can handle 65,000 a second at maximum capacity. but please tell me how they would hate to be able to do more across entirely new markets of fungible assets that have yet to be plugged into a global payment network.

I wanna moon with Jun.

>why go above and beyond when I can do the bare minimum

Same philosophy you apply to your life and work user?

Plasma needs 2 chains to work

Chain #1: Ethereum
Chain #2: OmiseGO

You do the math.

thanx for the FUD, just got 500more OMG.

Thanks for the input. i am going to start building up a stack of at least that much, if not more over time.

> Anonymous (ID: FeRskz5p) 03/19/18(Mon)20:47:31 No.8448527▶
Every shitcoin out there that comes in the market these days claim to have more tps than ETH , and hence market themselves as the best out there. Scalability of blockchains is a major thing. And plasma has never been shilled anywhere. A lot of ppl do not even know that OMG is working on this
It will BTFO of all shitcons

Other than Monero this is probably the only coin with any actual use.

omg/xmr master race


omg master race, just got 500more

How many you packing now sentpai?

lol you delusional idiots.

You all have this grandoise vision that a fintech company in a third world country swimming in an ocean of saturated fintech market will bring together a new global payment remittance platform.

This is the exact embodiment of why there will be no longevity for 99.5% of the currently live projects today. Omise has not brought anything innovative to the table and is limited to regional growth which will stagnate in limited areas of SEA.

Ethereum is on the verge of becoming extinct as half of the icos it hosted have failed already.
It is not the internet 2.0, it is technology that proved to be fuel for the crypto bubble, which now that real companies have caught up, will develop it further in house. Anything besides bitcoin will not have value in 2 years.

Ill say, ICOs and crypto in general is impressively one of the biggest cash grabs of all time. Where else could both investors and companies making millions of dollars purely on hot air? EOS and their ICO. Tens of millions of dollars and NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT YET.

Omise is no different. If you bought ripple a year ago you'd have a 40,000% return. LOL for what? Banks dont even use that fucking garbage, they have the option to and are continuing to use their own solutions. Why would OMG be any different than a backburner vaporware just like ripple

>Anything besides bitcoin will not have value in 2 years.

>He thinks his Jibrel coins and DeepBrainChain Brain Gang will be around by Q4 of this year even