Years pass since the singularity

>years pass since the singularity
>$1000 is a thing of the past
>go to the fanciest resturaunt in new york city
>"the usual, sir?"
>of course, alfred
>waiter rushes out a plate of steaming hot freshly breaded chicken tendies with a side of fries and toast

what are you going to do with your money after the singularity, Veeky Forums?

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Buy my mom a new house with a bigger basement.

Buy my girlfriend slutty clothes and make her wear them out.

Dem short shorts and playsuits where u can see her asscheeks

>"the usual, sir?"
>of course, alfred
>waiter rushes out to a phone and calls the police which drags me back to the homeless shelter

Singularity is not coming
I am holding LINK now as a reminder of my all consuming greed that made me drop out of social life for half a year and believe that LINK can make rich

I will use it to fund my own political campaign.

this desu

while you're at it pay a black man to give her the good dickin she deserves.

>I am holding LINK now as a reminder of my all consuming greed that made me drop out of social life for half a year and believe that LINK can make rich
>made me
who said you had to do that? Sirgay hold a gun to your head?

>Low status, basement dwelling virgin my whole life
>All my friends have abandoned me because I don't go out anymore and I have no female contact
>Singularity happens
>Turn Bruce Wayne mode
>Travel the world, learn different languages, train my ass of, acquire many new skills, do some facial procedures and surgeries
>Come back home after 5 years of absence
>No one recognizes you anymore, you have completely transformed
>Buy the most luxuries high-end apartment money can buy
>Proceed to maintain peak aesthetics by using the best skin care products and consuming highest quality, organic, low sugar food.
>Personality resembles Patrick Bateman, without the schizophrenic tendencies of course
>Go out every week end and bring him the most popular and good looking girl in the club
>Disregard them in the morning, rinse and repeat every week end
>10 years later, find a young virgin and impregnate her with 4 children.
>Make sure your children grow up to become high achievers

Life is good when you got everything planned out. I hoped every one else has there lives planned too, at least you should have an idea. Money can be VERY dangerous if you don't have any plans or goals in life. Money removes all barriers in life and you could end up worse than before.

I just want to stop wagecucking. That's it. A humble life of no wagecucking. I don't even care about lambos, fancy houses, etc. I am shooting for a median income lifestyle. I have low cost hobbies like reading, Vidya games, and wood working. I don't need much, just some.

>Life is good when you got everything planned out.

Most autistic plan ever posted here - "I will become - actual BATMAN!". I fucking agree though user, me too.

Read again, u moron
My all-consuming greed.

So, your plan includes $1000 LINK and Sergey delivering, right?

Bruce Wayne, Batman, Patrick Bateman: They are all archetypes user. We all aspire to walk in archetypical shoes. I know they are not real, but they motive to improve me life.

Without these stories I would have been lost user. I'm in a very dark place right now, and these archetypical stories have shown me the light and giving me hope. I would never had figured out these self improving steps if it weren't for stories and people like these.

When I think about Bruce Wayne for example, I see a scrawny little chump who pushed his limits and over came his fears. I want to do the same. I'm for example afraid of women, that's why I look up to Bateman in that sense. Bateman could never be afraid of women and by acting his personality out I could use his persona to my advantage.

If it wasn't for my plan and vision of the future, I would probably be dead by now.

I don't need $1000 for my plan to work $400-500 would be enough. BUT I'M NOT SELLING before $1000, of course ;)

1) Buy a comfy house. It dont have to be big or fancy

2) buy a used sportscar and one practical car

3) stop fulltime working. Maybe i will look for a part-time job once in a while or get myself a training for an interesting job

4) cash out 1-2k per month

5) some camping trips

6) keep holding like 500-1000 link just in case

>On march 20th the LINKies finally broke. The last of their collective sanity crushed by the endless dumping they turned their backs on the world, sinking deeper and deeper into fantasy.....

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Just fuck off newfag.

i will use it to fund the political campaigns of others

never get your own hands dirty desu

How long have you been a literal cuckold?

This buying my girl sexy High Heels.

>buy totally sweet rv
>build totally sweet carnival came trailer
>travel across the country from town fair to town fair, separating rubes from their money while incidentally teaching profound life lessons the kids
>have a couple of girlfriends run the whole show
>just do what i like
>breed them both
>leave and fly around the world when bored or "go home"
>return whenever

>buy a house
>open a restaurant
>travel the world with the rest

Of course it'll never happen though. Good things never happen to me.

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>Go out every week end and bring him the most popular and good looking girl in the club
enjoy your 10 different STDs, retard

I think it might be pretty comfy to operate a small pub if you didn't have to care about making money.

I literally need 5 dollars for me to stop wagecucking lmao...

lol even if somebody handed you a $50 million check, you'd still be a hermit
only difference is you would have a fat bank account

No I wouldn't. You don't know anything about me and how I am. It's NOT about the money. I don't need $50 million. How can you be so stupid to assume anything about anyone on the internet?

Hermit is the guy that wins a $50 million check and doesn't have anything planned and spends it all on a whim, resulting in a total mental break down. Don't assume everyone is like you imagine them being.

Will be doing this with my stinky linky money

What will you guys be campaigning for?

Please be an ancap utopia

What's wrong with being a comfy hermit?

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

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did you even watch the Bitcoin Superconference video

Please sell now thank you.

The usual, buy a house, travel a bit, buy some things off a wishlist (better computer)

Then with my complete financial freedom I would be fearless. Go back to college for 600 degrees. Turn in papers with nothing but memes. Learn for the sake of learning and not to get a job.
Then get all kinds of different jobs to experience life. No fear of being fired or rejected. And general asshole fuckery like buy obscure and expensive merchandise. Fund anime’s. Commission artists for personal waifus. Make something incredible, like The Simpsons but 100x more edgy. Why? I don’t need to fear rejection. I can be a total flop or be hated by every normie for making the next 50 shades of gray or it could be a massive success and I get an appendage to the Disney world theme park.

The best part for me will be living in a big city, walking outside into blue skies and beautiful architecture, where I can just people watch, go to an event that sounds interesting, go wherever I want, talk to whoever I like, talk that cute girl standing near me, or talk to no one...and being able to decide on all or any of these on a whim. True freedom and infinite possibilities.

>I hoped every one else has there lives planned too, at least you should have an idea
A pretty simple way to enjoy life would be to take all of that free time to invest in a socially valuable skillset, similar to what you plan to do - playing an instrument, learning languages, etc. Without the wagecuck responsibility you'd also progress much faster than everyone else trapped in 9-5s. Once you reach a certain level of competence you get real respect from others from your skills and not just from "being rich."

Sounds like a one way ticket to bankruptcy

One of my dreams actually. I’ve definitely cut down on drinking since I’ve gotten older and left college (I’m 27 now), but it would still be fun. Hang out, serve drinks, and chat it up with the regulars. Your own bar in a comfy mountain town would be awesome.

yeah you would be bankrupt and on the streets in a month

>A pretty simple way to enjoy life would be to take all of that free time to invest in a socially valuable skillset, similar to what you plan to do - playing an instrument, learning languages, etc.

Yes, you are so correct. Learning new languages is just the beginning for me. I want to learn to code, play the piano, improve my Squash (sport) skills, read many books (I'm currently reading, but not nearly as much as I would like). My quality of life will astronomically improve once I make it.

pretty much, with a militarized traditionalist agrarian approach.

Guys... I'm never getting my money back am I?

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>if link hits 1k I will have 50,000,000
>I plan to hold until 2022 or 1k per link
>if it hits 1K
>build personal gym on lake
>Windows on 3 sides
>have sleeping quarters and kitchen there
>build a nice house
>family is mostly very well off, but pay off all housing debt of siblings
>spend the rest of my money on sustainable farming
>vacations and ski trips with the bois
>large scale animal care for My wife (she likes volunteer animal work)

I have some large scale but low resolution ideas. The one that keeps coming back is building an ornate community gym for my city. There are lots of fit people and the city isn't that big. I'd like to have a monument of sorts

hire some mercenaries and conquer some third world country

Do you guys really think LINK can hit 1k per token or is this just LARP? LINK is a great project but I think a more realistic long term price is 50-100 per token, hopefully I am wrong.

1k realistically can be probably but not for another 4-5 years. 50-100 is realistic within a 2year span

Hopefully the crypto bubble doesn't pop dotcom style within that 5 year timespan.

>Graduate college
>Instantly pay off student loans
>Spend a month still living with my parents while I stock up on supplies for a 5 year backpacking trip around the world
>visit 100+ countries
>see indescribable wonders and meet priceless people
>possibly settle down live overseas for a while
>the whole time I’m searching for the woman I’m going to marry
>I find her
>traveling has enlightened me. I now have friends on all corners of the globe and I know what to do with my life
>buy a cozy house wherever we decide to settle down
>have 3-4 kids
>build an amazing life for myself, balancing my work, my passions, my wife, my children, and my community
>run for local office
>run for governor
>”can you believe this guy? A politician with an actual brain!? You should aim for the White House user!!”
>run for the Presidency of the United States
>in two terms I’ve saved social security, solved the immigrant crisis, halved the national debt, doubled wages, halved welfare recipients, and rebuilt a morally fractured nation
>leave office
>nice peaceful life for the rest of my days enjoying simple pleasures- my hobbies and family.
>my time has come
>minutes to go now, I’m taking my final breaths
>a tear falls from my eye
>my family is feathered around me to hear my final words:
Thank you, Sergey.

make realistic chainlink memes imposed on photographs with this bad boy.

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Good plan but honestly I’d aim a little higher.

I thought about it, but I don’t want people thinking I’m delusional or anything

Hey, newfag here. I've heard other newfags are shilled into buying link and go broke. Is that true?

I like your plan. I

f I make it, I swear, I will find Sergey and personally shake his hand.

show all the bitches who ditched me how rich they would be if they didn't go after the bad boy no money losers

Yes. LINK is just a huge meme. You'd probably be better off buying NGR.

Buy high sell low

I just wanna play guitar all day but I cant due to this shitty wagecuck job. Save me sir gay

Travel for a while then build and sell homes

you sound like a 20 year old bum with no ambition and is hoping some label will discover him

How many linkies do you own?

My ambition is to never have to sell my skills to people i don't like. Most difficult ambition to achieve tbqhf

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>buy nice clothes, and a nice car.
>go drive across usa hitting up college towns pounding a different girl each night.
>dont know what next.

By the way what is singularity ? Im a noob here

the price singularity

And how will you do that?
>hey bitch, look at me, I'm rich now! You see me?! Do you love me now?
How fulfilling

Gib linkies

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>20 year old

I wish

I'll be a millionaire if Link goes to 1k. That's why I can't believe it'll happen. I can't imagine making it just by buying some shit I saw shilled on Veeky Forums.

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I'm going to master anal massage, and open a private practice in Santa Monica or some other suburb with wealthy Mom's and chode husbands.

Every waking second after the singularity will be devoted to learning the art of massaging (female) anus

The truly sad part will be the VEN holders sitting on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant begging for scraps. I might toss them a shekel or two and laugh as I pass them.

I won't be in a shithole like new York or eating crap lie chicken tendies. That's for sure. What's the point in letting people like you have decent money if you are going to live like peasants anyway

Michelin 2 star. Staff rings. Is the premises ready for Mr. user. Staff lined up in rows when he arrives. Seasonal 7 course menu and Boudreaux while supermodels sit by table pretending to be dogs and getting scraps thrown to them,

In memes we trust

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that all will actually happen to chainlink (shadowforked) by swift

link is just a meme

This post is literally me.

It might go to 100...10 more likely...but if the crypto is here to stay..

Then yeah, 1k for sure...

My ex wants to get back together and go to anime conventions in cosplay and what not . almost willing to take her back if I ever have money desu

>tfw I am in the presence of individuals who will be the next billionaires and influencers of the world

I don't even know what I'll do, but I'll be prolly happier than now.

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100 dollars would make me a multi-millionaire, thats like 300x current and somewhere between eth and xrp today

your ex is your ex for a reason user

Remember this when you're rich you're not crazy. You're eccentric.