Relationship issues

Hey guys, 22 year old here. I'm in my final semester at uni and I fell for the STEM meme where either you study STEM or be homeless. The past 4 years have been tough, as the courses I have taken were very advanced and required a lot of brain juice to get through. One thing that has been keeping me down emotionally is my inability to have had a girlfriend or get laid during my entire life so far.

Girls seem to be interested in me as a friend, but I can never get further than being friends with a girl. I am a bit socially awkward and I think too much during conversations, so that may be a reason as to why Ive struggled. I've never experienced anything romantically with a girl.

My high school was a catholic school with male students only. For the prom, my mother set me up with a friend of her's daughter. It was pretty embarrassing, although we did end up having fun. I'll admit that I used to be a heavy porn user growing up.

Since I was 10 I've been watching all kinds of pornography on the internet. As of recently I have stopped, although I do relapse occasionally, although it is at most maybe once a week now, instead of every day like it used to be. I feel like I missed out greatly in college, due to myself being a commuter, and not being very active socially.

Most of the time I spend alone is on the computer. I want to change my life, and possibly start over, as I feel like time is running out for me. A lot of girls that I may like at this point in my life probably already have long term boyfriends, and most of them are already getting married. It is deeply troubling to me, and is the root of my depression lately.

The thought of being forever alone used to seem like a joke to me, but now I can feel it actually starting to seem very real. I like to say I am a good looking guy, clean face, very polite. But I don't know guys, I'm starting to lose hope in myself. I don't know if I'll ever make it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Date a furry girl. Worked for me desu.

Ah the good ol dating thread.

Here are the only 2 lessons you need my friend.

Lesson 1
Don’t be ugly

Lesson 2
Don’t be socially ackward

Good luck with life my friend!

What with the sudden /r9k/?

What's up with Veeky Forums becoming a hive of blog posts? If you're crying about your shitty life at least frame it in Veeky Forums jargon.
Put it this way OP. You are a low value individual. You're smart, sure, but nobody really gives a fuck. There's a huge difference between ability and output, as testified by the ratio of intelligent NEETS to dumb high earners.
So you're depressed because you can't get a gf? Okay, you have your end goal, your output so to speak. Now you select an input, yourself, you dumb bastard. What must you do to the input to provide a desired output? Manipulate it. Throughput must be built in such a way that the desired output is attained.
Now you set some actionable metrics. As in you measure everything and apply those measurements to specific criteria that, when achieved, put you one step closer to a desired output. Health and fitness, capital, social skills, these are all actionable metrics. Godspeed faggot.
tl;dr self development is key

dont worry about it beta orbitter, if you just improve yourself and are not too ugly whores will cream themselves for you. just be upfront with girls in what you want, when you fee it's right to ask the big boy questions do it. never rely on women to initiate a relationship unless you're chad thundercock.

btw i have an asian gf (male)

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I am 36 and still have stupid 19 year old bitches trying to throw their pussy at me. I'm autistic as fuck, live with my parents even and I realised nothing repels a woman like a thirsty guy, so stop thirsting. I learned this from being a thirsty retard from 16 -> 32. I even failed my degree TWICE. because of thirsting after my oneitis who was a 5/10 at best. Maybe you can learn from my mistake and get a first on your degree. Because nothing dries up a pussy faster than a guy with no degree, career prospects, or confidence.

first you get the money
then you get the power
then you get the pussy

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>btw i have an asian gf (male)

Your gf is male? traps are gay user.

STEM here. Met my girlfriend on the 1st year of our PhDs (same program). I was 22 years old, kissless virgin.

Don't give up! :)

Life doesn't matter that much. Stop giving a fuck about anything.

hell yeah male gfs are gay


stop reading there. you're too young for a relationship. don't waste your youth and energy on women, there's plenty of time for that after you've made it. focus on you for now

you are 22... girls have no interest in a guy like you, and why should they? fresh out of uni, probably not earning that much.
What you need to do is focus on your career, hit the gym and get fit ( if you havent already) and in around 5-6 years the 20-22 year olds will come to you
FOCUS ON YOURSELF, then they will come to you my friend. girls like guys a few years older than them who are rich

>STEM major
>Intense courses and socially awk
>No ability to get gf and no time for one anyway
>Lose virginity at 22, don't have gf until 23
>Fast forward to mid and late 20s
>Live in major city
>Have money (cuz STEM degree)
>Have confidence (late bloomer like you likely be OP)
>Make up for lost time and fuck countless bitches, almost all of them college aged
>Girls love dudes who are easily a decade older than...if these dudes have their shit together

It gets better OP!

Can confirm. Didn't lose virginity till I was 22. Now I'm 26 and I can get laid basically whenever I want. With age your confidence grows but you really need to start putting yourself out there. Go on okcupid or POF or bumble. Meet new people with no expectation of a long term relationship. You need to better understand yourself before you can even think of getting into a relationship. Once you meet more people you will feel more comfortable and will open up. Guaranteed!

Im 22 too, and i used to struggle with girls when i was 16. Actually you dont really need anything to get laid if you are able to talk to girls/not fully autistic r9k sexually awkward. Keep eye contact with them, when i realised how important it is i suddenly got bitches drooling all over me. Dont stare at them like a fucking psychopath and dont be too cheesy, practice by talking to them and observing their reactions, youll get better if you really set your mind on it. Good luck OP and most importantly, have fun!! Its the process that is the most exciting, not the actual sex

if you're ugly you're basically fucked in life unless you get money

Just jack off for now to fulfill your needs for sex. If you're lonely, talk to friends, you don't need a gf for that. Stop trying to define your self-worth by whether have a gf or not. Focus on other things, such as getting a career. 22 is not too old by any means. You have plenty of time. The only disadvantage to dating when you're older is that it gets a little harder to date younger girls, but if you're value has increased enough, an older guy can date hotter girls than most college aged guys.

As for how to get a gf, as other anons said, focus on self improvement. Improving your social skills, getting fit, doing well in your career / financial success, getting a sense of confidence that is not dependent on whether a particular person likes you, etc. This takes some time, but that's fine. Stop worrying and focus on what you can do now to actually improve yourself