How do I find happiness

How do I find happiness

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It's a mindset.

watch a few jordan peterson lecture videos is usually the first step

You don't. Memes don't set you free user. Peace or the absence of thoughts is the closest you get.

Look within

You can find happiness anywhere. You just got to look for it.

Learn to hear the voice of G*d within you.

Furious masturbation

Looking anywhere but within is a fools errand. Don't mislead.

Embrace your 56% heritage and drink malt liquor in your underwear, stop worrying about the future.

For me it was an acid and later a shroom trip that helped me reflect on my life and what I needed to do to find happiness

dream market mdma.

Go back to 8 pol iamkamphy

Stop eating for a couple weeks and then when you start eating again you will be happy to have food.

eliminate that unibrow first

Money, fitness, philosophy, Orthodox Christianity, and a good taste in music, television (very little), and movies (also very little)

I personally smoke a few puffs of weed a day to get by. Learn to not give a single flying fuck about women EVER, they will hook your energy and pull you off into bullshit land. Lastly and most importantly, stop being a cuck, in every way possible.

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YOU don’t.

improve thyself user. let that be your daily motivator


this is the only real reply in this thread:

the keys are humility and discipline
humility shields your ideas from being destroyed by an unpredictable world
discipline shields you from receiving external punishment

without these two negative things life is generally a happy experience

This is true

You should meditate OP. it actually helps

You should meditate

I'm sorry you were born with shit colored eyes OP.

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Happiness is not something you look for but if keep your body, mind and emotions healthy, you can always be naturally happy.

Yoga for joy : Nada yoga

This will be a good start.

The only thing that keeps me going is my girlfriend. We've know each other since we were 12. She makes over 1M usd a year and she told me to stop working.

Other than that, I've worked out everyday for the past 11 years, that helps.

Good luck friend.

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>She makes over 1M usd a year


By not looking for it.

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Happiness is a state of mind. Its not something you gain with material things. Though you need food water and shelter to survive, those really dont count. You dont need a 3000sqft house to be happy. You dont need a lambo to be happy. In fact if you ever get these things, youll realize that the artificial happiness vanishes quickly and you need a bigger event to get your high again.
True happiness comes from being true to yourself. Stop doing the things you know you shouldnt do. Start meditating and try to listen to the productive voice in your head. It will tell you how to improve yourself. Stop pissing yourself off by doing unhealthy things.
Also read: Your money or Your life.
Good luck.

Not through fucking money. It is joy you’re striving for, happiness is a destructive meme.

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This shit was powerful a'f. What a beast of a man, will power that could not be broken or shattered no matter the trials he faced.

Find a goal you believe you can achieve and work towards it and have fun doing it

This but unironically.