You fuck prostitute?

You fuck prostitute?

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I've fucked like 10 I've lost count but I'd say only 2 were worth it

No. I'm too insecure to fuck a prostitute. I can only fuck a woman that I know isn't being paid to fake being attracted to me.

get new image fag, then post

ive only ever had sex with prostitutes. i lost my virginity to one. i just cant do it the normal way. anyway about a third of the prostitutes i have fucked raw. AMA

do you want aids or something

Yes why not?

Na im very handsome and just feel guys get nervous when I come around and try and strike awkward convos with their gfs knowing shes mirrin

Nice feet on the left
But hookers probably have disgusting feet. Sex should be with your soulmate. STDs are gross.

This same fucking autist again


yes sir buy 100k link

I am a regular on seeking arrangement, yes.

>Fucking a prostitute
lmfao only ugly/insecure/dumb guys cant get a real girl to fuck

You poo in loo?


Paid $240 for a TPE ass and vagoo.
excellent purchase desu.


PRO TIP: your moms a prostitute

Stop making these fucking threads you pathetic faggot.

read up on the transmsission rate, youd be surprised. theres a reason mostly gays have it


visit The Erotic Review almost weekly.

What do you call a straight guy with aids?

A liar.

couldn't even lose my virginity with my first prosti, maybe the 2nd or third one

took me more than a year of dating around before I got my first gf and doing it the normal way takes a lot of practice and patience and some experimentation

I fuck my gf everyday but I still fiend prostis. They're just fun in a different type of way. I would still date around or fuck prostis if I had the time and money.

dude i would give up all the times i fucked prostitutes to have a gf and ive fucked more than 30 of them

>Girls who fuck niggers=guys who fuck prostitutes

>Girls who ride the cock carrousel=guys who have fucked 1 whore

I left my bf because he told me he did that. He tried to kill himself after that. I still find it disgusting, now I'm a roastie lmao. Never again. Luckily my new bf is a good man who isn't a sad piece of shit like my ex (rip the fucker)

Real men don't need to pay to satiate their lust nor real women.

Gud luk in life user. You will need it when you are about to die old and cold

My new bf is the sweetest guy in the world but I will never tell him I bought more than 50k antshares


All the time since I can worship their feet as much as I want

I just got back from one, I regret it already. I'm like a completely different human being when I'm horny.

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tits or gtfo you stupid larping cunt

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Reminder that herpes stays with you for life.

I spend half my salary on prostitutes because there's no other way to satisfy my foot addiction. Wish I could find a girlfriend who is into that but all females find it disgusting.

Just wanted to let you know that you are wrong

>Girls who fuck niggers=guys who fuck prostitutes

>Girls who ride the cock carrousel=guys who have fucked 1 whore

When you do this, you are assigning the value one right side to the variable on the left.

>Girls who fuck niggers==guys who fuck prostitutes

>Girls who ride the cock carrousel==guys who have fucked 1 whore

This is what you meant.

wtf are you going on about, fucking autist?

Salty bitch you are.

Not larping but thnx

This is why nobody wants to be near you user

Btw. Having money is overrated as fuck when you have no true bonds with others.

Having a fancy car and a fancy home and a fancy everything. Why? It's nice to be upper middle class but high class is full of BS. Mind you. It desentizes you. It makes you cold to others that never had the chance to be you. I don't like living like that so I always stay in the lower high class range. Upper middle class.


then all it takes is hard work

I've always been reading up on seduction techniques - bottom line is to just be mindful of her and engage at a steady pace. Don't rush but don't go slow as well, if she's not in your palm within a few days, you must be either really interesting or she'll lose interest soon

Took me months of scouring tinder and other online websites before I EVEN GOT A DATE. I actually gave up for about a year before I tried again. I've probably had conversations with about ~20 girls out of the 200-300 messages I sent out.

The first chick I met was boring as FUCK but she got naked the first time I saw her. She wasn't even crazy, just a bit naive and trusting. I couldn't even get my dick to stay hard and never ended up fucking her (but that's my personal issue). I tried to white knight and be nice and keep the "friendship" but the bottom line is that it's really hard, it's not me to fake my personality and try to be her friend. I just didn't find her interesting. Cute pussy and rich parents though.

The second chick took me weeks to work on. She only wanted friendship and she had a bf from overseas. I kept getting the idea of sex and heavy petting in her head, just by being honest really. I'd say that I was really horny all the time and she wasn't helping. Once I went for the kiss, she was mine. She liked me a lot, I found her annoying from the clingy-ness - note I've never really had a gf before/been in a relationship. So I broke that off.

Third chick, was just not into me (I feel). I didn't move fast enough or tried for a kiss, which I usually feel is the tipping point where she'll at least try to be emotionally attached.

Finally got to my gf, I think she's naive, not the brightest, extremely clingy, obese, not great in bed, but I just had enough and wanted a gf and settle down a bit. Honestly, even with those qualities, I still really love her and I hope she'll improve with time.

What did I learn? I wish I dated more (if you don't care too much about money). Females are just quite fascinating and a lot of them do want/like sex if you do it right. Fucking them is a lot of fun. The hunt is so fun.

If you have any questions

Prostitutes are absolutely disgusting.

I have fucked with prostitutes with my wife. Come at me bros. U guys don’t know how to live life properly.

why is this larping cunt still talking? be gone thot

Hi cia

Unless you're 7/10 or fucking a girl between the ages of 18 to 21 never mind you need actual experience to know what im saying.

wow people who post here are pathetic

not surprised you all hate women since you can only get sex from prostitutes. SAD

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50k ans jesus christ

I can cum from a 2 minute lap dance. Don't need hookers.

fucked over around 70-80 prostitutes in the past 4-5 years, got a fetish for 40+ women to prices are usually lower (eastern european mostly), on average visit one twice a week, im a neet faggot but good with money with abit of autism on the side, its also basically legal here in the UK so dont have to worry about getting arrested etc, for any other britbongs on here is your friend.

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I pay straight homeless dudes to let me suck them off. Yes, they smell, but I'm into man musk.

I enjoy a nice rub and tug. I’m kind of grossed out on prostitutes though and I honestly don’t need them cause I can get on Grindr and find a guy to fuck within an hour.

I live and work in Silicon Valley. Literally fuck upscale hookers several times a week, sometimes a day. Most raw, if they allow. Pop prEP on the reg and have HPV vaccinations. Never had a herp outbreak, and all other problems are fixed with a shot. Shit is cash, idk why people want the baggage of a relationship.

>You fuck prostitute?

no. go away

Same. Some of the strippers put a lot of love into the the lapdances. I'm pathetic.

I like you

Not pathetic. Its a superpower. Boom goes the dynamite. See ya.