What will you do when you've made it?

What will you do when you've made it?

How much money do you need to achieve your goal?

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>What will you do when you've made it?
What I'm doing right now.

>How much money do you need to achieve your goal?
I have more than enough.

Then you've already made it and the question wasn't really addressed to you.

What do you do and what is your net worth if I might ask?



What do scientists never call themselves?


If I get 100k from crypto. I’ll diversify into other markets, and hopefully capitalize on the housing crash that’s imminent within the next 5 years.

If I get 1 million from crypto I’ll diversify and retire. I’m pretty frugal with simple tastes.

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I have a PhD and i do research.
If i'm not a scientist, what am i?

public or private research, also what field

i had a million
before the crash
REEEEEEE down 80%
i hope LISK BLOCKCAT and STELLAR make it so i do too....

Radiology, private.

no u didnt
you never cashed out

age? i'm at similar net worth in my late 30s, definitely doing easier shit than you though

I will sell everything I own and travel the world with everything I need in a backpack for years.

29. 30 Soon.

What is your background?

A twat.

IT/automation/analytics stuff for a big public company.

Online Business, travel with my asian waifu.


Where did you make your money?

What kind of business?

really just salary and i started investing around 10 years ago with extra scraps. i live a pretty cheap life in a paid off condo making ~$220k/year so it's pretty easy to save.

>what do
Lift weights like I already do, probably travel some with my bros, continue making investments in disruptive tech, get some real estate to rent out. Might try some 500mg test/wk.
>how much to achieve

Where do you live making 220k/year?

>Go scuba diving in all the good spots in SEA before it all turns to shit from ocean acidification.

> Enough.


where is the difference?
where does this meme come from? could have had any minute

a faggot

that looks comfy as fuck. Just 50k

>What will I do
Pass private pilot license, pass driver's license, buy s13 and learn to drift, Buy leather shoes, beautiful watch, beautiful suit, white screen and projector, dolby 5.1 surround™ system for watching comfy movies. Have a big enough house/flat to have:
*screening room for watching movies. I would also use the room to listen to music.
*Veeky Forums room with the basic equipements
*Living room with chimney and a generic tv
*My room, with feng shui layout and weeb shit everywhere.
I also want a samurai armor because it's nice to look at.

Finally my biggest dream would be to acquire a shitton of gorgeous ukiyo-e and other diverse japanese pieces of art, and when I'm old, donate it all to guimet museum (I live in Paris). I have been so obsessed with japanese art that I think it's going to be my entire purpose in life, get my salary and spend it all on art, repeat until I'm old then give it to public domain.

Only 500k, Missed out on cyrpto craze so I'll just have to work my ass off.
Probably be retired by 40 to a hobby farm in central NSW.

about 900k post-tax, or about 1.5 mil pre-tax

that's enough to invest in 50-50 stocks-bonds and bring in 37k in capital gains every year (tax free) and maintain the principal against inflation

this assumes the US doesn't implode
r8 my plan

>What will you do when you've made it?
fap, cocaine, escorts, golf, resorts
>How much money do you need to achieve your goal?
$10 million

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