I have a mock AP Macroconomics exam tomorrow thats worth 20% of my grade

i have a mock AP Macroconomics exam tomorrow thats worth 20% of my grade

give me your best economics wisdom, Veeky Forums

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the world is divided into people who know gold is money and people who don't

Joobilation 20-Apr-2018

Pretty much sums it all up user.

You'll get 110% just for mentioning the inevitable.

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(((This))) isn't a meme


Read Kapital in preparation for your Micro mock.

solve the oracle problem

gold is money all else is credit

kek the class will be over by the time i get through that brick
ill make do with the communist manifesto

The people who grade the AP Macroeconomics test ar Keneysians so be sure to butter their balls on the written portions even if you think it's bullshit.

t. Got a 5 on my AP Macroecon test

Inflation is a way for the banks to slowly steal your money.


you know i always wonder whether to write about sticky wages/market fixing itself or not

You can remember what line is which in a supply and demand graph by remebering that demand and down both start with d.

Communist manifesto is shit, don't waste your time with that. I wasn't joking when I said read Kapital, it is an excellent critique of capitalism.

This 100%.

And this too.

Good luck lad.

soooo if inflation is a way to get your money, is monetary policy all (((their))) tricks?

thats basic, if you dont know which line is supply and which is demand, you are kinda fucked

thanks, user

Be me just graduated last summer with a 4.0 in economcis

Can't even remember anything

Everything is Jews.

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Go all-in on XRP.

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Pro-tip: there is no Oracle Problem.


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3.6 here but same.

wtf is the oracle problem

In the essay portion write: “Satoshi Nakamoto is going to make all you Jew faggots obsolete.”

Yes the manifesto is pleb tier. Kapital is hard to get through but is essential if you wanna understand/critique one of the most influential economists of history. I see too many retards who strawman Marx.

the meltdown we were supposed to experience in 2008 wasn't allowed to happen due to government bailouts. The FED has just been kicking the can down the road all these years and now it is starting to rear its ugly head.

It's something that was made up by Sergei to justify the existence of his shitcoin called Chainlink that has been shilled on this board for the past several months. Many such bagholders. Sad.

Risk is equal to reward
People follow incentives (usually)
People react to scarcity and abundance
Wage floors create an oversupply of labor
Regulation is like an energy leak for economic efficiency in a machine (moral clause not attached)
Understand supply and demand. It doesn't rule everything, but the law is true

Holy shit, this. It's so dogmatic, but it's clear that their methodology isn't working. We have over half a century of evidence in some of the shittiest cities in the United States

Thomas Sowell's rebuttal with the intelligence of the masses says it best

Currency manipulation > market wisdom

>The road to hell is made with good intentions.

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Retards strawman Hitler with the Holocaust.

Keynesianism doesn't work. The federal funds and discount rate should not be controlled by 8 people for 300 million people. Write on your econ test that the FED caused 2008 and 1929.

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b-but that's what the dogmatic Austrians think, goy!

this. Austrian School Economics.

Markets are made up of people, and people don't always behave rationally in their own self-interest.

The people grading the tests don't want you thinking out of the box. They want to know if you can regurgitate the lesson plan.

hey Rabbi whatcha doin?

Karl Marx was a cunt who never paid of his debts to tradesmen or servants or to the people he sponged from. This is the entire basis of marxism