ITT: times you've btfo'd normalfags/wagies

ITT: times you've btfo'd normalfags/wagies.

>ordering at mcdonalds
>notice they have new touchscreen panels where you can order if you dont feel like interacting with wagecuck
>order with the wagecuck just for lulz
>"yeah i'll have... uhhh.... hmmm... uhhhhh"
>tfw already know what i want (nuggets and fries) but deliberately waste as much of the wagecuck's time as possible
>after about a minute of thinking wagecuck gets visibly frustrated
>"h-have you decided yet... i h-have other c-customers..."
>"you know what, i think i'll just use the touchscreen to order"
>wagie sighs a breath of relief
>go to the touchscreen
>decide to fuck with the wagie some more
>call her over
>"excuse me, but this is really greasy, i can't use it properly it's always messing up my selections"
>wagecuck has to stop listening to her other customer and come over to inspect the touchscreen
>"i-i'm sorry... i'll clean it right now for you"
>mfw i watch her go to the back, get a towel and wipe off the grease
>line of customers grows by the minute
>wagie finishes wiping the screen
>"there you go. sorry about that. did you decide what you wanted yet?"
>"nevermind i'm not really hungry"
>tell her to check out crypto currency, and make a Gemini/coinbase and binance account.
>leave with a smile on my face and laugh.

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You sure got her, fatty.

karma will be coming for you soon

you're a cunt and you should stop being one
fucking with minimum wage workers is nearly as awful as fucking with homeless people... they already have it bad as it is and don't need your fuckwad behavior.
karma will get to you eventually if you don't stop your shit behavior.

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>eating fast food
You deserve nothing more than death you fat failure of a human being

t. 400lb NEET

Nice larp

At least they have a job unlike me.

Fuck you op.

Probably sounded funnier in your head

I always keep a stack of hundreds on me so I buy a wendy's combo and hand them $1,000 in cash they're like wtfff and I act like I thought they were $1s. Then I shuffle though my stack looking for ones or five but I make sure they see the whole stack is benjamins. Then they have to give me change, after I take the change I say "fuck it keep the change" and their face lights up but instead of handing them the $90 some in change I give them just coins.

Quit being a dick, fatty

t. wagecuck

OP we all know these things didn't really happen. You're a bad person for thinking anyone would find this behaviour funny or acceptable.

nice larp faggot

Not saying OP isn't a faggot, but karma doesn't exist, just look at politicians actively fucking up entire countries and having the time of their lives every single day

>be at mcdonalds
>get order of nuggs with rick and morty sauce
>open sauce too hard, get sauce on shirt
>hit fry container while trying to clean shirt
>fries all on the floor
>too autistic to clean up fries
>eat nugs as fast as possible and leave

now i can go to that mcdonalds anymore and the next closest one is 30 minutes out of my drive from work

how to get robbed: the post

>Nuggets and fries.
How old are you? 12?

>fries all on the floor

i was convinced this was going somewhere else but alas, you are probably too new.

They deal with stuff like this often. You're irrelevant to them. No need to think you have to go to another McD's

>and then he woke up in his mom's basement

you'll wont laugh when your time comes. and sucking cock to gain a favor to work at macnonals will be the norm. tough but true.

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