Live in Canada

>Live in Canada
>Want to cash out
>Can't use Coinbase.
>Hear shady things about Quadriga

So what are my options here? Was the meme real?

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Quadriga worked for me, but my last withdrawal was in January. I used the direct bank transfer/EFT method.

bitcoin atm

Coinsquare works great

has anyone used the bitcoin atm at waves coffee?

coinsquare works pretty seamlessly but they fuck you in retarded fees, gemini is probably a better option

Quadriga's fine

come to nyc and we can do a deal in person

QuadrigaCX is about as good as you're going to get right now.

I just use localbitcoins. if youre worried, request a meeting in person.

Also for bigger withdraws, some of the bitcoin atm people will meet in person if you contact them.

Quad is good senpai


Quadriga has served me well so far, no complaints. I successfully sent them a large deposit through a wire transfer to their bank in Poland. I was also able to withdraw to my cibc account without any issues using a direct bank transfer. I just wish there was more volume there for trading.

Quad is good. I believe is good too if you have a Credit Card that doesn't stop crypto. CEX offers withdrawals that credit your card which coinbase doesn't so thats nice for canadians. Also hear good things about Coinsquare

what was that new Canadian exchange that posted a few times on Veeky Forums

>be Canadian

I cashed out on Quad. Was fast and free. What's the shady things?

Come over to mexico, no tax in here we use bitso to cashout you only pay me 1% in cash

dyor faggot

I used gemini 3 times to wire transfer CAD into my account to buy eth.
These niggers will rape you in fees, but will never fail to deliver.
Source: cashed out 5 digit number, they sent me $100 bills by mail. The CRA has no clue

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withdraw in usd

I have a verified account (passport etc) that sent about 50btc directly to the silkroad wallet back in 2013. I’m too scared to even open that site again and expect the feds knocking at my door at any moment now.

Bitcoin atm or localbitcoin

I haven't used it yet, I have no idea how shady or not shady it is

What this guy said.
If you withdraw from the same wallet they will ask for ID. If you withdraw from exchange, usually the wallet is different so you can bypass that.
Max amount around here at bitcoin ATMs without id is 2900 maple chips.
There are 3 within 5 blocks of each other. I can get 9k untraced per day.

Just google bitcoin ATM and your area.

If you wanna cashout a shitload then pop onto local shitcoin site and go from there.

if im ever lucky enough t o cash out 1 million i dont think quadriga would be able to handle that many dollars